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Title: Anything for You

Fandom: Xena

Pairing: Gabrielle/Ephiny

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Nope, still not mine. I sure wouldn’t mind borrowing them for a weekend though! ;)

A/N: For Sofia. I'm pretending Ephiny never died and was there for Gabrielle after FIN. I hate the ending, but that’s what happens when I write at 2AM.


“You don’t know! You have no idea how much it hurts. She was everything to me, Ephiny. My partner, my best friend, my soulmate,” Gabrielle turned away, the tears pouring down her face, “my lover.”


Gabrielle’s Regent grabbed at her arm and spun the blonde around, “Godsdamn it, Gabrielle! Do you think this is what Xena wanted for you? Do you think she would want you sitting in this hut day in and day out crying, refusing to eat, refusing to lead…refusing to… live? She’d never let you wallow in pain over her.”

Gabrielle gripped at the hands that held her arms, fighting the tears that wouldn’t seem to stop. “I don’t know what to do, Eph. My life with her was a kind of maddingly ordered chaos. I never knew what was going to happen, but I always knew she’d be there. She always came back and now she’s not coming back and…and…,” Gabrielle crumpled in a heap at Ephiny’s feet, “I don’t know what to do now.”


Ephiny got on her knees and took Gabrielle’s face in her hands, brushing the tears away with her thumbs, “Xena was a warrior, Gabrielle. She was bound to die the way she lived. I hate to see you like this.  I want to help, but I feel so helpless.”


Gabrielle wasn’t sure what compelled her, but suddenly she leaned forward and kissed Ephiny. It was hesitant at first, and she was sure that Ephiny was going to push her away. When she tilted her head though, Gabrielle pushed her to the mat on the floor. Her hands roamed over firm abs and her nails lightly scratched the outside of Ephiny’s thighs, gradually making her skirt ride higher.


Gabrielle broke the kiss to bite the sensitive skin below Ephiny’s ear, causing her to buck her hips into the blonde above her.


“Gabrielle…,” Ephiny gasped out, hissing through her teeth when Gabrielle swiftly found her nipple and pinched it, “Gods!!”


“Don’t say anything. Please. I don’t want to stop. I don’t want to think. I just,” she leaned back to look into the smoldering hazel eyes of her friend, “I need to forget. Help me forget, just for a few minutes.”


Ephiny reached up to tuck a stray blonde strand behind Gabrielle’s ear. The tears were replaced by a blazing fire that she hadn’t seen in nearly two moons, “I’d do anything for you.”



Ephiny wrapped a hand around Gabrielle’s neck and pulled her down into a fierce kiss, “I thought you didn’t want to talk.”


The Regent rolled Gabrielle over and wasted no time undoing the straps of leather holding Gabrielle’s skirt together. She leaned over and ran her tongue along the indention of an ab muscle, feeling it twitch and shift underneath her. Her own body responded to the moans above her and the hand in her hair, pushing her lower. But she wouldn’t be led. She wasn’t sure what kind of lover Xena had been, but she doubted she had been docile. 


Ephiny brushed the hand in her hair away and straddled Gabrielle’s hips, allowing herself the brief moment of pleasure of feeling Gabrielle buck against her looking for even the smallest amount of friction. As payback for the nipple tweak earlier, Ephiny pushed the leather bodice up over Gabrielle’s breasts and taking each nipple between her fingers gave them a slight twist. It wasn’t enough to hurt, just enough to get a reaction. Gabrielle, in response, hissed and flung her head from side to side.


When Ephiny took a nipple into her mouth, Gabrielle scraped at the mat underneath her and arched deeper into the warm mouth above her.


“Oh Gods! Ephiny!”


She leaned over her Queen, watching with pleasure as the recognition that she had stopped her slow torture dawned. She ran her fingers through the short blonde hair and around to caress along a soft jawline. 


“What do you need?”


Gabrielle was struggling to control her breathing, “You know.”


Ephiny did know. The rage, pain, and anger simmered just below the surface of the green eyes, and there was only one thing that would calm those fires. She sat back and pulled at the cloth around Gabrielle’s waist. Gabrielle then sat up and loosened the straps of her bodice, tossing the leather aside, and laying back completely naked.


Ephiny slid her hands along the shapely calves and firm thighs, gently spreading Gabrielle’s legs. Her eyes closed as slowly Ephiny slipped one and then another finger into her. Gabrielle’s lithe body arched at the sensations, her arms reaching over her head to grab onto a pole behind her. 


Ephiny watched in amazement as Gabrielle lost herself in the moment. Much like with her life, when she had given her heart to a ill-fated warrior or when she had taken the reins of the Amazon Nation, Gabrielle gave all of herself during sex too. There were no reservations or hesitations, and Ephiny couldn’t help but wonder if Xena had any idea of the beautiful gift she had left behind.


When Gabrielle’s hips began to move faster, urging her on, Ephiny sent up a small bit of thanks to Xena for doing just that. She propped herself on one hand over Gabrielle, marveling at the changing features, a wonderous mix of ecstasy and agony, as she added a third finger and pumped harder and faster.


“Augh! Oh Gods!!!” Gabrielle growled. It only took a few more thrusts before Gabrielle’s body bowed up tight, and her hips thrust mercilessly against Ephiny’s fingers. Ephiny stayed still for a moment, relishing in the feel of muscles clinching and unclinching around her fingers. When Gabrielle opened her eyes, Ephiny sighed in relief. A familiar twinkle danced on the periphery daring the darkness that had enveloped Gabrielle to show its face. The pain of losing Xena would never completely leave Gabrielle, of this Ephiny was sure, but for the first time in a long time, she knew Gabrielle would be okay. 

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Title: Xena’s Bag of Tricks

Fandom: Um, Xena

Pairing: Well, if we don’t know who the OTP is in this fandom by now!!! Jeez!

Rating: If you don’t pass out by the time you finish this, you’re not human.

