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Title: Somebody for Me - Epilogue

Fandom: Grey’s Anatomy

Pairing: Callica

Rating: NC-17

Summary: A demanded continuation of “Somebody for Me.” Callie and Erica make up and make-up sex, as we all know, is the best sex ever!!!

A/N: Back by popular demand, this picks up where “Somebody for Me” left off. If you haven’t read it, you probably should. For those who don’t know me from other fandoms, I’m known for my smut. I now grace Callica with my dirty mind. This is what happens when a crying baby wakes me up at 3AM allowing my mind to wander and cook this naughtiness up.  
Warning: Lots and lots of sex! Oh, yeah, and it’s not beta’d. Sorry!

Disclaimer: All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libelous, defamatory, or in any way factual.



Erica smirked at her contrite lover, enjoying the soft touch of Callie’s lips against hers. She pulled back a little to look into Callie’s dazed brown eyes.


“Follow me anywhere, huh?”


Callie nodded, hating the emptiness left behind as Erica stepped back further. Erica’s smirk turned into a full-blown grin as she crooked her index finger at Callie, urging her forward.


“Then why are you still standing there, baby?”


The familiar stirrings Erica’s voice always caused in Callie rolled through the brunette’s body. With a smirk of her own, she quickly stripped herself of her coat and flung it to the nearest chair, admiring Erica’s retreating form heading up the staircase. Just watching her walk did something to Callie. Whoever would have guessed the Cardio Goddess could actually saunter.


“Damn woman!” Erica looked over her shoulder at Callie’s openly admiring face and laughed before taking off into a run. Callie took off after her right on her heels into the bedroom where she tackled the blonde to the bed.


“You have way too many clothes on!” Callie deduced as she worked at the knot holding Erica’s robe closed.


“You’re one to talk,” Erica reached between them to undo Callie’s jeans. 


Erica flipped Callie over and in a flash had her nightshirt off and Callie’s jeans on the floor in one smooth motion. Erica climbed onto the bed and straddled Callie’s waist, already able to feel the signs of wetness through her panties.


She ran her hands under Callie’s shirt, tugging roughly at the nipples already hard in anticipation.


“God!” Callie arched into Erica’s touch, enjoying the delicious fire that raced through her body at Erica’s touch.


Erica leaned over, taking Callie’s bottom lip between her teeth, “It’s Goddess. Get it right.”


“Are you going to get me naked or talk?” Erica snickered as she nuzzled into the hollow of Callie’s throat.


“My hands are very talented. I can multitask.” To prove her point, Erica put her mouth to work on the soft, sensitive spot under Callie’s ear, while one hand undid buttons with ease.


Callie tugged on Erica’s head, bringing her in for a long kiss, “I bet you can!”


For what seemed like endless minutes, they lost themselves in the kiss, feeling the sensations in every part of their bodies. The ache of need built in both of them making them pull apart. Erica had something far more important to do with her mouth. The mere thought making her mouth water. She wanted to do more than kiss her or taste her, she wanted to devour and consume her.


She pushed Callie’s panties down as she worked her way down the tanned body, reveling in the feel of anxious fingers in her hair, tugging her lower. Above her, Callie’s breathing increased, coming in soft moans and gasps, depending on the spot Erica touched.


Erica moved her mouth to the inside part of Callie’s thigh, causing her to take in a sharp intake of breath. She sucked gently making Callie’s hips buck and her legs fall open further.


While she’s never told Callie, it was this exact moment the first time they made love that Erica saw the leaves. This was when she knew and all her doubt floated away on the wind. Seeing Callie stretched out, waiting for her, did her in. She couldn’t deny the absolute perfection of the moment – a beautiful woman needing and wanting her touch. She closed her eyes and ran a finger along Callie’s center, remembering it all with perfect clarity. Erica recreated the moment again, leaning in to taste the place her finger had just left.


