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Note: I'm kind of liking the idea behind my prior share "Ellie's Fireflies." You all may be seeing more about Ellie & Martha. In the meantime, here's the next installation for this week's prompt.

An Impossible Love
By: Callie Wise

Her laugh broke the silence weighting heavy in the darkness. It was odd and misplaced, but it took a pressure from my chest as the joy she emitted made me join in, even if it was against my will.

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A new home for fan fiction writers ready to dive into original fiction and go for the big stuffed burrito of getting published!!!

“If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”
Toni Morrison

What is the Collective?

The Queer Storyteller's Collective is a space where queer writers of all forms can challenge themselves, share their work, and find encouragement to take risks with the ultimate goal of putting more queer voices out into the culture. Whether you have never written more than a school paper or have penned best-selling novels, you are welcome here. While this will mostly be for queer writers to engage each other, it is also open to non-queer writers who want to incorporate more queer characters into their work with realism and respect.

Before moving on, please read the Rules of the Collective. It is the responsibility of individual members to be aware of these rules. Violators of the rules will only be given one written warning by the admin before being banned. This is a safe space for queer and queer-positive writers, and it is intended to stay that way.
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Ellie’s Fireflies
By Callie Wise

Even now, after 71 years, I can still see the look of wonder on her face as I handed over the Mason jar with the little lights dancing around inside. She held the jar up in the fading light of that humid Alabama evening, her sun kissed cheeks occasionally glowing as the bugs lit up.

Ellie was only twelve. I had just turned thirteen a few months before. I didn’t know what would happen next would change everything.

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Twisted Wish
By Callie Wise

Morgen wasn’t sure how she got there. A field strewn with dead and writhing bodies, smoke drifting over the landscape like an early morning fog stretched out before her. A blast of canon fire made her jump, and that’s when she felt the weight of the gun in her hand. Looking down, she recognized it immediately with its brass scope gleaming in the sunlight – a Whitworth. Katie’s rifle.

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I have been away for quite a while, just taking a break from a LOT of things. Instead of getting into more fan fiction, I have focused on writing some original pieces. To encourage my own writing, I created a forum for LGBTQ writers to get prompts, write and share their works. It's called The Queer Storyteller's Collective (, and I'll post more about it later. Hopefully, these are works that can be expanded on into full stories at some point. I thought I'd share though and see what others thought of them. So, here goes:

Death Be Kind
By Callie Wise

Prompt: Hero falls under Martyr’s spell

Death should come swift for people like her. If for no other reason, than for people like me to be put out of our misery faster as we watch them fall.

She was reckless and dangerous, with her wild eyes and even wilder blonde hair that she always wore down in a chaotic mass of curls. The feel of my fingers tangled in those curls is one of the earliest memories I have of her – the sleep over when we were thirteen that changed the course of our lives forever. The blonde hair that went flying out as the sword thrust through her chest propelled her forward into my arms, one of my hands automatically tangling in those curls again.

We didn’t know yet that our destinies were wrapped up in each other, that Fate had predetermined our beginning, middle, and now end.

Even heroes need someone to look up to, and that’s what she was to me.

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Title: Somebody for Me

Fandom: Grey’s Anatomy

Pairing: Callica

Rating: PG

Summary: I couldn’t stand how the “Rise Up” episode left Callica so I have been compelled as most fans to fix the mess ABC created. This is the way I wish it would go, or one version of it.

A/N: This is my first foray into Callica, so I hope I don’t screw anything up too much. I’ll be the first to admit that I know nothing of medical lingo so apologies if I got something wrong. Inspired by continuously listening to Nickleback’s “Gotta Be Somebody.” Hence the title of this fic. FYI, I’m working on a vid to that song with some Callica in there. Hopefully, I’ll be done with it soon.

Disclaimer: (everyone seems to be using a disclaimer like this so guess I better do that too) All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libelous, defamatory, or in any way factual.


Callie watched Erica fade away into the darkness of the parking lot, still stung by the words from her girlfriend’s mouth. Any minute she expected the blonde to come back around the corner, but she never did. 


It hit her out of the blue that this was the exact spot only a few months ago that she finished what she started with Erica in the elevator. This was where they shared their first real kiss. Her heart ached at the memory as she looked out into the inky darkness.


Erica wasn’t coming back tonight, and it was too late to fix the stupid mistake she had just made.


Numbly, Callie pulled herself off the bench she had slumped onto and headed to her car. Tonight would be a tequila night. Red wine was for love, and tonight she wasn’t feeling it.




Erica moved with a quickening pace to her car, keeping her head down so no one would see her face, wet with tears, anger, and regret.


