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Title:  Itty, Bitty Polka Dot Bikini

Fandom:  The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Pairing:  Sarah/Cameron

Rating:  NC-17

Archiving:  Please do.

Challenge:  Ralst's 48 hour summer challenge

Prompt:  Cameron gets her first bikini

A/N:  Is one really necessary?  I think it’s fairly self-explanatory.

A/N2:  I don’t know what it is about these two, but I put them together and smut always happens.  Ye have been forewarned!



“What’s Spring Break?”  Cameron looked across the kitchen table at Sarah, her head tilted slightly to the side.


“A teenage social ritual where boys and girls get stinking drunk and half naked, usually near a beach, and have unprotected sex,” Sarah paused and was caught off guard by the slight curve of Cameron’s lips, “And no, you’re not going to participate.”


Sarah shoved her chair from the table, roughly picking up Cameron’s uneaten plate of pancakes.  She still wondered why she bothered cooking for the girl at all.  Cameron followed her to the sink.


“Why not?”  She sounded every bit the whinny teenager, causing Sarah to grip the edge of the counter tightly.  The image of Cameron frolicking on the beach with a bunch of drunken, horny boys made her gut churn.  Not that Cameron frolics but that wouldn’t stop a teenage boy.


“Because I said so, Cameron,” the older woman looked at her incredulously, “And why would you even want to go?”


“To learn more about human teenage interaction, of course.  It’s only logical if I’m trying to fit in and be inconspicuous that I learn as much as possible from observation,” Sarah narrowed her eyes at the oblivious terminator.  As hard as she tried, she couldn’t argue with that logic.


Turning fully to Cameron, leaning her hip against the counter as she nonchalantly dried her hands on a dish towel, Sarah called her bluff, “Well, girlie, I guess that only means one thing then,” Cameron raised an eyebrow slightly, a new human gesture she had learned, “you need to get a swimsuit.”




This one would make the tenth store they had stopped at, and it wasn’t even lunch yet.  Sarah was regretting her acquiescence to Cameron and feeling every bit her age.  She’d rather fight a terminator any day than shop…in mall.  If Cameron picked up on Sarah’s sour mood, it didn’t faze her.  She was actually…giddy.  It didn’t take much for Sarah to forget she was in the presence of a killing machine and not a young girl on a shopping spree.


Sarah rummaged through one piece suits, usually in black or some other muted color, until she felt a tap on her shoulder.


Spinning around, she got an eyeful, literally because Cameron was excitedly dangling a piece of cloth mere inches from her face, of the smallest piece of material known to humanity.  G-strings had more material than this did!


“This is the one.  I love it!”  The pink suit with brown polka dots danced in front of Sarah’s eyes, which if she was stoned, might have been fun.  Right now, it was just annoying.


“You want me to spend,” she grabbed the tag which seemed bigger than the suit itself, “$75 on dental floss.”


“No, on a swimsuit,” Cameron deadpanned.


“No way, Tin Miss.  Pick something else.”


“Come on, Sarah.  At least let me try it on.  It may look better than you think,” she took Sarah’s hand and tugged her toward the fitting rooms.


“Fine, but I still say no,” Cameron spun around still holding onto Sarah’s hand, looking her teasingly up and down.


“We’ll see about that.”


Sarah jerked to a stop when she realized that Cameron was dragging her into a changing room.


“I’ll just wait out here.”


Cameron stepped a bit closer until she was just inside Sarah’s personal space, this time calling Sarah’s bluff, “Unless you want me to come out here and parade around in public in this, I suggest you come on.”


Something in Sarah’s gut told her this was a big mistake, but she weighed it against having some guy see Cameron half naked, then took a deep breath and stepped into the tiny room.


With hardly enough room to move, Sarah unceremoniously slumped down onto the bench.  Cameron propped her foot on the bench next to Sarah and reached down to undo the laces of her boots.  Being so close, Sarah couldn’t help but watch the deceptively slender fingers work the laces apart then slipping under the edge of the leather to slip it off.  Sarah didn’t realize that she continued to watch as these fingers slid up the thigh still propped on the bench.


Sarah’s heart was beating triple time when the hands finally reached the button of the dark cargo pants.  It seemed like an eternity before the button slipped through the eyelet and the sound of a zipper being lowered filled the air. 


“Sarah?”  Cameron had noticed the increased heart rate as soon as she took her hand outside the changing room, a steady staccato that was becoming more erratic the more she undressed.  This knowledge, the fact that she undid Sarah so completely, brought a small smile to her lips.  Gently she tipped the older woman’s head up, “Sarah.”


The deeper, huskier sound of Cameron’s voice brought Sarah out of her mesmerized state.  Two sets of eyes locked on each other, one spooked and ready to run, the other darkening with an unknown desire.