Erica felt the need all over again. Like that night, there was no hesitation now, no fear or doubt about what was right or wrong or whether she was good enough. Again, she closed her eyes and let her instincts take over, placing her hands under Callie to lift her slightly for better access, her tongue burrowing deep.


Her felt the death grip of Callie’s hand pulling her in impossibly deeper. Erica groaned with the need to have all of Callie, to take all of her in. She didn’t think she could ever get close enough. Tears came to her eyes as she struggled with the overwhelming feelings.


She looked up to see the glimmer of a matching tear at the corner of Callie’s tightly closed eyes and a hand digging frantically at the bed spread. She reached up and took Callie’s hand in her own, stilling her movement.


Erica brought a hand around to replace her tongue. The three fingers Erica inserted making Callie arch off the bed.


“Oh fuck! Oh Erica!” Erica licked just outside of the sensitive bud. “Oh fuck, baby, stop teasing me.”


Erica acquiesced by building steady, pumping rhythm. For a moment, she took in the view, marveling at her fingers disappearing inside of Callie, the feel of muscles clenching at her, and the beautiful woman panting her name above her. It was another moment of revelation. She enjoyed this far too much to be anything but absolutely and completely gay.


“Look at me, Callie.” When the dazed brown eyes locked with hers, she pushed Callie over the edge, her voice hoarse with emotion. “Watch me.”


Callie’s focus dulled as the blonde head dipped back down. Her eyes rolled back into her head, a strangled scream ripped from her as her body went rigid. Erica rode her out, the wetness coating her hand. She left her fingers inside Callie until the last throb subsided.


Gently, she removed her fingers and moved up to lay beside Callie who was still panting, her eyes closed but relaxed. She lifted her hand, looking at Callie all over her. She briefly wondered who just claimed whom. There was little doubt in her mind as she couldn’t resist a final taste of the woman she loved.


“Erica?” Callie’s expression was strange, an odd mix of bewilderment and fascination. Erica watched as Callie’s eyes darkened and she leaned over to run her own tongue along Erica’s fingers, tasting herself for the first time.


Both women stopped and looked at each other for a moment. Eventually, Callie rolled on top of Erica and took one finger fully in her mouth, sucking it clean. The sight made Erica’s breath hitch, amazed at the way Callie oozed sensuality. The woman could make flipping a pancake sexy.


Callie slid her body down between Erica’s legs, bracing herself above the blonde, looking at her with a renewed hunger. While bracing on one hand, she slid the other between their bodies and under Erica’s panties. 


As if they had been practiced lovers for years, Callie teased Erica’s clit with a finger, pressing her thigh in to add to the sensation. In a matter of seconds, Erica lost her breath and she gripped desperately at Callie’s arms, trying to ground herself as an unexpected orgasm tore through her.


Erica threw her head back, panting out between gasps, “Oh Jesus! Oh fuck!!!”


Callie didn’t stop. She quickly moved her fingers down and entered her, causing Erica to dig her nails in Callie’s arms and to instinctively wrap her legs around Callie’s waist.


“Oh Jesus!” 


Callie smirked as she leaned over her lover, “Since when does a goddess pray to another deity?”


Erica groaned, feeling completely and utterly fucked as Callie used the leverage of her body and the press of her thighs against her hand to push deeper into her. Another orgasm came at her fast and hard again, and again, before she could come down, Callie leaned back, still pumping into her, grabbed Erica’s hand and placed it above her own.


“Don’t stop. Make yourself cum,” No matter how much her body protested, she couldn’t deny Callie anything. Erica reached for the pillow behind her head, burying her face in it as she screamed out her third orgasm.


Callie gently removed herself and lay down beside Erica, watching her as she came down and her breathing slowed. Eventually, Erica started chuckling uncontrollably.


Callie furrowed her brows. She didn’t usually get laughed at after sex, “What?!”


“Nothing! Seriously, just…,” Erica smirked, “If fighting with you leads to sex like that, remind me to fight with you more often.”


Callie glared at her before attacking her with a case of the tickles, “You shit!”