“I don’t know you.” The words had left her mouth before she realized what she was saying. In Callie’s arms she had seen the leaves in all of their varying colors and shapes. She had awed at the miracle of it all, only to have it stripped away by the same person she’d opened her heart to. 


“The Chief’s right.” Now, she felt dirty, buried under the pile of leaves that surrounded her, weighed down by the dank rot of too much, too soon.


She sipped the whiskey in her glass, letting the tears fall a new, as she stared into the fire.


The way she felt now, cold and empty, was the exact reason why she didn’t let herself care or love or feel too much. She’d never given her heart to anyone because she knew it was the one fatal heart condition she couldn’t fix.


With resolve, Erica pulled her laptop into her lap and began the email. This was the only way to stop the hurt, end the burning ache.




Interns and residents yelled back and forth at each other as the seemingly endless supply of blood continued to pour from the patient’s abdomen. Callie tried to stand firm as she slipped in the blood puddling at her feet.


“Jesus Christ! I can’t stop it!” Callie struggled to clamp off the artery Bailey needed to suture. Webber came through the doors with Izzie Stevens in tow. 


“What’s going on here?”


“He’s bleeding out, sir. I can’t stop it. Every time we clamp and suture one spot, another starts bleeding out. His entire cardio system is riddled with holes.”


Stevens, staring in doe-eyed shock at the amount of blood around her, states the obvious, “Should I get Dr. Hahn?”


“Don’t bother,” Webber stated matter-of-factly as he goes to work on a ruptured vessel, while everyone else looks up curiously. Noticing everyone has ceased to work but him, he looks up, “What? She resigned. I got the notice this morning.”


“What?” Callie felt herself wobble and the edges of her vision grew dark.


“Dr. Torres?” Izzie steps up to Callie, placing a hand on her shoulder. Callie’s vision suddenly turns and hones in on Izzie Stevens. The fire crackling in her dark eyes only matched by the tension in her muscles.


She slaps Izzie’s hand away, speaking barely above a strangled whisper, her teeth gritted in anger, “You bitch! This is because of you. You and your precious Denny.”


Izzie reached for Callie. After all she’d done to hurt Callie, why she thought she could fix anything with her with words was beyond her, but she kept trying.


“Don’t Izzie. If you know what’s good for you, you won’t touch me.”


Webber and Bailey watch the exchange as they continue to work, “Is there a problem here?”


Callie turns to Webber, “There was, but not anymore.” She elbows Izzie out of her way, a little harder than necessary, and removes her gloves heading towards the door.


“Torres, where are you going?”


“I quit, Richard. Erica was right. There’s right and there’s wrong, and this,” she motioned to the room, “and me helping to make it wrong, and THEN turning my back on the person I love, that’s just worst than wrong. That’s inexcusable.”


Callie stripped her surgical scrubs as she barreled through the doors, not bothering to wash up. That would only waste time.




Callie banged on the door, waiting only a few seconds before banging again. She saw Erica’s car in the driveway and knew she was home. When she raised her hand to start pounding on the door for the third time, the door came flying open, “What?!”


A disheveled and red-eyed Erica fell back as she almost came on the receiving end of Callie’s fist, “Whoa, Rocky! Watch out!”




“I would hope so for almost decking me.” There was no humor in Erica’s comment. The puffy, red eyes and piled up boxes in the foyer telling of her restless night.


“Actually, I’m sorry for everything, Erica. I’m sorry for Mark, and I’m sorry for going flaky on you. Mostly I’m sorry for not having your back in all this. It was stupid. All of it was stupid. And…I’m sorry.”




Callie threw up her arms and entered the house when Erica stepped back to sit on the staircase, “Oh for Christ’s sake, Erica! Would you say something besides, ‘okay’?” 


Erica stood again, “Like what, Callie? What do you want me to say? That I completely get why you’d back the woman that slept with your husband, but not the woman you just slept with? Well, I don’t. Explain it to me.”


“I can’t.” Erica headed to the kitchen. She needed coffee to be able to deal with this conversation. Callie followed at a safe distance.


Erica still had her back to Callie, “Try. Please. Make an effort.”


“I am. I’m here, Erica.”


“Are you?” Erica turned back to Callie. “Are you really here? All of you?”


Callie looked down, running her finger along a crack in the counter, “Callie, if you want me, if you want this,” she motioned between the two of them, as she stepped closer to Callie, “like you said you did, then you have to be in this completely with me. This is more than just sex. I’m not Sloan, not even a female version of Sloan, and neither are you. I don’t turn off my feelings, and what you do to me, when you get out of bed. Don’t you see that? I know you see everything, not just the leaves, but do you see that?”