Cameron somehow knew they were in a delicate balance.  She could read the fear and uncertainty in Sarah’s eyes.


“I mislead you, Sarah,” the older woman’s eyebrows came together in a frown, her fight or flight response ready to kick in at the first hint of deception, “I didn’t want the swimsuit so I could go to Spring Break.” She brushed her fingers along Sarah’s jaw, before grazing her pounding pulse point lightly then dipping into the hollow of her throat. “I wanted to get you alone.  I just wanted to be with you.”


Sarah swallowed hard, trying to find her voice, “You have no idea what you’re asking.”


“Yes, I do.  And I think you do too,” she leaned down, brushing Sarah’s hair aside, until her mouth rested just below Sarah’s ear, “Don’t you?”


Sarah felt the chills run down her spine when a warm tongue caressed the space where Cameron had spoken.  Not sure whether to run, fight, or scream, Sarah jumped from the bench, pushing Cameron roughly against the wall.  She had imagined this moment, doing exactly this same thing to Cameron a million times.  It had started the night Cameron had walked down the hallway in her underwear and the feelings hadn’t stopped.  With time, she thought the feelings would go away, but now, as she looked into the wild eyes dissecting and processing all the emotions coursing through her, until there was nothing left but raw desire, Sarah understood that she was either going to kill Cameron or fuck her.  There was no other option.


Now, here they were, dancing on this unknown precipice, as Sarah fought within herself to make a decision, until Cameron’s words pushed her over, “I want you, Sarah.”


Sarah pulled Cameron into a fierce kiss, both women angling for dominance in a war that neither could win.  With lightening speed, Cameron undid Sarah’s jeans, but she wasn’t fast enough before Sarah grabbed her wrist and pinned it to the wall.  She knew Cameron could easily overpower her but at the moment, the knowledge that this machine was letting her take control was enough to make Sarah’s head dizzy with need.


Keeping Cameron’s wrist held in place with one hand, Sarah dipped her other hand into Cameron’s open pants until she felt dampness on her fingers.


“Do you want this?” 


Cameron nodded her head, “Say it, Cameron.”


“Yes,” came the harsh reply.


“Yes, what?” Sarah demanded.  She dipped her fingers a further, feeling the hard nub.  She closed her eyes at the sensation, astonished how real and feminine Cameron really was.  The awareness made Sarah lean back to look in Cameron’s eyes.  Staring back at her were the eyes of a woman on the edge.  Sarah watched amazed at Cameron as she fell over the cliff.


“Yes, I want this.  I want you,” Sarah watched, as if outside her own body, as she slipped two fingers inside Cameron.  The younger woman’s head fell back, her mouth open but unable to make sound.  Sarah looked down the lithe body until she saw her own hand, moving in a quickening rhythm, feeling the moist heat pulsing around her fingers, when something primal broke inside Sarah.


She clasped onto Cameron’s exposed neck, biting hard, causing a hiss to finally escape the terminators lips.  Letting go of the bound wrist, she wrapped her fingers in Cameron’s dark mane, pulling her mouth down into a kiss, swallowing Cameron’s strangled moan.  Cameron lifted one leg to wrap around the older woman’s waist, making more room for Sarah’s hand to move.  The gasps and moans freely falling from Cameron’s lips and the increased bucking of her hips let Sarah know she had Cameron close to orgasm, and with a renewed drive, she began pushing harder and deeper into Cameron. 


“Sarah,” Cameron’s eyes, darkened with passion, need, and fear of the unknown, captured Sarah’s as Sarah felt the tightening contractions around her fingers.  The young woman’s eyes closed briefly, a gasp falling from her lips, as the sensation rocked her body.


Sarah waited until the pulsing slowed before removing her fingers.  Both women looked at each other unsure what to do.  Until Cameron’s lips curved into a smirk and she took Sarah’s face in her hands, kissing her slowly and deeply.  Sarah lifted the skimpy suit with her finger, “So, you still want this?”


“Why?  I’m not going on Spring Break.”


Sarah shrugged her shoulders, smiling, “I thought I’d introduce you to another summer ritual…sunbathing.”

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Title:  Three Wishes
Author:  Calliope
Fandom:  The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Pairing:  Sarah/Cameron
Rating:  NC-17 (if done right!)
Archiving:  Ralst, others ask
Challenge:   Their Fate is What You Make It - Missing Scene
Warning:  Not beta'd
Author's Note:  This occurs during the episode Demon Hand after Cameron returns in her cop uniform (you know I couldn't resist writing some smut to this).  BTW, the way the scenes were cut in this episode seemed to focus on S&C's boots.  For a second I thought Sarah was wearing Cameron's cop boots, and my smutty little mind went nuts.  Looking at it later though, I don't think she was.  However, it made for a good part of the story so I took creative license. 