Warning/Disclaimer: I’m making no money off my dirty mind, unfortunately. This is just raunchy, dirty, messy sex between a long-term committed couple. If you can’t have that kind of sex with that kind of person in your life, well, it’s time to see a couple’s counselor. Srsly…

A/N: I recommend either watching Season 6’s “Many Happy Returns” (paying particular attention to the items in the bag around the 31:39 clip) or the vid post I have here a couple of links down. I know what’s in that scene, and it confirms what I already knew about their relationship. Some want to argue that it was really Aphrodite’s bag and thus her stuff. She’s the Goddess of Love. She doesn’t need props. Anyhoo, for the sake of the story, I say it was a “gift bag” for Gabrielle from Aphrodite on her birthday, and it’s Xena’s job to put the goodies to good use. *wg*

A/N2: Reading back over this, it’s probably not as dirty as I thought it would be. Hopefully, it’s good enough. 



Gabrielle poked at the fire trying to hurry it along in the process of cooking their dinner while she waited for Xena to return from doing a perimeter check. It had been a great day, probably one of the best birthdays she had ever had…ever. Just thinking about the poem Xena had Sappho write for her made her heart melt a little more. You wouldn’t know it to look at her, but Xena was an incurable romantic. Gabrielle counted her blessings that she was the one that got to see it. 


She was lost in her thoughts when a sudden noise behind her made her jump, instinctively getting in her fighting stance. From behind the tree, Xena stepped out, but she was dressed up again in the outfit she had worn to pass herself off as Genia’s father. Gabrielle was just thankful that Xena had foregone the tunic stuffed in her shirt to give her the big belly look. 


“Xena, what in the world are you doing in that get up?” Gabrielle shook her head. Even after six years, she still could be baffled by her partner.


Xena smirked at her mischievously and looked to the star-filled sky, “I’m guessing there are still several candlemarks left for your birthday. Maybe there’s still some celebrating to do.”


Gabrielle quirked an eyebrow, finally letting it click to Xena’s meaning, “Really.”


Xena stepped a little closer, “Yep.”

“And what do you intend to do with these few remaining candlemarks, Xena? Play dress-up?”


“Um, no…more like Undress-up,” she tossed a familiar bag at Gabrielle, the blonde catching it easily.


“Why are you giving me Hermes’ helmet?”


“That’s not the helmet. Take a look.” Xena tried to hold back a full-blown grin, knowing what was coming. Gabrielle peered down into the bag. It was hard to see in the low light of the fire so she reached in, and just as fast, she jerked back and stuck her head further into the bag.


“What in Hades?!” Xena handed Gabrielle a small piece of parchment. She held it up to the firelight to read.



Happy Birthday, sweetie! You and Xena are my best friends ever, and Goddesses just don’t have best friends so…Anyway, I wanted to do something special for my favorite couple. You guys have been through a lot over the years, but I’ve never seen two people love so deeply in spite of the circumstances, then you two. Think of this little “gift bag” as your special bag of tricks when you two need to spice it up a bit. Not that you have any problem with that. I remember your last visit with the Amazons!!! Ahem…anyhoo…toodles!



Gabrielle looked at Xena crossly, “We have no secrets anymore, do we? Varia is SUCH a loudmouth!”


“Um, honey…Aphrodite’s a goddess. She doesn’t need anyone to tell her about us. I think she’s always known. Actually, I think she knew before we knew, but that’s a whole other story,” Xena rambled, wanting to move things along, “You’re not looking in the bag.”


Gabrielle glared at Xena before reaching back in. Slowly she pulled out a really long whip with some white beads tethered to the end. Her eyebrows went into her hairline.


“What exactly is this for? You know I’m not into the slave girl stuff, Xena!”


Xena leaned over and whispered into Gabrielle’s ear, her eyes bugging out at what Xena was telling her, “Oh my…um, maybe later.”


Gabrielle then pulled out a chain and collar, “Oh, I know what that’s for!!! No explanation needed there.” Gabrielle shook the empty bag, “That’s it?”


Xena stepped in closer to Gabrielle, letting her body slide along the other woman’s, “Not quite.”


Gabrielle gulped at the hardness she felt pressed against her thigh, “It’s been a while, Gabrielle.” Xena leaned in to nuzzle the sensitive spot under Gabrielle’s ear, putting her hand on the lower part of her back and pulling her firmly to her.


“But I love you just the way you are. We don’t need this,” Gabrielle tilted her head to the side, relishing in the feel of Xena’s lips softly sucking on her skin.


Xena pulled back to look into Gabrielle’s now lust-clouded eyes, “But you want it, don’t you Gabrielle? You want me inside of you. You want me to take you, hard and deep.”


Gabrielle was finding it hard to breathe, the words setting off every trigger in her body, “Yes.” She gasped out.


After all of their time together, it was all of the permission Xena needed. She could feel the desire and heat radiating through Gabrielle’s body. It was as much a drug to her as her smile or her laugh. She needed to give this to Gabrielle as much as Gabrielle needed it in return.


“Lay down for me, baby.” Gabrielle complied but not directly, not before kissing Xena hard and letting her hands roam over the warrior’s back, ending at her ass. She pulled Xena into her and rolled her hips against her to give the full effect. Xena moaned into the kiss before pulling away and urging her to get on the blankets.


Gabrielle wasn’t done. Spread out on the blankets, she ran her fingers along the inside of her thigh. She smirked when Xena swayed unsteady on her feet. Rarely was Xena vulnerable, weak from blatant want, and Gabrielle was the only one with the power to do it to her. Gabrielle slipped her underwear off and spread her legs to Xena’s view.


“Do you want this, warrior?” Xena licked her lips and smiled.


“Gods, I love it when you like playing dirty.”


Gabrielle quirked an eyebrow and sat up on her knees, right at eye level with Xena’s waist. She undid the laces of her leather pants, putting slight pressure against the toy within just so she could watch Xena squirm. Reaching in, she got her first look at Aphrodite’s gift. She tried not to let her shock at its size and length show. Apparently, her goddess friend had a great deal of confidence in both her and Xena’s abilities.


She undid the straps of her leather top and loosened her skirt, throwing both aside, and moving back to the blankets. With a curve of her finger in Xena’s direction, she gestured for her to come closer. Xena went to Gabrielle’s side and propped herself up on one arm.


She smiled at Xena and the not-so-subtle cautiousness the warrior was taking. Even after all this time, Xena still had moments where she worried about hurting Gabrielle or doing something wrong in their relationship. Gabrielle curled up on her side and looked at her curiously. Reaching up, she removed the ridiculous mustache and turban holding back her hair.