Erica was standing in front of her, and Callie couldn’t bear to look her in her eyes. She heard Erica swallow and take a deep breath, “If you’re not in this, then I can’t do this with you. I’ve given you my heart, and with a few words last night, you crushed it in your hands. If you’re not going to protect it, you need to give it back.”


Callie finally looked up, tears pouring down her face, “You hurt me too, you know. George was the only other person I had given my heart too, and he broke it. With Mark I had separated my body from my heart, but I couldn’t do that with you. You owned every part of me, from the moment I met you. It took me too long to figure that out, and I put you through a lot because I was scared of giving everything to you. For that, I’m sorry, but believe me when I say, I’m yours. All of me. There’s no label for that.”


They looked at each other, weighing the words and the moment. Erica reached over first, running her fingers over the back of Callie’s hand resting on the cool tiles. Callie raised her hand to link their fingers together. Endless seconds seemed to pass as they silently took in each sensation and emotion passed between them.


Erica leaned in first, letting her lips brush gently against Callie’s. Callie smiled at the teasing motion, before she leaned back, pressing a finger to Erica’s lips, “Oh no you don’t. I need to say this,” Callie ran a finger along Erica’s bottom lip, mesmerized at its softness, “I love you, Erica Hahn. Wherever you go, I go too.”


Callie ran her hands through Erica’s tousled blonde hair and pulled her in for a kiss to seal her promise.

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Title:  Safe in Your Arms

Fandom:  Criminal Minds

Pairing:  Emily/JJ

Rating:  Oh, this is most definitely an NC-17!!! 

A/N:  This is the result of talking to Sofia.  It’s all her fault.  So are any mistakes I make because I was hurrying to finish it for her.  Jeez, the things I do!!!


Emily rolled over feeling the tingle of soft warm skin against her breasts.  She was immediately alert but left her eyes closed.  With only her hands to picture the body beneath her, she slowly began to run her fingertips over a silky back, further down until it reached the dip above curvaceous hips.  She let out a quiet sigh, letting her hands wander freely.  She’d never thought she’d feel this way about anyone.  Even in her head right now, that sounded so cliché, but it was true.  Something clicked the moment she was introduced to Jennifer Jareau.  She knew her life would never be the same again, and it was going to be all because of JJ.

It took almost a year to even work up the nerve to ask her out, and at some point she’s sure she came close to fainting when she first dared to kiss JJ goodnight.  JJ was everything she wasn’t.  She was natural and earthy.  She was the sweet and gentle girl-next-door.  She drank beer from the bottle and ate pork rinds.  JJ was as different as all the other women Emily had known as night is to day.  She was a light in Emily’s darkness.  Something that cast off the ghosts of their hideous jobs with a smile.

Emily felt tears come to her eyes at the number of times she fell at JJ’s feet, crying from the pain another victim’s death left on her soul.  At one time, JJ had wondered how she dealt with it all.  JJ didn’t realize until the first time she broke down that Emily wasn’t nearly as strong as she looked.  Emily squeezed her eyes tighter forcing out the tears, then smiled at the image in her head of the small box sitting in the far back corner of her night table stand.  One day she was going to dare to ask the question, to make it all real and let the last of her walls crumble.

For now, she was content to wrap an arm around the slender waist in front of her and nudge aside the blonde hair to nibble at the base of JJ’s neck.  A shiver ran through her body as JJ started to stir, placing a hand over Emily’s and intertwining their fingers.  Emily slowly began to kiss down JJ’s back, loving the feel of her skin and a sweet scent that was anything she’d ever smelled before.  It was uniquely JJ and she’d know if all other senses failed her simply from the smell of her skin.  She memorized every texture and taste, reveling in the now soft moans coming from above her.  The fact that JJ was fully awake and not making any move to stop her caused a slow ache to start to build low and deep in Emily.

She worked her way lower, turning JJ fully onto her stomach, moving to caress both hips with her hands.  Emily then propped herself on both hands and grazed the tips of her nipples over JJ’s ass, causing the blonde to buck slightly at the sensation.  She let her long dark hair fall over her shoulders and dust JJ’s shoulders, making her squirm even more.

Even without words, she could tell JJ was getting closer to the edge.  JJ’s breathing had increased and her hips were starting to subtly push into the mattress below her.  Emily bent low and licked up the entire length of JJ’s spinal column, until she was pressed at her full length against JJ’s back.  She leaned over and nipped at JJ’s earlobe.

“You’re so beautiful, Jennifer.”

“Mmmm, Em,” JJ reached back and grabbed at Emily’s hip, trying to pull her tighter into her, “You feel so good.”

“I love you so, baby.”

JJ smirked, feeling playful and turned on, went along with their usual pre-sex banter, “Love you more.”

