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Title: Inside You
Fandom: TSCC
Pairing: Sarah/Cameron
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don’t own anything. If I did, I’d have a Cameron of my own. *eg*
Warning: A tad bit of a Spoiler for Ep 2.2 “Automatic for the People”
AN: That line was begging for a fic. This is the first thing that popped into my head.
Cameron came up silently behind Sarah, gently running a hand along her abs. For a brief moment, Sarah startled at the contact, before placing her own hand over Cameron’s. 
“There was a time when I was inside of you,” Sarah closed her eyes at the soft breath whispered against her ear, “That was a long time ago.”
Sarah opened her eyes to look at the reflection of Cameron and her in the window.
“You scare me.”
“I scare me,” Cameron nuzzled at Sarah’s neck, sensing immediately the increased heart rate, “But you came back for me anyway…why?”
Sarah spoke to the reflection, lips teasing the soft skin below her ear as fingers danced lower down her waist, “What do you mean?”
Cameron ran her tongue along the groove behind Sarah’s ear and deftly snapped the fly open on Sarah’s jeans, “You risked your life, just like John did…why?”
Sarah dropped her head back onto Cameron’s strong shoulder, giving up the fight and the fear, “Because you’re already inside of me, you’ve been there from the beginning.”
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It's not particularly subtexty, but it is women kicking ass so that's close enough to me! :)  I'll admit that this vid probably isn't the best vid I've ever done, but I did do it all in just a couple of days, in between an attention needy baby and work. 

If the embedding gives you problems, try this link here:


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