“I want Xena. Not a costumed fantasy,” she ran her fingers through the dark hair, loosening it even more.


Xena glanced down at the toy attached to her, “This isn’t me.”


Gabrielle ran her hand up the nape of Xena’s neck, pulling her in so their lips were almost touching, “But what you’re going to do to me with that is.” Then she kissed her, a hungry, rough kiss that made Gabrielle’s blood race and her heart pound.


Using one hand, she unbuttoned the shirt and pushed it off of strong, familiar shoulders, while Xena kicked off the pants and boots. They pulled away from the kiss with a gasp as Xena rolled on top of her. She rolled her hips into Gabrielle, teasing her with the shaft of the toy. After a moment’s pause, Xena leaned in to kiss her again. This time it was slower but deeper with years of meaning built into it.


Xena pulled back to guide the tip into Gabrielle, watching the face of her lover as green eyes closed and her head fell back, “Oh…Xena.” A low growl rumbled in the back of Xena throat. She never tired of seeing Gabrielle like this. She leaned over and kissed along Gabrielle’s collarbone, slowly working up her neck, until she reached just below her ear.


Gabrielle rolled her head to the side, moaning at the double sensation. Every inch higher Xena kissed on her neck was a little deeper she sank into her. Eventually, Xena sat back on her knees and lifted Gabrielle by the hips, sliding her further onto the dildo until she was resting across Xena’s waist, making her body arch.


“Oh Gods! Mmmmm, Xena.” Her hips began to respond to the thorough invasion, encouraging Xena to move thrust her hips in time to Gabrielle’s movement. Within seconds, they had created a rhythm as Xena thrust in and out.


Soon, they were both panting at the exertion and Gabrielle’s hands were bunching the blankets tightly in her fists. She knew she was getting close, the steady in and out rhythm making her walls clench in anticipation.


Gabrielle reached for Xena, “Come here. I need to feel you.”


She pulled Xena down on top of her, adjusting their positions so she could wrap her legs around Xena’s waist, “Faster, Xena. Oh gods, faster.” She panted her commands, feeling herself getting closer, every muscle in her body tightening and releasing.


Xena leaned over, kissing and panting against Gabrielle’s neck. Feeling Gabrielle grip tightly at her back, her blunt nails digging in, she whispered to her, “Come for me.” As if her words gave Gabrielle’s body permission, she felt her arch up suddenly and holding it. The only sound or movement was the growl being ripped from Gabrielle’s throat and a raw, throaty sigh of Xena’s name.


She held still, letting Gabrielle’s body relax and her head clear, “Are you okay?”


“Oh, I’m wonderful!” Gabrielle giggled. “But if you bring out those beads, I may just run away.”


Xena laughed and pulled Gabrielle over to her, settling her into the curve of her arm, “Tomorrow night then?”


Gabrielle chuckled, “As long as I get my turn to use those chains and collar on you.”


Xena shrugged, “Sometimes it’s fun to be the slave girl.”

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Title: The Girl From Cirra

Fandom: Xena

Pairing: Gabrielle/Callisto (the naughty duo is back!!!)

Rating: It’s smut, but it didn’t end up as dirty as I planned. *mutters* Damn characters take on a life of their own!

A/N: This is what happens in the episode “Callisto” between when she kidnaps Gabrielle and Xena comes to Gabrielle’s rescue. 

A/N2: The ending is kind of cheesy. It was my best late night attempt at giving a nod to the future episodes “Return of Callisto” and “Seeds of Faith.”


The blonde warrior threw Gabrielle to the ground as she tore into her army’s campground. Bolting off the back of her horse, she grabbed Gabrielle up by her hair and tied her arms quickly behind her back. 


She turned to her lieutenant, “Get the rope and then get out.”


He looked at her confused and she tilted her head at the thickheaded man, so she spoke slowly, “This isn’t a peep show. Get the rope and get out.”


He swallowed hard as he looked from Callisto to the little village girl finally getting the picture, “As you wish.”


Callisto turned back to Gabrielle. She walked slowly around the smaller woman, openly appraising her with her eyes.


“Why are you doing this?” Gabrielle got right to the point, and Callisto rolled her eyes.


“A little slow on the uptake? You’re as clueless as Xena sometimes. I guess you missed the part earlier when I told Xena I was going to destroy everything she loves. And while Xena may not realize it yet, you’re part of that deal.” Gabrielle’s green eyes burned with obvious anger.


“You won’t get away with this. She’s going to catch you, and you’ll pay for what you’ve done.”


Callisto laughed evilly, “Oh, I hope so, and what better way to rile Xena’s thirst for revenge than to take what she values most.”


Gabrielle tried to hide the shaking of her voice as she spoke, “And that is?”


The warrior leered openly at Gabrielle’s body as she licked her lips, stepping closer to whisper in Gabrielle’s ear, “Why, your innocence, of course.”


Gabrielle watched as the lieutenant returned with the rope and the men quickly dispersed. It was suddenly so quiet that she could hear her own heartbeat pick up its pace and thud in her ears. Callisto picked up the rope and silently began to knot it.


“It’s a shame really.”


At the unusually soft tone of Callisto’s voice, Gabrielle felt a peace come over her. It was a strange sensation given the situation, but for a split second, Gabrielle caught a glimpse of the young girl from Cirra before she was tarnished and damaged by war and hate. She imagined her out of the armor and in a simple village dress. In another place and time, Callisto would have been her friend.


“What’s a shame?”


Callisto turned surprisingly soft brown eyes on Gabrielle. “It’s a shame that Xena doesn’t see what I see. She turns you away when you reach for her. You try to wipe away her tears and she stupidly pushes you away.”


“You were there? By our camp the other night?”


Callisto’s far away stare came back to her and she acknowledged Gabrielle’s comment with a nod, “It was one of many times. I know why she does it though…pushes you away. It’s not because she doesn’t love you. She does with every fiber of her being, or believe me, you wouldn’t be here right now. But, you’re the one thing in her life that’s pure and untouched, completely innocent, and she can’t take that from you. She can’t taint you with her passion and desire.”


Then right before Gabrielle eyes, the brown eyes clouded and turned cold, a sneer pulling at the corner of Callisto’s mouth, “But I can.”


“Xena doesn’t think of me that way.”