She rolled over to look into serious, almost frightened eyes.  She touched Emily’s cheek and felt the dampness.  “Baby?”

Emily nuzzled at the hand on her cheek, kissing JJ’s palm.  She knew her silence was scaring JJ, but Emily felt anything but scared at that moment.  Looking into the bright blue eyes of the woman she loved, she heard the proverbial hammer hit the last wall blocking her heart.  The tears came unhindered, but she smiled a genuine smile of joy.

“Oh Jennifer, you’re everything I’ve always dreamed of.  You fill all the darkness in me with light and life.  I imagine a future for the first time and I don’t imagine it alone.  You’re there.  Always there.  I never want to lose that.”

“You never will, Em.”

Emily smiled at the perfect opening, “Then prove it and marry me.”

JJ had sworn she’d just dreamed that last part, “What?”

“Jennifer Jareau, will you marry me?” It was JJ’s turn to cry as she put a hand to her mouth in a futile attempt to stop them.  She couldn’t make the words come out so she opted for the best way to answer by pulling Emily down to her and kissing her with as much depth and love as she felt.

Emily pulled away gasping, “I take it that’s a ‘yes’.”

JJ again answered by kissing her.  The flame that had been simmering as a rolling warmth between them flared to life when JJ’s tongue teased Emily’s lips apart.  Slowly tasting and memorizing each other’s mouths, turned quickly into a full-on assault.  JJ rolled Emily over onto her back never losing contact with Emily’s mouth.

Emily was usually in charge of their lovemaking, but today wasn’t a typical day and she felt the need to give herself completely to the woman who had been her refuge and safety so many times.  JJ felt something different in the brunette.  There was a yielding and softness in her face and body that she’d never experienced before.  It put JJ on uncertain ground, so she had to ask.

She leaned down, running her tongue along the underside of Emily’s ear, “What do you want, baby?”  Emily bit her lip wondering if she had the courage to voice her desire.

“I want you inside of me.  All of you.”

JJ felt her pulse quicken at the implication, followed by a surge of something else she couldn’t quite identify at Emily’s request.  She leaned back to look into normally confident eyes that were fighting the urge to look away or worse, bolt as fast as possible from the room.  JJ ran a finger over Emily’s soft lips.

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

JJ smiled, “For trusting me this much.”

“Only you,” JJ sealed the admission in an act of faith by slowly kissing future wife.

JJ reached into the drawer of her side table and pulled out the tube.  She laid it next to Emily as she gradually worked kisses along the hollow of an alabaster neck.  Emily wrapped her fingers in blonde hair urging her down further.  JJ obliged taking a pert nipple into her mouth, making the brunette arch into JJ’s mouth.  She sucked gently at first, occasionally scraping her teeth along the tightened skin, then going back to suck harder taking Emily deep into her mouth.  Each time JJ sucked hard, Emily moaned a little louder.  JJ moved back and forth between Emily’s breasts and when her mouth wasn’t there, her hands were, keeping up the assault that she knew drove Emily crazy.

After endless minutes of delicious torture, JJ popped the flip top in the tube and squeezed some of the cool gel onto her fingertips, slowly rolling it around until it warmed up.  As she leaned down to take one of Emily’s breasts hard into her mouth, she simultaneously slipped three fingers into Emily, making her groan at the sensation overload.  Emily gripped at the sheets trying to hold herself down as JJ began to rhymically pump into her, a steady inward motion coinciding with each hard suck.

“Oh goddamn, that’s…oh fuck!” Emily began to push back as she became accustomed to JJ’s fingers.  JJ felt overwhelmed.  Hearing those words and feeling the tightness around her made JJ realize that this wasn’t only for Emily.  She needed this too.  Whatever this feeling was overtaking her, she needed it.  She leaned back on her heels, hunting with her free hand for the lube, squeezing more into her palm.  She worked a fourth finger in and leaned over Emily.

Emily was tensing and pushing up away from her, “Baby, look at me.”  Emily’s glassy eyes settled on JJ’s and she instantly relaxed. “That’s right.  Relax, take a deep breath.”  JJ leaned over and placed a soft, almost chaste, kiss on Emily’s lips.  Emily relaxed even further and JJ felt the muscles respond, no longer pushing against her, but enveloping her.  JJ tucked her thumb into her palm, giving a gentle push while slowly curling her fingers inward. 

“Take one more deep breath.”  As Emily let out the breath she was holding, her eyes never leaving the blue ones of the woman she trusted with her life and her body, JJ gave one final push until the muscles gave way to her knuckles.

Emily threw her head back letting out an animalistic growl.  JJ joined in with one of her own, “Oh god, Emily.  Oh yeah.”