Sarah had made a concerted effort not to notice Cameron's skin tight cop uniform when she came through the door.  Instead she made a joke about bleeding cops, trying to deflect the way Cameron made her feel.  

"You might want to change."

Cameron caught her staring at her ass when she turned around to give her that strange look.  It was somewhere between "come make me" and "come here," and Sarah found herself involuntarily following the girl into her bedroom.

The dark corners of the room made it easy for Cameron to catch her off guard.  They had been living together long enough that Sarah was no longer guarding herself against an attack from Cameron.  Slowly, the older woman realized that she was coming to trust Cameron - a fact that equally unnerved and thrilled her.

The plaster of the wall was cold against her face as she was pressed firmly into the wall from behind.  Sarah tried to move but the lean body pushing into her back wouldn't budge.  She could feel the buckle of Cameron's pants nudging at the base of her spine and a nightstick dangling from her hip.  It bumped rhythmically against the back of Sarah's thighs sending a shiver through her body.

"What the hell are you doing?"

She could hear the slight smile in Cameron's voice, "Frisking you."


"Because you want me to," Sarah couldn't deny it, but she'd never admit it.  Suddenly she felt soft hands firmly grip her wrists and pull them behind her back, while Cameron's hips held her pinned against the wall.  The ominous click of handcuffs filled the air.  Sarah struggled against the restraints even though she knew it was useless.

Cameron used her feet to kick Sarah's legs further apart.

"The first rule of any proper frisking is to be very thorough," Cameron ran her hands up over Sarah's shoulders before sliding them up the back of her neck and then down again, her nails scraping lightly at the sensitive skin there.  A soft moan escaped Sarah's lips.

"Where'd you learn that?"

"A show called 'Law & Order'.  Olivia Benson is..."

"You watch too much TV," Sarah tried to look over her shoulder, and she caught the smirk on Cameron's face.

"I don't sleep," she shrugged her shoulders in a way that Sarah found incredibly sexy, "I have to do something with my time."

Sarah had a witty comeback at the ready, but it was quickly lost when she felt the nightstick press up between her legs.  Her head fell back to the wall with a thud.  She rolled her head to face the wall, not daring to look Cameron in the eyes.  Instead, she made the mistake of looking down and saw the slick black of the nightstick pushing forward and back and forward again between her legs.

"Oh dear God," her body instinctively reacted, rotating her hips to increase contact.  The friction and tension was building in her body to an almost unbearable point when Cameron took the apparatus away.  Her body shook with need.

"Cameron...please," she couldn't believe she was begging but it didn't surprise her nearly as much as finding it hard to believe that Cameron was well on her way to fucking her senseless.

"Not yet.  I have much, much more frisking to do yet," the whimper from Sarah was unmistakeable.  Cameron, at that moment, felt compassion for Sarah.  She wanted to please her and didn't like to see her suffer, even if it was for fun.

Cameron reached around Sarah's waist, letting her fingers run lightly over the older woman's tight abs.  With her other hand, she pushed Sarah's hair aside to nibble at the back of her neck.  Sarah tilted her head to allow better access.  Cameron could read the signs of Sarah's body and knew exactly what she liked.  The steadily increasing heartbeat and respiration told her not to stop.  She pushed both hands under Sarah's shirt, unhooked her bra and gently caressed the hard nipples with the palms of her hands.

The soft sensation of barely being touched was driving Sarah crazy, "Cameron."

"Yes," she whispered in Sarah's ear, but Sarah couldn't say the words.  Cameron sensed the hesitation.  With a slight hint of amusement in her voice, she gave Sarah permission to let go, "Tell me what you need, Sarah.  Your wish is my command."

"I need you...inside."

"Say what you really want, Sarah," the older woman groaned out her frustration, her need for Cameron overriding her inhibitions.

"I need you to fuck me," Using one hand, the other still on Sarah's breast, Cameron swiftly undid Sarah's pants, sliding her fingers underneath the panties.  Cameron was amazed at the sensation as she gently invaded the soft wetness of the woman in front of her.  All of the reading she did on the internet to prepare her for this simply didn't prepare her for what she was feeling.  Overwhelmed by the surrender of this amazing woman's body, a woman she was quickly coming to admire, Cameron could do little except rest her head on Sarah's shoulder and close her eyes.

"Oh, Sarah," she felt Sarah's body tighten like a bow, pressing closer to the wall, her breathing coming in fast, shallow gasps as Cameron moved in and out of her.

"Cam," Sarah whispered as she clinched at Cameron's fingers before flying off this unknown precipice.  She wasn't sure what they had started, what this all meant, but as she felt Cameron take off the handcuffs giving her wrists a compassionate rub in the process, she knew somehow this was fate.

Cameron moved to the bed to sit down.  Sarah watched in amazement as she started to undo her boots until finally Cameron looked up at her with a shy, almost embarassed, look.