“But you want her to, don’t you? I’ve seen the look in your eye when you’ve reached for her. I’ve watched you watch her as she sleeps.” Callisto stepped close and pulled a knife from the holster at her waist, making Gabrielle’s heart leap with fear. She ran the blade gently so as not to break the skin along Gabrielle stomach, until it was between her breasts.


Callisto smiled in pleasure when she heard the hitch in Gabrielle’s breath, “You want her to kiss you, romantically and softly by the fire at night. Don’t you? You want her to make love to you on a bed of furs under a blanket of stars. How pukingly romantic is that?! Augh!”


“But what you won’t tell her,” Callisto ran the blade along the edge of Gabrielle’s breast, “What you’ll never tell her is how badly you want her to fuck you. Hard.”


Gabrielle’s nostrils flared and her body shook. She was trying desperately to hold back the moan that was building in her. Callisto’s words and their implications were hitting close to home and the cold edge of the knife caused an unwilled throbbing to start low in her belly. She held back determined not to give Callisto the satisfaction of seeing her squirm. She tried to shut down her mind and refuse to think about what was happening, but all that did was awaken her body to the intensity of sensation coursing through her.


Callisto stepped around behind Gabrielle, leaning forward until her lips were at Gabrielle’s ear, “You want it, don’t you? You want to feel her inside of you, her fingers touching you…inside, her tongue tasting your salty skin, her dark hair spread out over your thighs as she…”


“Stop it!” Gabrielle couldn’t take it anymore. “Please, just stop.”


“Not until you admit it. Not until you tell me your darkest, dirtiest secrets.”


Gabrielle closed her eyes, trying to gain some control over her body, “I can’t.”


“You can because you need to. You want to. Tell me how you want her to lick the inside of your creamy thighs,” Callisto’s hand ran up the outside of Gabrielle’s thigh, sliding along the soft skin where thighs met. Gabrielle bit down on her lip, as she closed her eyes, willing away the sensation Callisto’s touch provoked.


“Tell me how you want her to slide her fingers here,” Callisto deftly dipped under Gabrielle’s thin breeches to the wet warmth between her legs. Gabrielle tried to pull away but not before a whimper escaped her lips, and the fingers dipped lower.


“Gods!” Gabrielle gave up the fight and dropped her head back on Callisto’s shoulder. If she closed her eyes, she could believe this was really her and Xena. She relaxed her body, giving Callisto better access, as she let her mind drift away with the fantasy.


Callisto felt a rush of adrenaline at the sudden turn of events. She flung the unused knife onto the sandy ground, finding a far better use for her free hand when she pulled the top down and gently fondled Gabrielle’s breast.


The hand between Gabrielle’s legs became more insistent, stroking further down, driving her crazy. Callisto hesitated at Gabrielle’s opening. She was tight, and the implication of what Callisto was about to do hit her full force.


She closed her eyes tight and whispered in Gabrielle’s ear, “I can’t.”


“And if I want you to?”


Callisto opened her eyes to look at understanding green staring back at her, and she smiled sadly, “But you don’t want me to. You want Xena to.”


Then there she was again, the young woman from Cirra. Gabrielle stared at her, memorizing her face, trying to force into her memory that no matter what happened Callisto was just a girl from Cirra.


“I do. I do want it to be Xena, but I still don’t want you to stop. Just keep touching me.” She leaned in to the slightly taller blonde and kissed her. It was hesitant at first until Gabrielle opened her lips to invite Callisto in, their tongues softly dancing over each other, taking their time tasting each other. Gabrielle pulled back slightly, barely breaking contact, and close enough to feel their warm breath on their faces.


“Don’t stop.” Callisto slowly picked up the pace again, her fingers sliding easily over slick flesh, until she stroked Gabrielle’s clit to attention. Gabrielle’s eyes flew open and locked onto Callisto’s. “Oh gods!”


Gabrielle’s body went rigid and shook. Callisto waited, her arm still around Gabrielle’s waist, holding her up. When Gabrielle looked up, Callisto raised a finger to her lips.


“Not a word.” She heard voices in the distance and a bird call that signaled Xena was approaching. Soon her camp would be swarming with people, so she busied herself with putting Gabrielle’s clothes back in order.


Gabrielle looked at her questioningly, at an uncharacteristic loss for words. Callisto looked at her one last time as the steady sound of approaching hooves got closer. In spite of all of her evil deeds and shortcomings, Callisto knew Xena and Gabrielle were meant to be and if she could ever do some small part to make it happen, she’d give her life to keep them together.

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Something fun I wanted to do for Halloween.

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Title: Politics – Xena style

Fandom: Xena

Pairing: None really.

Rating: PG-13 for language.

A/N: This is a parody on American politics. With the election only a couple of weeks away, it seemed a good time for this.

A/N2: This came about because of some comments I’ve been hearing on other forums comparing Palin to Xena. Personally, I don’t get it, but I thought “What the hell?! What happens if I play with that idea a bit.” This was the result.  Suddenly, I had this huge cast and tons of ideas, but right now, I'm sick of politics so this is the abridged version.

Warning: If you are sensitive to political snarkiness, you may want to avoid this. I’m not nice to really either party, but by nature, I take more digs at one than the other. I’m forewarning you now. If you can’t take a joke, please don’t read.



Xena glanced over Gabrielle’s shoulder, trying to read the scroll sent by courier to their remote location.


“What’s that big word there?”




Xena furrowed her brow, “What does president mean?”


Gabrielle let out a long-suffering sigh at her companion, rubbing the space between her eyes, “Apparently, it’s the person in charge of this city-state. They’re having problems resolving some issues so they’re having something called an election where the people vote on who they want to run the country.”


“Oh,” Xena paused, confused, “I guess there’s not a rich or powerful person to just take over.”


“They have something called a democracy, so they don’t fight to resolve their problems.”


Xena shrugged, “Always worked for me!”


Gabrielle shook her head, “Come on, let’s go and see if we can help.”


Two days later the pair arrived at the gates of Amerilos. Xena went through the ritual of stabling Argo, while Gabrielle found shelter and food. Gabrielle strolled to the center of the town, noticing instantly all of the banners and posters that seemed to cover every wall. Stepping closer, she read the parchment, “Vote for real change! Vote Hercules/Iolaus in ‘8.” 