JJ began a slow, smooth movement, barely visible but deeply felt by both women.  Emily’s wild eyes, searched for JJ’s, “Jennifer, look at me.”

Without warning, JJ sensed the tightening and convulsing of muscles around her hand and the tensing of Emily’s body.  Fresh tears rolled from Emily’s eyes as she gave her body and her heart over to JJ.  Feeling the complete peace that comes with trust.

Hours later, JJ awoke, curled up in the safety of Emily’s arms.  She smiled and physically tried to restrain her need for a happy dance as she watched the sunlight sparkle off the diamond on her left hand.  Mrs. Emily Prentiss.  Now that’s something she could definitely get used to.

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Title: The Unexpected, 2/?
Fandom: WMC/CM Crossover
Pairing: Emily/Cindy; Cindy/Lindsay and Emily/JJ implied, if you squint really hard.
Rating: Probably PG/PG-13 for right now. There will definitely be some NC-17 at some point, but I’ll forewarn you.
Disclaimer: Don’t own a damn thing except what’s in my head! If I did, I wouldn’t have to write these fics to fill in the blanks.
Warnings: This is un-beta’d. All mistakes are mine.
AN: All blame is on those who keep poking me.
Claire wrapped an arm around the petite redhead as she retold her tale to “the gang,” as Cindy had affectionately dubbed her best friends. 
“Honey, it’s going to be okay,” the foursome hovered over coffee and doughnuts at Claire’s desk. Cindy never thought in a million years that she’d be able to hangout in, much less eat food in, a morgue, but here she was. She looked out at the cold metal table and shivered. An image of her mutilated body, on display in front of her friends, popped into her head. She fought back the nausea that crawled up her spine and threw the half-eaten lump of sugar in the trashcan.
Lindsay paced in front of the duo, not sure what to do with herself, except recount the facts over and over again. It was a habit that was quickly wearing thin with Cindy. Lindsay had refused to let Cindy out of her sight yesterday, but if Cindy was honest with herself, she didn’t put up much of a fight. She was grateful, in fact, to spend the crisp fall day in her friend’s care.
“Okay, you said, that you got up and went to get your mail, right? But you didn’t notice anything odd?” The gravely voiced detective had asked this question for the tenth time.
The redhead, finally at her wits end, dropped her hands from her head and looked up with tired eyes, “I swear to God, Linz, if you ask me that question one more time!”
“I’m sorry! I’m just trying to make sure we’ve covered all our bases.”
“We’ve covered more bases than Lindsay Lohan. Do you mind if we just not talk about it for 10 seconds?” The lanky brunette looked at the pleading brown eyes. “Please?”
Lindsay stuck her hands in her back pockets, feeling incredibly self-conscious with all eyes on her, “Yeah, sure.” She looked around her for something to focus on but the warm eyes and soft lips of Cindy Thomas. She fought the almost uncontrollable urge to wrap her arms around Cindy and never let her go. She shook her head and eventually glanced at her watch, “Oh shit! I gotta go. The team from the FBI should be getting here at any moment.”
She grabbed her coat and headed for the door before coming back to Cindy, “It’s going to be okay. I promise.”
Cindy could only nod, the physical proximity of Lindsay making speech impossible at the moment. Lindsay spared a moment to place her hand on Claire’s shoulder to get her attention, “Look after her, okay?” 
“You bet!”
Jill, who had been listening quietly, jumped up from Claire’s desk chair, wrapping her arm around Cindy’s shoulder, “Alright, kiddo. I say we get you some real food before the FBI gets a hold of you. It’s going to be a long day.”
Lindsay sprinted up the stairs, letting her long legs take two stairs at a time, until she came to the main landing. Directly ahead she saw the small cluster of suits that parted at her approach. Tom stood on the far side of the group, making introductions at her arrival. She always hated formality but already felt a bit at ease seeing the pink streaked hair of Agent Garcia. Apparently, these weren’t your typical FBI agents.
Lindsay led the group to a conference room next to Tom’s office upstairs and helped them get settled in while discussing a few particulars of the case. 
“JJ, Reid, I want you two to set up here and help Garcia get online. Morgan, you and Rossi check out the scenes where our vics were found then connect with anyone they knew – coworkers, family, friends, mailman, anyone that’s ever spent more than two seconds in our vics presence. Prentiss, come with me. We’ll see what Ms. Thomas can tell us,” Emily nodded once and grabbed a pad and pen for notes.
Jill, Cindy, and Claire’s heads all shot up in unison at the sound of steps on the stairs. Before Cindy could think to hide the greasy bag of McDonald’s breakfast, Lindsay rounded the corner with two agents.
The detective smiled at her friend’s being caught, “Oh yeah, that’s much better than doughnuts.”
“Doughnuts are cliché. We had to get rid of them,” Jill smiled, sugar sweet, at her friend.
“Agents Aaron Hotchner, Emily Prentiss, this is Cindy Thomas.”
For a brief moment, Cindy couldn’t think as the two agents stepped forward. She was all prepared to stand and shake hands, but instead sat there mutely watching Emily swagger up to her, in her low-riding slacks and dark button down shirt. ‘Dayum!’ Seeing the agent standing next to Lindsay made Cindy do a double-take. ‘Oh, double damn!’ The two women could have been cut from the same mold, except the profiler looked like someone had taken a rougher version of Lindsay and shined her up. Agent Prentiss had a strange combination of refinement and raw sexuality that made Cindy’s heart speed up just a little. ‘Oh yeah, definitely from the same mold,’ Cindy thought. The reporter fleetingly wondered what Emily Prentiss would drink if they went out. Somehow she couldn’t see her drinking Michelob from the bottle like Lindsay.
Emily stretched her hand out to the redhead, “Hello, Ms. Thomas. Do you mind if we ask you some questions?”
Cindy blinked a couple of times before realizing that she was spoken to, finally taking Emily’s hand, surprised at its warmth and solidness. Most women had weak handshakes, but not Agent Prentiss. The only other woman she knew like that was…she looked to her left at Lindsay and swallowed hard.
“Hi, um…sure.”
Lindsay watched the exchange with interest, but said nothing. Not often was Cindy speechless, even with her. She felt a tightness coil in her stomach when the two women shook hands, but dismissed it and switched gears.
“Well, there’s a room upstairs where you can talk. I’ll take you.”
“Thank you, detective,” Hotch turned to follow Lindsay out of the room.
Emily let Cindy go in front of her, her fingers lightly grazing the redhead’s shoulder in passing, “Go ahead.”
Cindy shivered at the touch and couldn’t bring herself to respond. ‘What the hell!?'
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Title: Quality Time
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Who you think?!
Rating: NC-17
AN: I owed Sofia smut and there was some call for a fic to go with the image below. This is one version. There may be more. *shrugs* Maybe. *eg*