"So, my wish is your command?"

"Yes," Cameron's eyebrows creased in confusion.

Sarah pushed off the wall, strutting closer to Cameron, until Cameron was staring at the still undone pants, "Well, Genie, I get two more wishes."

Cameron smiled understanding the story of the fable, "And what wishes do you have?"

"First, I want those boots," Sarah cocked an eyebrow and paused, "second, I want you," Sarah undid the clip holding Cameron's hair, watching it fall over her shoulders, before pushing her back on the bed effortlessly.


Sarah sat in the swing, running her finger along the seam of Cameron's cop boot, waiting for the line to be picked up.  Hearing the click, she smiled for the first time in years, "Yeah, this is Sgt. Johnson senior property over at LAPD, got a little problem I was wondering if you could help me..."
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Title:  Dance With Me
Fandom:  The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Pairing:  Sarah/Cameron
Rating: PG
Challenge: Their Fate is What You Make It, Epilogue
Archiving:  P&P absolutely
Author's Note:  I think it's so cool that Cameron can dance and that somehow this gives us a glimpse into her "soul" (whatever that consists of) so I thought it fitting that there's a fic with dancing involved.
Warning:  no beta'd

Derek stalked toward me like a man on a mission.  He wasn't looking at me, but through me as he headed out the front door.  That's when I heard it, the sound of soft music coming down the hall, a light lilting sound full of hope and love, a sound so unusual in this house that I was curious about its source.  With a teenager in the house, the last sound I expected was classical music.

Peeking around the corner, I was surprised to see Cameron in her ballet attire moving with the music.  I couldn't help but notice the gentle sway of her arms and the sensual curve of her back, spinning, tilting and bending to the beat of the heartbreaking melody of a violin.  If machines had souls, I was seeing Cameron's right now and it mesmerized me.  Looking past her, I caught a glimpse at her face, eyes half closed, lost in a world of movement and sound.  Without realizing it, I had closed my own eyes letting the cadence of the string instruments speak to my own soul.

A hand to my face woke me from my reverie.  Warm brown eyes looked not just at me but into me, and I felt something I never thought I'd feel with Cameron:  a connection.  As her hand took mine, slowly pulling me further into her room, I gave up the battle I had been fighting since I first met her.  Yelling at her the other day about Charley had zapped me of what little willpower I had.  It was all bluster and hot air, anger, fear and everything I had lost to the machines wrapped up in the vicious words I spewed at her.  I couldn't bring myself to destroy her because in doing so I'd destroy a piece of me.  My life has become so wrapped up in the world of the machines that I wouldn't know how to live without them if I tried, and I was finding it harder to live without the thought and presence of Cameron.

A gentle arm wrapped around my waist, while the other hand took mine, "They say that dance is the hidden language of your soul," she smiled then, "Dance with me, Sarah."


"Because my soul has something to say to yours."

Then she smiled, almost shyly, like a schoolboy caught looking.  I felt her hips move into me, guiding me into a turn, while her hand on the small of my back pressed me closer to her, pulling me in as her hips and legs turned me.  The music stopped and we stood still in the silent room, only our breathing making any sound, letting our souls tell our stories.
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Title:  Only Destiny
Fandom:  The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Pairing:  DUH!  Sarah/Cameron
Archive:  P&P, SarahCameron, others ask
Rating:  NC-17, ya asked for it, ya got it!
Disclaimer:  Not mine, but if they were, trust me, I wouldn't be hanging out here! ;)
Warning:  Not beta'd.  I've been traveling all day and it's 1AM so I can't guarantee anything right now, except that I'm nuts.
Author Note:  this is for 

[profile] gargyloveswolfywho wanted naughty (it started out naughty anyway) and [profile] postfxfor mentioning warm cookies to me.  This is a sequel to my previous story Inside Sarah.  It's not completely necessary to read that one first, but it can't hurt.

Staring out into the black night, Sarah idly stirred the icing in slow, wide circles.  It was a simple and mindless action that she stretched out longer than necessary.  She could tell that John was on edge.  Making him a chocolate cake with chocolate icing, caramel drizzles and M&Ms had become somewhat of a ritual when they were both stressed out.  

Cameron padded quietly into the kitchen, leaning silently against the countertop to watch Sarah.  The older woman glanced at her and smiled at the freshly scrubbed face and wet hair - the picture of wide-eyed innocence.  Her eyes roamed down to the bare shoulder, blushing at the quickly healing nail and teeth marks. After such an intense experience, she thought she'd certainly get to sleep, but she was more high strung than ever.