“Whoa! Wait ‘til I tell Xena about this!”


Gabrielle found a corner table at the tavern and listened closely to the surrounding discussions. This election thing was apparently the talk of the town.


Two men stood next to her in a heated argument about property taxes. One didn’t seem to like his hard-earned money going to help rebuild a bridge in the poor part of town.


“Better than a bridge to nowhere!” The other man bellowed back.


“It’s not going to nowhere, you idiot! It’s supposed to connect us to Corinth, making us a hub of commerce and industry. But, you…you,” he poked the other man hard in the chest, “want to give it to those lazy, no-good-for-nothings mooching off us taxpayers.”


The poke had pushed the man off balance and into Gabrielle’s table, making her jump to her feet. At that same moment, Xena walked in and swiftly grabbed up both men by the necks.


“What’s the problem here, boys?” The two men were speechless, not only because of the fingers wrapped around their throats, but the fabulous view of ample cleavage. Gabrielle jumped in.


“Put them down, Xena. They’re just having a heated debate that has something to do with this election.”


The warrior leaned down into the men’s faces, “So, what’s the issue?”


Both men were dumbstruck as they got a better view of Xena’s cleavage until they came back to their senses at the same time, each pointing at the other, and babbling meaningless jibberish.


Xena shut them up by putting the pinch on both at the same time, standing up, she looked at her blonde friend, “Gabrielle?”


She pointed at the man closest to her, “He wants to use taxpayer money to rebuild a local bridge. The other one wants a bridge to be built to Corinth instead.”


Xena shrugged, “Corinth is a major commerce city. It would bring a lot of money into the city. Makes sense.”


Gabrielle looked at her incredulously, “But the other bridge is for the citizens of this country to use to get from one place to another?”


Xena took the pinch off the men, who were both writhing in agony, just in time, “Is that true?”


The more outspoken one, gasped, “Yes, but it’s only to benefit the poorest part of our country and they only weigh us down. They provide no benefit to our country.”


“I can’t believe you just said that, Borus! Your cousin lives there!”


“Yeah, and he’s a loser!”


The men started to go at each other again before Xena simultaneously punched both out.


“Oh, that’s a great first impression, Xena! Why do you always resort to force?”


Xena shrugged, “It works.”


“So what are we going to do about this?”


“There’s nothing to do, Gabrielle. You heard the guy. The bridge to Corinth will bring in lots of money to Amerilos.”


Gabrielle crossed her arms in defiance, “You agree with him then?”


“Gabrielle,” she looked at her like what was coming was the most obvious thing in the world, “It’s for the Greater Good.”


At that moment, Hercules and Iolaus entered with a cheering entourage. They shook hands and kissed babies, taking stage and giving each other a fist bump.


“Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you something,” Xena narrowed her eyes at Gabrielle.


Suddenly Ares and Joxer come barreling through the door. Ares leaps up on the stage and nudges Hercules to the side, “Step aside, Junior!”


Joxer grabs Ares hand and throws it in the air in a sign of victory. Wild cheering ensues, while a hag in the back tosses her bra at Ares, “Pick me, pick me!” Joxer waves his hands at the crowd, urging them to quiet down.


“Yes, my dear lady, you have heard right. As President of Amerilos, I have chosen Ares as the nominee of our party and he is in search of a running mate.” Out of the blue, Ares looks adoringly at Joxer and wraps his arms around his waist, practically nuzzling his neck.


Xena looked kind of green. She leaned over to Gabrielle, “How much nutbread did you slip me last night?”


“Um, not THAT much!” Gabrielle’s mouth was openly gaping at the display in front of her.


“Maybe it’s some bizarre alternate universe.”


“I have no idea, but this is TOO weird! Joxer runs this place? He can’t tell the difference between his ass and a bowl of venison stew!”


On the stage, Ares finally broke his hold on Joxer, “This man has earned our admiration, and our love. For that, I proudly accept the nomination for the party.”


Joxer patted Ares on the head, “Yeah, yeah, I love ya too, man!”


Ares clapped his hands together, “Alright then, let’s get started!” He looked around the room, “You, yeah you with the tight ass and big boobs. Yeah, come on up here.” 


Both Gabrielle and Xena watched in shock as the buxom blonde strutted to the stage, “What the fuck is Callisto doing here?” 


“And your name is, honey?”


“Annie, Annie Coultopulous,” Xena’s eyes narrowed as she watched the vixen practically straddle Ares.


“Nice name, Annie. So,” his eyes wandered to the cleavage in front of him, “Tell me what do you think of the Chin’s demands for citizenship in Amerilos? They refuse to learn our language, yet they want to be citizens.”


Annie grinned evilly, "We should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to polytheism."


“Ohhh, I like that!”


Xena couldn’t believe what she was hearing! If anyone should be in charge, it should be her. She had the credentials after all. Callisto, or whatever she was calling herself, was nothing more than a crazy woman in a pretty wrapping. Someone had to stop this!


“What about the Corinth bridge?” Several people in the audience muttered. Stupid bridge. Waste of money. Why in that freakin’ loser neighborhood? Xena gave them all a deadly look, effectively shutting them up.


Annie looked shocked and caught off guard, “What? Is that some perverse idea of those boy-lovers in Athens? They’re destroying our society and our marriages!”


“No, it’s not,” Xena stepped up on the stage, “It’s the best damn idea this side of the Aegean, and I’m all for it! It’s for the good of the people and for the good of Amerilos. We should all gladly give of ourselves and our money to ensure its success.”


Hercules suddenly joined in, “And what makes you an expert on this matter?”


Xena raised an eyebrow at her former mentor, “For one, I was raised in Amphipolis, and I…,” she held her head high, “I can see Corinth from my house!”


Ares pushed Annie off the stage and raised their intertwined hands before the cheering crowd, “Welcome to the party, sweetcheeks.”


“Wait a minute, hold up!” Hercules bellowed over the crowd, “That’s not enough qualifications for being a running mate!”


Ares snapped his hand toward Hercules, “Oh yeah! Well, THAT ONE would have you thinking that something can come from nothing. That all we have to do is wish it, and it will be so. All this do good crap and helping out your fellow man. Puhleeze! We,” he motioned to his new, sexy running mate, “have the answers. My friends, you won’t feel a thing. We’ll take out the money as taxes. After all, you can’t miss what you never had, right?”