“I’ll be back in 20 minutes,” Emily gave JJ, adorable in her worn out Mickey Mouse t-shirt and still mussed up morning hair, a leer and chuckle as she juggled the baby in her arms, “You…be ready. We have a long day ahead of us.”
JJ moaned her approval, “The faster you leave, the faster you can get back here and take care of our wife. Get that beautiful ass movin’.”
Emily practically ran down the steps to her SUV in a hurry to get the baby to daycare and back for “quality time” with JJ. It had been a long tough year to get to where they were and Emily found herself cherishing every moment with the blonde. JJ had gotten as far as the bachlorette party before realizing her mistake and ditched Will. It helped that Emily got slightly drunk enough to risk kissing JJ in the kitchen at the party, a move the brunette never regretted. Today was a special day. It was their one year anniversary and the first day they’d both been off in months. God bless Hotch, after breaking a particularly hard case, he’d given the team a week off.
Eighteen minutes and 52 seconds later, Emily pulled back into the driveway and sprinted to the door. She pulled up short at the darkened room and a faint glow coming from the bedroom. She smiled slyly as she rounded the corner, only to have her breath taken from her at the sight that greeted her.
JJ was stretched out on the bed, naked as the day she was born, wearing nothing but whipped cream on her breasts.
Emily’s mouth watered instinctively at the sight, “What’s this, J?”
“Breakfast,” Emily removed her t-shirt and crawled carefully onto the bed, snickering.
“And what’s for brunch?”
JJ spread her legs, inviting the other woman to lay down between them, “This.”
The brunette placed both hands on each side of JJ’s head, easing herself down but careful not to ruin the delectable creation below her, until their lips touched, teasing and barely meeting. She ran her tongue lightly across JJ’s upper lip, smirking at the way JJ was already losing control, her eyes closing and her hands skimming Emily’s sides. The loved to watch the younger woman gradually collapse under the intensity of their lovemaking. It was an image she never tired of.
Emily sat back up to remove her black bra and instead of doing the obvious and kissing JJ, she lifted JJ’s foot to kiss the inside of her ankle before running her blunt nails down the inside of JJ’s leg before stopping right where JJ wanted her.
“Damn it, Em. You’re driving me crazy!”