Cameron drew her eyebrows together, eyeing Sarah curiously, before following the darkening green eyes to her shoulder.  Sarah lost her grip on the bowl remembering the events of only a couple of hours ago.  Simply recalling the feel of Cameron's fingers inside her made a shiver run up her spine and a familiar tension clutch at her belly.  She was shocked that Cameron, despite her inherent inhumanity, was the gentlest lover she had ever had, kissing away her tears and reading the need of her body.  The harder Sarah rocked against Cameron's hand, the deeper Cameron pushed.  It was at that peak moment when Sarah buried her cries in the flesh of Cameron's shoulder.  A quiet hiss was Cameron's only response.

"I didn't think you felt pain," Cameron had stepped closer and Sarah couldn't resist running her fingers over the welts.

"That's only when I'm in fighting mode.  It makes me more...effective," Cameron, in her study of human behavior, was learning quick.  Sarah smirked when she noticed that the younger woman was staring at her cleavage.

"And when you're not fighting?"  Sarah quirked an amused eyebrow.

Dark telling eyes met mischievous green, "I feel everything."

Sarah licked her lips, liking the answer.  It suddenly occurred to her that Cameron couldn't be broken, couldn't be hurt, and this pleased her.  She pushed Cameron against the counter, hard.  Reading the need for what it was, Cameron allowed Sarah's forcefulness.  She could have easily stopped her, but an unknown part of an equation she didn't understand had reared its head.  Truth was, she wanted this from Sarah.  She needed the strength of the woman that saves the world to pass a part of it on to her.  She desired Sarah and if she was ever going to understand the sensations that Sarah experienced earlier, she knew she only wanted to learn it from Sarah.

In one quick and fluid movement, Sarah ripped the thin tank top off Cameron, exposing perfect breasts to the cool air.  Sarah watched in rapt fascination as the nipples tightened, and she couldn't resist running the palms of her hand over them.  Cameron responded with an involuntary shiver.  A million ideas of what Sarah wanted to do to Cameron next filtered through her mind until she settled on one.  She reached behind her into the sink and drew out some dark sticky goo on two fingers.

A little alarmed and suddenly unsure, Cameron drew back, "What's that?"

"Chocolate.  It's as good as sex," then she added with a slight shrug, "Almost anyway, but it does make it fun...and messy."

Cameron sucked in a breath at the cool mixture suddenly being spread across her nipples and down her belly.  Sarah raised a finger to Cameron's lips and spread the sweet food along her bottom lip.

"Taste," Cameron followed the simple command never breaking eye contact with Sarah.  She processed the flavors and textures quickly deciding that she liked it...a lot.  She snaked out her tongue to get more off of Sarah's fingers.  The older woman stood transfixed, watching the pink tongue slowly remove the liquid, but she nearly fell down in shock as her fingers disappeared in Cameron's mouth.  The sensation rocked her body and took her breath away.

"Son of a bitch!"  Realizing finally that the battle to resist Cameron was useless, Sarah grabbed her and pulled her into a searing kiss.  Their tongues battled for control one minute and danced delicately together the next.  Searching and testing each other for limits or boundaries, they found none.  They were equals wanting and needing the same give and take from the other.

Sarah broke the kiss and latched onto Cameron's neck and working steadily lower, sucking and biting harder than she normally would, but she knew Cameron could take it.  She was so lost in the moment that she didn't realize Cameron was responding, enthusiastically, pulling herself tighter against Sarah's body.  She felt long familiar fingers at the nape of her neck, reach up and give a gentle tug to her hair.  The clean taste of Cameron mixed with the warm sweet chocolate on her nipples.  It was a heady combination that made Sarah lightheaded.  She sucked and bit at the swollen peaks before looking up at Cameron.  Her eyes were closed and her head was thrown back.

"Do you feel that?"

"Yes," Cameron's voice was different, raspy and laden with sexual desire.  She sounded like a woman.  All doubt was swept from Sarah's mind.  She forgot everything she thought she knew about terminators, and replaced it with a much more pleasing image of Cameron in the throes of passion.

"Look at me," Sarah waited while the dark eyes refocused on her, "Watch me."  Sarah pulled the navy pajama pants down over rounded hips, running her hands over a shapely ass.  Sarah could freely admit it now that it was one of the first attributes of Cameron's she noticed.  The chocolate had pooled in Cameron's navel and was running down her stomach toward the patch of hair below.  With a last glance up at Cameron, who was struggling to keep her breathing steady, her eyelids threatening to flutter closed, Sarah leaned closer before delivering an admonition, "Don't close your eyes."

Sarah wasn't sure what to expect, but she was more than pleased that beyond the sweet chocolate was the pure essence that could only be Cameron.  Her tongue slipped effortlessly through moist folds, finding and savoring the small bud.  The gasp above her and hand in her hair made Sarah pull back.  The eyes above her hadn't wavered or closed.

"Don't stop."