Xena slapped Ares on the back, knocking him forward, “That’s darn tootin’!” She winked at the crowd, making the men swoon.


In the back, no one heard Gabrielle pass out from shock.

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Title:  Guilty Pleasures

Fandom: Xena

Pairing: Gabrielle/Callisto (yeah, you read that right!)

Rating:  oh my…um, is raunchy a category?

A/N:  I guess this is kind of for Sofia.  She needed some smut and she has a thing for Callisto, so… *wg*  The story was inspired by the pic above. 

A/N2: I wrote this in less than an hour so the quality of my writing may really suck.  My apologies.  This kind of hit me out of nowhere so any mistakes are definitely mine.  BTW, I’ve never written Callisto before either.

Warning: Gabrielle is a bad, bad girl in this!  If you like her innocent, turn away now.

Disclaimer:  Don’t own a thing, but my dirty mind.


I felt the rush overtake my body as she held the dagger to my throat.  Part of me knew I should be mourning the death of Perdicus, it was what was expected, but I had stopped thinking about him a long time ago.  Xena wasn’t even here to save me now, and I was actually glad.  I was sick of being seen as the fragile little girl, some innocent that she needed to protect from all the bad in the world.  She didn’t know the thoughts that ran through my head.  She had no idea the times I’ve watched her naked skin glistening as she stepped from a lake or imagined her fingers tracing lines of fire across my skin, pushing into me with a fierceness that made me shake with need.


No, Xena had no idea that I’m glad she wasn’t here right now to see what I’m about to do.  I licked my lips savoring the moment, knowing it would take little to convince this woman to take me hard and quickly.  She saw the change and evil glint in my eye and smirked.  With a flick of my wrist, the dagger flew across the room clattering to the floor.  I barely noticed the reverberation through the cave as my vision tunneled into one lone image.  Those lips.


I lunged at Callisto, grabbing her roughly by the back of her neck, and wasted no time plunging my tongue into her hot mouth.  She moaned and struggled beneath me as I pushed her to the cave floor, ripping at her clothes.  She jerked away and smirked, “I take it this is a side Xena hasn’t seen yet.”


Without thought, I slapped her hard, “Don’t mention her name.  I don’t want to hear it right now.”


Callisto licked at the trickle of blood at the corner of her mouth, the look of shock turning rapidly into lust, “Then what DO you want.”


I slid back off of her and slowly stood up, looking down at her with an icy glare.  This wasn’t love.  It wasn’t even lust.  It was a need, a craving, and there was no one else that I knew that could give it to me right now.  I walked back until I bumped into a large boulder.  Turning, I stretched myself across the rock, face down.  Looking back, I saw a wicked smile spread across Callisto’s lips.


“Oh, you are one naughty little girl, aren’t you?”


Giving her one last look of warning, I turned away from her, “It’s not your mouth I want.  You know what to do.”


She pushed between my shoulder blades, holding me down with one hand, and the other ripped at the thin material covering me under my skirt.  I felt the blood rush from every part of my body into this one point, the slow, steady pulse becoming almost unbearable, until I felt two fingers enter me roughly.


“Augghh…oh gods,” tears came to my eyes at the sudden sensation, and my fingers dug helplessly at the rock as I felt her slide out and plunge back in.


“Is this what you want?  Is this what you need, have needed for so long?”  I try hard to muffle the moans tumbling out of me, but she adds another finger as she reaches up to yank back on my hair.  “Tell me.”


“Yes,” my strangled cry makes the word barely audible.  She lets my hair go and pushes me back down.  She continues to pump into me, harder and harder with each thrust.  I’m sure I’m going to break into, but I can’t stop now.  I try desperately to move my hips, to meet the thrusts, as she backs off, playing with me.


“Don’t you dare fucking tease me!  Finish it!”  She moves her hand off my back, gripping my hip, allowing me freedom to move, and I do.  I start bucking wildly onto her hand, groaning until I feel the tingle of an orgasm beginning.  With one last thrust, I tighten down on the hand inside of me, feeling the relief flood through my body.  She doesn’t wait until the pulsing subsides before removing her fingers.  She doesn’t wait for the awkward moments after or even expect anything in return.  She simply turns and leaves, and for that, I’m grateful.

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I grabbed this from [profile] androbard1364 and I couldn't resist doing my own.

Here's the drill:
1) Pick someone you think is super hawt.
2) Is this the guy/gal you want?
3) Pick his/her top 10 hottest, cutest, most irrestible pictures.
4) Tag five other users.
5) Comment with the link to your meme.

Okay, I have to pick Gabrielle.  I think lots of women are hot, but she was the first one who made me unashamedly squee like a little girl, so there you go!!!  You can't forget your first, you know?

I'm not going to tag anyone, but if anyone wants to participate too, you have the drill now on what to do.  I don't know what #5 means so I'll ignore it. :)

On to the pics...

Grrooowwwllll, Amazon Gabby is so hot!  Look at those abs! *drools*

Mmmmmm, Deerhunger Gabby!!  Yummy!

Vampire Gabby!!!  Much hotter than Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise, I say!  She can bite me anytime. *wg*

Yeah, it's small, but I LOOOVVEEE wet Gabby!!!

No words... *sigh*

I didn't have a big one of this pic, but I adore Angel Gabby.  Very sexy!

Ummm, yeah, speechless. *faints, thud*

Now that's one naughty look!!!  Talk about major eye-shaggin'!

Slave-girl Gabby!  I wouldn't mind her being my love slave.  ;)

And finally Butch Gabby! 
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Title:  Telling Tales

Fandom:  Xena

Pairing:  Xena/Gabrielle

Rating:  NC-17.  It was just going to be R, but I got carried away.  I think there’s some plot in here somewhere. *shrugs*

Archiving:  P&P, Xenafanfic

Event:  Written for the International Day of Femslash

A/N:  Thanks to [info]androbard1364 for the prompt.  I took some liberties with it.  Hope you don’t mind.


The dark-haired warrior glanced out of the corner of her eye watching Gabrielle rummage around gathering together items so they could head out for the day.  Xena hadn’t been in this particular part of Greece but the increasing amount of horse and cart tracks helped her conclude that they were close to the next town.