“I know. I like to play with my food before I eat it.” JJ slammed her head back into the pillow. She couldn’t bear watching Emily kiss and nip her way closer and closer to her hips. “What’s the matter, baby? Are you getting a little overheated?” Emily ran her tongue along the outside of JJ’s breast, catching the whipped cream that was melting and beginning to run down onto the bed.
Exquisitely slow, Emily devoured the creamy substance on each breast, making the blonde moan and arch into her mouth, and eventually grabbing handfuls of dark hair in her hands and yanking the older woman up to her mouth none too gently.
Lips crashed together, as Emily tried to remove her jeans with one hand. She eventually succeeded by kicking at them frantically until they were off her feet. 
Pulling away, gasping, Emily looked at the darkening blue eyes of her wife, “What do you want, baby? What do you want me to do to you?”
JJ was so far gone that the words wouldn’t form. All she could do is cut her eyes to the table by the bed.
Emily felt the familiar tightening in her belly at the image conjured in her head, “Is that what you want?” JJ could only nod. Emily leaned over, reaching into the drawer.  She sat back, adjusting the straps as JJ watched with hooded eyes. She reached back into the drawer for the small tube, when JJ stopped her.
“You won’t need that.”
Emily leaned over and kissed JJ thoroughly, pressing firmly between her legs, making JJ moan and roll her hips in anticipation. Then she uttered the last words that either would be able to speak, “Get on your knees, baby.”
The older woman caressed JJ’s hips and low back as she got into position. Emily remembered when JJ asked for this the first time and the power the blonde turned over to her at that moment. A shiver ran down Emily’s spin, feeling that power transferred to her through JJ’s body.
Emily traced one finger between JJ’s legs, ensuring she was ready, and feeling the wetness that greeted her slowly eased the dildo into her. She could hear the groan coming from deep inside JJ and saw her fingers digging deep into the mattress. Emily watched as she pulled out and then pushed back in. On the third push, JJ raised up onto her palms and actively began pushing back into Emily, urging her in deeper and harder, making Emily throw her head back and grab onto JJ’s hips.
Faster than either wanted, a shudder ran through JJ’s body and both women stilled, riding out the sensations. When Emily started to pull out, JJ reached back to stop her and began moving her hips again. No words were needed. Emily picked up the pace again, until JJ reached up and grabbed the headboard, signalling Emily to reach around and in a couple of strokes brought JJ back down face first into the pillows.
An hour later, Emily stirred from sleep to watch JJ, her blonde hair fanning out across the pillow. She ran a finger over JJ’s eyebrows, pushing some stray hair from her eyes, until JJ yawned and stretched, smiling up at Emily.
“Hmmmm, I say we celebrate every anniversary this way,” Emily didn’t miss the meaning behind JJ’s words and her heart swelled a little at the assumption of more anniversaries to come.
Emily chuckled, “Cover yourself in whipped cream again, and I’m there!!!”
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Title:  Telling Tales

Fandom:  Xena

Pairing:  Xena/Gabrielle

Rating:  NC-17.  It was just going to be R, but I got carried away.  I think there’s some plot in here somewhere. *shrugs*

Archiving:  P&P, Xenafanfic

Event:  Written for the International Day of Femslash

A/N:  Thanks to [info]androbard1364 for the prompt.  I took some liberties with it.  Hope you don’t mind.


The dark-haired warrior glanced out of the corner of her eye watching Gabrielle rummage around gathering together items so they could head out for the day.  Xena hadn’t been in this particular part of Greece but the increasing amount of horse and cart tracks helped her conclude that they were close to the next town.


The blonde bard had put all bedding and other unnecessary items away in the packs and was now settled down in front of the fire with a scroll watching a couple of fish fry.  The warrior watched her as she stared off into space.


“Something wrong, Gabrielle?”  The bard looked up in surprise at her partner then threw her hands up in the air.


“I’m stuck!”  Xena came to sit beside her, their thighs barely touching.  Xena pushed down the rush the touch of skin did to her.  Life on the road made intimate moments difficult so she had to remind herself that they would have a proper room in a proper inn probably by nightfall.


“Well, what are you writing about?”  The blonde blushed fiercely, bringing a smile to Xena’s lips, which she tried to hide quickly behind her hand when her younger partner looked up.


“Xena!!!  Don’t laugh at me!  I have writer’s block and it’s funny!”  She started rolling up the scroll.


“Gab, baby, I’m sorry,” Xena comforted her with a hand to her shoulder, “Please, tell me.  Maybe I can help.”


Gabrielle plopped back down on the log, “It’s kind of embarrassing.  See, I haven’t written anything like this before and I’m trying something new and … gods, I don’t know!”


“What is it, Gabrielle?”


“It’s about our first time,” she mumbled the last two words and braced herself waiting for Xena to explode.  Instead,…


“Maybe you should try talking it out first.”


“Huh?”  Damn, Xena’s superior hearing!


“Yeah, treat it like a play and talk it out,” the bard was already shaking her head.