Sarah smiled crookedly at her, before lifting a long leg and placing it over her shoulder.  Angling lower, she pressed her tongue deep into Cameron, making her buck her hips seeking more.  Sarah slid back and replaced her tongue with a finger.  She moved slowly at first unsure of just how human she was made.  When she met little resistance she added another and looked up at Cameron.  The brown eyes that had, when they first met, seemed empty and void of emotion were now soft and vulnerable.

"Sarah," the whisper was barely audible.  The gentle voice stirred something in Sarah.  She leaned her forehead against Cameron's stomach and closing her eyes, allowing the sensations to envelope her.  All she heard was the fast and halting breaths that came and went with the movement of her fingers.  All she felt was the moist warmth that held her in her own private cocoon, safe and protected.  All she knew at that moment was Cameron and Sarah.  

There was no past, no future, and no fate.  All that existed anymore was destiny.  As Cameron reached for and grabbed Sarah's free hand, clinging tightly to each other, they both knew that destiny had found them.


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Title:  Inside Sarah

Fandom:  The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Pairing:  Sarah/Cameron

Archive:  P&P, SarahCameron, others ask

Rating:  Naughty but nice.

Disclaimer:  Not mine.  They belong to richer people than me.

Warning:  Not beta’d.

Author Note:  postfx is a bad, bad influence!  I got the image of Sarah touching Cameron on the stomach and couldn’t get it out of my head so I decided to write some smut about it. J



There are moments when Sarah looks at or touches Cameron and she forgets that Cameron's not human. 


Like when she touched her stomach in the warehouse. 


The fire had raced up Sarah's arm making her fingers twitch.  If not for the little weasel tied to the chair, she had an urge to put those fingers to work finding other flesh-like parts of Cameron to touch.  The images had flashed before her eyes – sweating bodies, flesh sliding against flesh, fingers and tongues reaching and grasping.  Briefly, she wondered what those slender fingers would feel like touching her…inside.  Clamping down on the sensations running through her body, the hot molten fire that filled her veins, she wondered where this had come from, when these feelings had arrived. 


Her nails dug into her hands releasing the fire from her blood, but it wasn't enough.  The satisfying snap of flesh and bone meeting was cathartic, so she did it again and again and again. 


With her unbridled rage temporarily pushed down to a slow pulse, she passed the dirty job of breaking weasel-boy to Cameron and walked out without looking back.




Cameron watched Sarah leave tilting her head to the side as if doing so would help her understand the complicated woman.  One minute she was touching Cameron gently, almost protectively, the next Cameron was trying to get her to see the logic in letting the man live.  Watching her over the past few weeks, Cameron had learned that Sarah was compassionate to a fault and for that reason alone, this sudden violent behavior confused her even more. 


For the first time Cameron noticed weasel-boy attempting to slink out of the room unnoticed.  Cameron grabbed him by the belt loop of his jeans lifting him effortlessly before turning him to look into glowing blue eyes.


“We’re not done yet,” Cameron’s nose twitched at the pungent smell and looked down at the growing and darkening stain on the man’s grimy pants.  She dropped him to the floor with a thud, shaking her head disdainfully, “Humans.”




If she didn’t know Cameron didn’t sleep and walked the floor all night, she would have missed the soft shuffle of feet on the wood floor.  Anyone else would have missed the constant movement, but Sarah found herself tuned into Cameron's presence.  For her, the cyborg's silent existence had become like crack for her.  Her need for a fix - a visual, a sound, even the smallest gesture from Cameron - had come to surround her and live in her psyche like a living entity.  Slowly over time simply knowing and hearing Cameron somewhere nearby had served as a strange lullaby easing her fears so sleep came easy.  After years of protecting John, sleep had become a luxury she didn't allow herself to indulge in, until now, until Cameron.  Tonight, though, peace wouldn't come and neither would sleep.

Sarah had been trying for the last four hours to get some sleep.  She could have and would have gladly liked to blame her surreal lifeline to Cameron, but the brushing of her sore hand against the sheets was a reminder of why she felt so keyed up.  The vivid and brutal re-enactment of beating that poor guy replayed through her brain on a persistent and taunting loop.  She had lost control.  After years and years of telling John to stay in control, to focus, she was the one who snapped.


Her heart told her that her response was only human.  Isn’t that what she told Cameron earlier that day?  That humans are illogical?  What’s logical about beating a man because she is losing control of her feelings for a machine and that she was terrified of losing her son?  What’s logical about feeling this way about Cameron?  Nothing.  It was all completely illogical and tragically human, and even though Sarah knew this, she felt a rage inside herself that pushed out all of her humanity and for a brief moment she took it out on another human being.


Unlike the shuffle of feet coming closer to her door, the answers to why wouldn’t come.


Glancing up, she saw Cameron dressed in only boxers and a black tank top leaning against the door frame, her arms crossed casually.  The image actually made Sarah smile.  Little by little, there were small differences in Cameron’s everyday behavior that made her less conspicuous, more human, and as Sarah was coming to realize, more of a woman.