The blonde bard had put all bedding and other unnecessary items away in the packs and was now settled down in front of the fire with a scroll watching a couple of fish fry.  The warrior watched her as she stared off into space.


“Something wrong, Gabrielle?”  The bard looked up in surprise at her partner then threw her hands up in the air.


“I’m stuck!”  Xena came to sit beside her, their thighs barely touching.  Xena pushed down the rush the touch of skin did to her.  Life on the road made intimate moments difficult so she had to remind herself that they would have a proper room in a proper inn probably by nightfall.


“Well, what are you writing about?”  The blonde blushed fiercely, bringing a smile to Xena’s lips, which she tried to hide quickly behind her hand when her younger partner looked up.


“Xena!!!  Don’t laugh at me!  I have writer’s block and it’s funny!”  She started rolling up the scroll.


“Gab, baby, I’m sorry,” Xena comforted her with a hand to her shoulder, “Please, tell me.  Maybe I can help.”


Gabrielle plopped back down on the log, “It’s kind of embarrassing.  See, I haven’t written anything like this before and I’m trying something new and … gods, I don’t know!”


“What is it, Gabrielle?”


“It’s about our first time,” she mumbled the last two words and braced herself waiting for Xena to explode.  Instead,…


“Maybe you should try talking it out first.”


“Huh?”  Damn, Xena’s superior hearing!


“Yeah, treat it like a play and talk it out,” the bard was already shaking her head.


“NO!  I can’t!”


“Why not?”


“It’s embarrassing!”


“Oh, it is, is it?”  Xena gave her patented death glare.


“Xena, that’s not what I meant and you know it!  Doing it is one thing,” the images that provoked made the blonde blush head-to-toe, “but talking about it is totally different.”


Xena smirked at her lover, “Oh, I don’t know.  Sometimes talking about sex is almost as good as the sex itself.”


Gabrielle snorted, “I doubt that!”


Xena leaned over, close to Gabrielle’s ear, her voice dropping an octave, “Remember our first time, baby?  That time when we were in the stables and the day kept repeating over and over again.”


Gabrielle leaned her head a little closer to the dark-haired warrior, “We thought Joxer had been killed and we had just had his funeral.  You were holding me by the fire and kissed the top of my head.”


“Suddenly, you sat up and looked at me with a fire in your eyes that I’d never seen before,” Xena let her fingers rest lightly on Gabrielle’s leg as she brushed a tongue along her pulse point in her neck.


“I told you to stop treating me like a child.  That I was a woman and I wanted you to treat me like one.”


“And how’s that, I asked.”


“Like this,” Gabrielle leaned away to look into Xena’s darkening blue eyes before cupping her face and leaning in for a kiss.  The kiss quickly turned heated, heads angled for better access and Xena’s fingers creeping under Gabrielle’s skirt.  When Xena’s long fingers touched wet heat, Gabrielle pulled away with a gasp.


“Gods, it was so good.  You were so good.”


“What did I do?”  Xena latched back onto Gabrielle’s neck, slowly working her way down along the collarbone and heading lower.


“You did treat me like a woman.  You took your time.  Slowly undressing me, kissing me everywhere.”


“What was your favorite place to be kissed?”


“Mmmm, my breasts,” Xena’s mouth followed the path to the aforementioned body part, making Gabrielle push into her.


“Oh Xena!”


“Did I do something like this?”  Xena sucked a pert nipple into her mouth, letting it scrap lightly along her teeth.


“Gods, yes!”


“And how did that make you feel?”


“Umm,” the bard was finding it hard to form words as the warrior mimicked their conversation with her body.


“Gabrielle, baby, tell me how it made you feel for me to suck your breasts.”


The blonde licked her lips, trying to focus, “Oh Xena, I…I felt sensations I’d never felt before.  It was like you were already touching me, already inside me.  Like you were loving me from the inside out.”


“And when you couldn’t stand the torture anymore, what did you do?”


“I told you to take me, make me yours,” Gabrielle guided Xena’s fingers underneath her skirt, where she needed her most, just like she did that first night.  The sensation of being penetrated completely, in her heart and in her body, overwhelmed her.


Smaller hands disappeared into dark hair as Gabrielle held Xena to her and her hips, agonizingly slow, rode the fingers inside of her.


“Gabrielle,” Xena rested her forehead against Gabrielle’s chest, getting lost in the sensations and sounds, her own desire flaring bright inside of her.  Deceptively strong hands pulled Xena up to kiss her.


“Xena, I am yours.  Forever.”  The warrior watched her bard as her green eyes closed, her head fell back, and her body jerked hard…once, twice, three times.  Xena cradled Gabrielle until the spasms around her fingers let up and she slowly withdrew from the bard.


She brushed the damp blonde hair out of Gabrielle’s eyes, waiting for her lover to come down, “Are you okay?”


“Mmmmm,” the blonde head nodded and smirked, “I think I found my inspiration to finish that story now.”

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My video tribute to Gabrielle and her Amazons.

I hope this plays okay.  My computer is terribly slow, and it was sticking on me.  Hopefully, it'll be okay though.
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Title:  The Choice
Author: Calliope
Disclaimer: Don't own Xena.  If I did, we'd have a movie by now!
Rating: PG-13 (I REALLY wanted to do smutty, but just didn't have the energy for it...sad, I know.)
Pairing:  Um, who the heck else 'cept Xena and Gabrielle?!
Author's Note: Per request and prompt from 

[profile] pocketnympho for more Xena fics.  I'm sorry it took so long, but the flu, work, and a sick baby have kind of zapped my creative energy lately.
Warning: Not beta'd.

"No, Dite!"  The goddess chased Gabrielle uncharacteristically through the marketplace, her pink heels clicking on the cobblestones.

"You're as stubborn as your warrior.  It's no wonder you two can't get it together," Gabrielle spun on her heel, causing the buxom blonde to stumble into her.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Well, duh, chickie, exactly what it sounds like!  You want her and as far more than an innocent traveling buddy, but you're afraid.  You've faced down gods, demons, and thousands of bad guys but you can't even tell Xena that you love her," the bard huffed indignantly before turning to leave again.

"I've told Xena tons of times that I love her," she called over her shoulder.