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Title: Somebody for Me

Fandom: Grey’s Anatomy

Pairing: Callica

Rating: PG

Summary: I couldn’t stand how the “Rise Up” episode left Callica so I have been compelled as most fans to fix the mess ABC created. This is the way I wish it would go, or one version of it.

A/N: This is my first foray into Callica, so I hope I don’t screw anything up too much. I’ll be the first to admit that I know nothing of medical lingo so apologies if I got something wrong. Inspired by continuously listening to Nickleback’s “Gotta Be Somebody.” Hence the title of this fic. FYI, I’m working on a vid to that song with some Callica in there. Hopefully, I’ll be done with it soon.

Disclaimer: (everyone seems to be using a disclaimer like this so guess I better do that too) All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libelous, defamatory, or in any way factual.


Callie watched Erica fade away into the darkness of the parking lot, still stung by the words from her girlfriend’s mouth. Any minute she expected the blonde to come back around the corner, but she never did. 


It hit her out of the blue that this was the exact spot only a few months ago that she finished what she started with Erica in the elevator. This was where they shared their first real kiss. Her heart ached at the memory as she looked out into the inky darkness.


Erica wasn’t coming back tonight, and it was too late to fix the stupid mistake she had just made.


Numbly, Callie pulled herself off the bench she had slumped onto and headed to her car. Tonight would be a tequila night. Red wine was for love, and tonight she wasn’t feeling it.




Erica moved with a quickening pace to her car, keeping her head down so no one would see her face, wet with tears, anger, and regret.


“I don’t know you.” The words had left her mouth before she realized what she was saying. In Callie’s arms she had seen the leaves in all of their varying colors and shapes. She had awed at the miracle of it all, only to have it stripped away by the same person she’d opened her heart to. 


“The Chief’s right.” Now, she felt dirty, buried under the pile of leaves that surrounded her, weighed down by the dank rot of too much, too soon.


She sipped the whiskey in her glass, letting the tears fall a new, as she stared into the fire.


The way she felt now, cold and empty, was the exact reason why she didn’t let herself care or love or feel too much. She’d never given her heart to anyone because she knew it was the one fatal heart condition she couldn’t fix.


With resolve, Erica pulled her laptop into her lap and began the email. This was the only way to stop the hurt, end the burning ache.




Interns and residents yelled back and forth at each other as the seemingly endless supply of blood continued to pour from the patient’s abdomen. Callie tried to stand firm as she slipped in the blood puddling at her feet.


“Jesus Christ! I can’t stop it!” Callie struggled to clamp off the artery Bailey needed to suture. Webber came through the doors with Izzie Stevens in tow. 


“What’s going on here?”


“He’s bleeding out, sir. I can’t stop it. Every time we clamp and suture one spot, another starts bleeding out. His entire cardio system is riddled with holes.”


Stevens, staring in doe-eyed shock at the amount of blood around her, states the obvious, “Should I get Dr. Hahn?”


“Don’t bother,” Webber stated matter-of-factly as he goes to work on a ruptured vessel, while everyone else looks up curiously. Noticing everyone has ceased to work but him, he looks up, “What? She resigned. I got the notice this morning.”


“What?” Callie felt herself wobble and the edges of her vision grew dark.


“Dr. Torres?” Izzie steps up to Callie, placing a hand on her shoulder. Callie’s vision suddenly turns and hones in on Izzie Stevens. The fire crackling in her dark eyes only matched by the tension in her muscles.


She slaps Izzie’s hand away, speaking barely above a strangled whisper, her teeth gritted in anger, “You bitch! This is because of you. You and your precious Denny.”


Izzie reached for Callie. After all she’d done to hurt Callie, why she thought she could fix anything with her with words was beyond her, but she kept trying.


“Don’t Izzie. If you know what’s good for you, you won’t touch me.”


Webber and Bailey watch the exchange as they continue to work, “Is there a problem here?”


Callie turns to Webber, “There was, but not anymore.” She elbows Izzie out of her way, a little harder than necessary, and removes her gloves heading towards the door.