That last thought got stuck on a repeating track in Sarah’s head as she watched Cameron smoothly push away from the door and walk closer to the bed, her hips swaying more than usual.  She stopped at the edge of the bed, her knees brushing the inside of Sarah's legs.  Cameron had been running scenarios through her system trying to process the reason behind Sarah's earlier meltdown.  Every scene of interaction she'd had with Sarah played through her memory banks until only one logical explanation was possible.

"I've been watching you."

"You watch everything," the condescending tone was lost on Cameron.  Sarah spread her legs further and leaned back, trying to get distance and avoid contact.  Cameron took it as an invitation and stepped closer, eventually leaning over and bracing herself on one hand, until Sarah was flat on her back.

"Yes, I do, but today, that wasn't you.  That wasn't the Sarah Connor John told us about."

"Well, John doesn't know everything about me." 

Thinking about her son made a wave of guilt flood over her and the tears sprung to her eyes before she could stop them.  After all of the lessons she's tried to teach him, what would he think of her if he knew about her beating that man?  She tried to slide back to get away from Cameron and to clear her head.  The last thing she needed was a terminator seeing her break down.  Some soldier, the same words she had spoken to John's father so many years ago came back to her.

A cool hand gently pushed Sarah down on the bed with just enough pressure to get her attention.  Cameron tenderly brushed away a stray tear from Sarah's cheek.  The gesture wasn't lost on Sarah and a whole new image had to be incorporated into the total picture of this ever evolving woman-machine .

"This is the famous Sarah Connor," Cameron traced her fingers down Sarah's cheek emphasizing each of her words, "she's tender and fierce, gentle and strong, passionate and loving.  She's the ultimate warrior."  Each word was emphasized with a soft stroking of fingers along her jaw, eventually disappearing into dark tresses at the base of Sarah's neck.  The motion was starting to shortcurcuit Sarah's common sense.  She tried to reel back in her emotions, placing her hand over Cameron's wrist to still the incessant motion, and willed her lungs to breath.

Then it happened, Cameron climbed on the bed, allowing a bare thigh to caress the sensitive skin between Sarah's legs.  With a shudder, Sarah let out the breath she had been holding.  Cameron's hand edged lower as the sensors on her skin picked up perspiration, an increased heart rate, and erratic breathing.  Her fingers slipped underneath the band of Sarah's shorts, and she smiled to herself when it registered that Sarah was quickly becoming aroused, and that her earlier conclusions had been accurate.

Hearing Sarah moan in acceptance, Cameron felt a shift take place as her fingers slipped effortlessly through and around slick skin.  A strange sensation rippled through Cameron's frame.  She understood the biology of what was happening, understood how humans react to touch, but the emotion took her by surprise.  She looked up into Sarah's green eyes to see the walls tumbling down leaving her defenseless.  A lone tear coming from a different source than pain and regret slid down Sarah's cheek.

Cameron leaned down, barely brushing her lips against Sarah's, picking up and filing away each individual moan, gasp, and whimper for recall later.  Sarah arched her back as one, two, then three fingers pushed firmly and gently into her.  Cameron waited unmoving inside of Sarah until the momentary sensation of being filled abated.  Sarah looked at her with desire, confusion, and a touch of fear before the slow rocking of hips urged Cameron on.  A small smile tugged at the corner of Cameron's mouth.

"This is Sarah Connor."

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Facing the Unknown, part 2

Fandom:  The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Pairing:  Sarah/Cameron

Archive:  P&P most definitely, others ask

Rating:  R\NC-17

Disclaimer:  Not mine.  They belong to richer people than me.

Warning:  Not beta’d.

Author Note:  For those who wanted to know what happened next, here you go.  This is my first shot at true, honest to goodness/badness smut. 


I was on my feet in seconds, propelled by a force I didn’t comprehend.  I stood behind her close enough to smell the soft scent of the lavender shampoo she uses and paced my breathing to her own.  It all seemed so ordinary.  She takes in oxygen like us, eats potato chips like us, and washes her hair just like us.  I even caught the hint of sweat on her skin once after we chased a terminator through the streets. 


I’m amazed and in awe of the creature before me.  There’s something incredibly disconcerting about her normalcy, and my reaction to her.  She watches and learns from us.  The other day I kissed John goodbye and jokingly told her not to kiss me.  I could see the question in her eyes.  She wanted to.  She wanted to do what we do, what we take for granted.  She wanted to kiss me and I wanted her to, but for very different reasons.  I couldn’t let it happen then, but today is a different day.