Aphrodite was close on her heels, "Don't be deliberately dense with me, pumpkin.  Remember who you're talking to."  Gabrielle stopped dead in her tracks, hands on her hips.  She must have been insane to even entertain the pink goddess' convoluted plans.

"You need to tell Xena how you feel and not only when one or both of you are close to dying or in someone else's body or hanging from a cross.  If you don't, you'll regret it forever."  Gabrielle turned slowly around, running her fingers through her short blonde hair.  She took a deep steadying breath.

"I will, Dite, I promise, but when I'm ready.  Please, I know you mean well, but don't interfere," Aphrodite crossed her arms, tapping one pink high heel, "I'm serious, Aphrodite!  Don't!"  Gabrielle punctuated her indignation with a finger to the goddess' shoulder.

"Ow, fine, no love potion #9.  It's my specialty.  I can't believe you'd turn it down."

The bard couldn't stay angry at her flighty friend for long.  She knew Aphrodite meant well, but this was something she had to do on her own.

"I'm not turning your offer down, Dite.   When I tell Xena I'm in love with her, I want to know that it's really her that hears me and that it's really her that's responding to me.  I don't want it to be some magical mojo that's doing all the talking."

The goddess held up her hands, "Okay, I give.  No fancy mumbo jumbo on Xena."

"Or me."

"Or you.  Got it."

Gabrielle took Aphrodite's hands in her own, "Thanks.  You're the best, you know that?"

"So I've been told numerous times," Gabrielle smiled at her before turning to head back to Xena at the inn.  Aphrodite watched her walk away, a mischievous smile playing at her lips, "You may not want me putting my mojo on Xena, but you didn't say anything about anyone else, warrior babe."



Xena sat at a corner table, half hidden in the shadows caused by the fading daylight.  Gabrielle didn't have to locate the tall warrior to know where she'd be.  After years of traveling together, Gabrielle could have walked into any tavern blindfolded and still found Xena.

"We've got a room.  I already took everything up."

"Thanks!"  Gabrielle sat down next to Xena, taking the mug the warrior had pushed towards her.  The bard rubbed the bridge of her nose trying to force Aphrodite's idea from her head.  It was a stupid idea.  This was something she'd have to do on her own...eventually.  But not tonight.  Tonight she was tired and didn't feel like thinking.

"Hungry?"  The bard's stomach growled on demand.  Xena laughed, "As if I need to ask."  With a wave of her hand, a scantily clad barmaid came over to their table.  Gabrielle watched as the young woman invaded Xena's personal space, smiling saucily at her.

"Can I get you something, sugar?"  Xena visibily squirmed in her seat and chanced a glance at the bard seated next to her.  Gabrielle's knuckles had turned white from her grip on her mug.  In all the years of traveling with Gabrielle, the warrior had managed to keep her private endeavors from Gabrielle.  She wasn't sure how the younger woman would deal with knowing Xena found women attractive. 

"What's the special?"  Gabrielle spoke up trying to draw the wenches eyeballs off of Xena.  Instead, the girl sneered in Gabrielle's direction but her attention never wavered off of Xena.  She even made a point of checking out the warrior's leather covered cleavage.

"Our special is a delicate and moist lamb steak smothered in a creamy garlic sauce," Xena couldn't help but lick her lips as much because of the food as the way it was delivered from the pouty lips of their waitress.

"It's been a while since I've had lamb.  I think I'll try it," Gabrielle gawked at Xena and the obvious flirtation between the two.

"Yeah, I think I'll try it too," Gabrielle looked back and forth between the two women.  As the barmaid walked away, she gave her hips a little extra sway for Xena's benefit.  The bard caught the smirk on Xena's face before she could think twice.

"I don't believe this."

Xena came back to herself, realizing finally how much she'd given away.  She tried to play it off, "What? I love lamb."

"Apparently, you do.  That tender, young meat certainly has its appeal," Gabrielle mumbled then leaned back folding her arms over her chest.

"What does that mean?"

"Nothing," Gabrielle massaged the space between her eyes, trying desperately to alleviate the headache she could feel coming on, "Forget about it."

"Oh no, Bard-o'-Many-Words, spill it," Xena turned in her seat to look at Gabrielle directly.  She could see her blonde friend fighting her desire to really light into Xena.  Her cheeks were flushing with varying shades of pink and the muscles were clenching in her jaw.  It was all she could do not to brush her fingers over the contracting muscles.

Gabrielle opened and closed her mouth several times before anything actually came out.

"Why her?" The hurt tone reminded Xena of the first few months of traveling with the young bard, when she was wide-eyed and innocent.  It had been a long time since she'd ran into that sweet farm girl, and she realized she missed her.  Xena had worried about Gabrielle knowing about her, but the crack in the blonde's voice let her know the hurt wasn't in not knowing but in not being the one.

Xena didn't hesitate to reach out to her friend.  Her fingers brushed lightly at her hair.

"Why not?"  Gabrielle looked up and at her with all of the hurt and confusion playing in her eyes.  Xena took a deep breath and took the plunge, "Give me a good reason why it shouldn't be her.  Say what we both need to hear, Gabrielle."

Xena waited, a wait long enough for her to think she had misjudged, until Gabrielle broke the silence, "Choose me.  Choose me, instead of her Xena, and there won't be any need for words...ever again."

The warrior and the bard stared at each other, slowly moving closer to each other.  Gabrielle felt Xena's long fingers slide through her hair until they rested gently at the base of her neck.  The barmaid made a point of arriving at that moment, slamming their plates down on the table.  Gabrielle jumped, but Xena refused to look away from her bard.  Her eyes squinting into slits the only body language giving away her anger.

"Have the food taken to our room," Xena finally looked at the aggravated woman, standing over her, "and make sure we're not disturbed for the rest of the night."  Gabrielle smirked at the waitress who promptly took the plates and stomped back to the kitchen.

Xena slid out of the booth and reached her hand out for Gabrielle, "Shall we?"

Gabrielle bit her bottom lip, nervousness finally kicking in.  Xena smiled at the familiar look.  Yes, she missed the innocent girl, but the mature woman looking at her with a new kind of hunger was sure to be a wonderful replacement.


Aphrodite watched through the window of the tavern, smiling, before pumping her fist up and down in victory, "Damn, I am the best!"


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