“Torres, where are you going?”


“I quit, Richard. Erica was right. There’s right and there’s wrong, and this,” she motioned to the room, “and me helping to make it wrong, and THEN turning my back on the person I love, that’s just worst than wrong. That’s inexcusable.”


Callie stripped her surgical scrubs as she barreled through the doors, not bothering to wash up. That would only waste time.




Callie banged on the door, waiting only a few seconds before banging again. She saw Erica’s car in the driveway and knew she was home. When she raised her hand to start pounding on the door for the third time, the door came flying open, “What?!”


A disheveled and red-eyed Erica fell back as she almost came on the receiving end of Callie’s fist, “Whoa, Rocky! Watch out!”




“I would hope so for almost decking me.” There was no humor in Erica’s comment. The puffy, red eyes and piled up boxes in the foyer telling of her restless night.


“Actually, I’m sorry for everything, Erica. I’m sorry for Mark, and I’m sorry for going flaky on you. Mostly I’m sorry for not having your back in all this. It was stupid. All of it was stupid. And…I’m sorry.”




Callie threw up her arms and entered the house when Erica stepped back to sit on the staircase, “Oh for Christ’s sake, Erica! Would you say something besides, ‘okay’?” 


Erica stood again, “Like what, Callie? What do you want me to say? That I completely get why you’d back the woman that slept with your husband, but not the woman you just slept with? Well, I don’t. Explain it to me.”


“I can’t.” Erica headed to the kitchen. She needed coffee to be able to deal with this conversation. Callie followed at a safe distance.


Erica still had her back to Callie, “Try. Please. Make an effort.”


“I am. I’m here, Erica.”


“Are you?” Erica turned back to Callie. “Are you really here? All of you?”


Callie looked down, running her finger along a crack in the counter, “Callie, if you want me, if you want this,” she motioned between the two of them, as she stepped closer to Callie, “like you said you did, then you have to be in this completely with me. This is more than just sex. I’m not Sloan, not even a female version of Sloan, and neither are you. I don’t turn off my feelings, and what you do to me, when you get out of bed. Don’t you see that? I know you see everything, not just the leaves, but do you see that?”


Erica was standing in front of her, and Callie couldn’t bear to look her in her eyes. She heard Erica swallow and take a deep breath, “If you’re not in this, then I can’t do this with you. I’ve given you my heart, and with a few words last night, you crushed it in your hands. If you’re not going to protect it, you need to give it back.”


Callie finally looked up, tears pouring down her face, “You hurt me too, you know. George was the only other person I had given my heart too, and he broke it. With Mark I had separated my body from my heart, but I couldn’t do that with you. You owned every part of me, from the moment I met you. It took me too long to figure that out, and I put you through a lot because I was scared of giving everything to you. For that, I’m sorry, but believe me when I say, I’m yours. All of me. There’s no label for that.”


They looked at each other, weighing the words and the moment. Erica reached over first, running her fingers over the back of Callie’s hand resting on the cool tiles. Callie raised her hand to link their fingers together. Endless seconds seemed to pass as they silently took in each sensation and emotion passed between them.


Erica leaned in first, letting her lips brush gently against Callie’s. Callie smiled at the teasing motion, before she leaned back, pressing a finger to Erica’s lips, “Oh no you don’t. I need to say this,” Callie ran a finger along Erica’s bottom lip, mesmerized at its softness, “I love you, Erica Hahn. Wherever you go, I go too.”


Callie ran her hands through Erica’s tousled blonde hair and pulled her in for a kiss to seal her promise.

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For those who have been living in seclusion and haven't heard about this, you really need to watch this video.  Seriously hot and seriously, from what I've heard and read, going to be continued next season.   Just please, please, please, don't let the writers totally screw this storyline up like they've screwed all of our other shows.  No need for reading subtext here.  This is about as maintext as you can get!

Hopefully, this new pairing will give my muse a kick in the ass and get her moving.  Callica is pure crack! ;)


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