My shaking fingers barely brush the skin of her forearm.  This movement, this chance I’m taking, could get me killed.  I know nothing of her or how she’ll respond.  To what extent has she been programmed to act human?  And I pray it’s not an act.  The slow and unwavering consistency of oxygen intake hesitates for a flicker of a beat and I have my answer.  Smirking, I press on feeling uncharacteristically reckless, easing the curves of my body closer to match hers until I’m nuzzling at her neck.


She hasn’t said a word, but her head leans slightly allowing me better access to her neck.  Surprised she’s responding, I wonder for a moment if all of her feels this real.  If I slip my hand past the waist of her jeans, what will I find?  My head spins with the possibility.  In her first real noticeable movement, I feel her hand slip over my own as I finger the seam of her jeans. 


“Do you want to know what it’s like to be human, Cameron?” I lick the indention behind her ear.


“Yes,” she’s breathless, pressing my hand closer to her body, and I find myself coming undone.


Quickly, I spin her around and push her hard against the wall.  She eyes me curiously and it only makes me want to fuck her ruthlessly.


“Is this how humans, what’s it called, make love?”  A glint of tenderness passes across her face.  I shake my head, leaning in close to her ear.


“No, this is how humans fuck.  Making love comes later,” I bite down hard on her neck, drawing a hiss from her, pleased that she feels the sensation.  I yank her shirt from the confines of her jeans, ripping it up the middle.  Her breasts are heaving and exposed, perfect.  Her eyes fluttering closed, push me over the edge.  Unsnapping the button of her jeans, I push my hand in, sighing with relief to feel the tickle of curly hair and telltale sign of arousal.


Cameron’s head falls back against the wall, the corner of her lip curving almost imperceptibly.  Shocked but pleased by the revelation, I lean in close, teasing her opening with the tip of my finger, drawing a deep sigh and a full blown smile from her.


“You sneak!  You knew all along.”


Her hand snakes up my neck, pulling me in closer, “I like to watch you squirm.”  The kiss came quick, raw and needy.  She tasted sweet like strawberries and I fall deeper into her mouth as my finger mimics the movement of my tongue.  The force of needing her inside hits me full force.  With my free hand, I undo my pants and grab her hand from around my neck.


“Fuck me, Cameron…please,” the sensation of being filled makes my legs give out.  I lean into her, thankful for her strength and solidity.  For long moments, we bask in the simple sensation of warmth, wetness, and flesh - touching and feeling connected to something we couldn’t yet imagine. 


“Let go, Sarah,” three softly spoken words, laden with new emotion, was all it took.  I growled into her shoulder, pushing deeper into her with my last reserve of strength, intent on having her join me.  She quivers and I feel her grab my forearm, careful not to squeeze too hard.


I think about the life I never got to live - quiet, ordinary suburbia with a white picket fence and a dog.  This unknown future, wrapped up in the arms and eyes of this woman-machine, has wiped away my chances for ordinary, and that’s no longer a bad thing.

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Title:  Facing the Unknown

Fandom:  The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Pairing:  Sarah/Cameron

Archive:  P&P, others ask

Rating:  PG

Disclaimer:  Not mine.  They belong to richer people than me.

Warning:  Not beta’d.

Author Note:  I’ve seen the first two eps and have completely fallen in love with this show.  It does what I had hoped The Bionic Woman would do but didn’t.  Two ass-kickin’ women …what more could my femslashy little heart wish for? ;)


I watch her standing by the window, still as stone, looking for the smallest hint of danger, watching out for us.  Cameron, the terminator, is our protector and the only hope John and I have of stopping Skynet.  I have no choice but to trust her, but I know so little about her.


In glimpses, I’ve caught bits and pieces of her abilities.  She has yet to tell us what model she is and what she’s capable of.  All I can do is trust this woman…machine with our lives.  I have to deliberately remind myself that she’s a machine.  It’s so easy to forget until I see her in action.


When she stitched up my shoulder, I forgot that she was a machine.  Against my better judgment, I let down the walls I had been building for years.  Her fingers were gentle, barely grazing my pained and heated skin, sending unbidden shivers through me that settled in my belly.  I tried to slow down my breathing and bring my heart rate back to normal, but it was no use.  Thinking back on it, I’m sure she detected all of it, even the scent of my arousal.


I’m sure she can read, even across the room, my increased breathing and heartbeat.  I’m shocked to realize I feel this way about a terminator.  I’ve hated them all for so long for what they’ve done to John and I and how they’ve destroyed our lives and our world.  I can’t hate her though.


Watching her standing there stoically and unmoving, I fight the desire to walk up behind her and run my fingers over her skin, which is surprisingly soft and warm.  Will she feel the shiver in the pit of her stomach like I felt?  Will the hair on her arms stand on end?  Will my lips on her neck and a soft nip to her skin cause her to fall back in my arms?  Will she feel anything like I feel when she touches me?


I don’t know, but I have to find out.


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