“NO!  I can’t!”


“Why not?”


“It’s embarrassing!”


“Oh, it is, is it?”  Xena gave her patented death glare.


“Xena, that’s not what I meant and you know it!  Doing it is one thing,” the images that provoked made the blonde blush head-to-toe, “but talking about it is totally different.”


Xena smirked at her lover, “Oh, I don’t know.  Sometimes talking about sex is almost as good as the sex itself.”


Gabrielle snorted, “I doubt that!”


Xena leaned over, close to Gabrielle’s ear, her voice dropping an octave, “Remember our first time, baby?  That time when we were in the stables and the day kept repeating over and over again.”


Gabrielle leaned her head a little closer to the dark-haired warrior, “We thought Joxer had been killed and we had just had his funeral.  You were holding me by the fire and kissed the top of my head.”


“Suddenly, you sat up and looked at me with a fire in your eyes that I’d never seen before,” Xena let her fingers rest lightly on Gabrielle’s leg as she brushed a tongue along her pulse point in her neck.


“I told you to stop treating me like a child.  That I was a woman and I wanted you to treat me like one.”


“And how’s that, I asked.”


“Like this,” Gabrielle leaned away to look into Xena’s darkening blue eyes before cupping her face and leaning in for a kiss.  The kiss quickly turned heated, heads angled for better access and Xena’s fingers creeping under Gabrielle’s skirt.  When Xena’s long fingers touched wet heat, Gabrielle pulled away with a gasp.


“Gods, it was so good.  You were so good.”


“What did I do?”  Xena latched back onto Gabrielle’s neck, slowly working her way down along the collarbone and heading lower.


“You did treat me like a woman.  You took your time.  Slowly undressing me, kissing me everywhere.”


“What was your favorite place to be kissed?”


“Mmmm, my breasts,” Xena’s mouth followed the path to the aforementioned body part, making Gabrielle push into her.


“Oh Xena!”


“Did I do something like this?”  Xena sucked a pert nipple into her mouth, letting it scrap lightly along her teeth.


“Gods, yes!”


“And how did that make you feel?”


“Umm,” the bard was finding it hard to form words as the warrior mimicked their conversation with her body.


“Gabrielle, baby, tell me how it made you feel for me to suck your breasts.”


The blonde licked her lips, trying to focus, “Oh Xena, I…I felt sensations I’d never felt before.  It was like you were already touching me, already inside me.  Like you were loving me from the inside out.”


“And when you couldn’t stand the torture anymore, what did you do?”


“I told you to take me, make me yours,” Gabrielle guided Xena’s fingers underneath her skirt, where she needed her most, just like she did that first night.  The sensation of being penetrated completely, in her heart and in her body, overwhelmed her.


Smaller hands disappeared into dark hair as Gabrielle held Xena to her and her hips, agonizingly slow, rode the fingers inside of her.


“Gabrielle,” Xena rested her forehead against Gabrielle’s chest, getting lost in the sensations and sounds, her own desire flaring bright inside of her.  Deceptively strong hands pulled Xena up to kiss her.


“Xena, I am yours.  Forever.”  The warrior watched her bard as her green eyes closed, her head fell back, and her body jerked hard…once, twice, three times.  Xena cradled Gabrielle until the spasms around her fingers let up and she slowly withdrew from the bard.


She brushed the damp blonde hair out of Gabrielle’s eyes, waiting for her lover to come down, “Are you okay?”


“Mmmmm,” the blonde head nodded and smirked, “I think I found my inspiration to finish that story now.”

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Title:  Thin Line

Fandom:  Criminal Minds

Pairing:  Emily/JJ

Rating:  NC-17

Archiving:  P&P, WIK

Warning: Not beta’d.

A/N:  For [info]sofia_lindsay and her need for smut. J

A/N2:  I’m not saving this for IDF because 1) Sofia wanted smut (and what Sofia wants, Sofia gets) and 2) I wanted to prove to everyone I’m not dead, just getting ready for IDF.



“What the hell are you doing here?”  Emily blocked JJ’s entry to her home.


“Emily, please, let me in.  We need to talk.”


“There’s nothing to talk about, JJ.  You’re getting married to that…that detective AND you’re pregnant with his child.  I think that pretty much says it all, don’t you?” 


“No, no I don’t, and can we please not talk about this in the hallway where all your neighbors can hear?”  The blonde glanced around nervously.


Emily raised an eyebrow, “What’s the matter, Jennifer?  Ashamed or something?  ‘Fraid someone will hear about your personal life?”


“What the hell does that mean?”

Emily had had enough.  She grabbed JJ by her collar and yanked her into the apartment, slamming the door behind her.


“It means, you,” she poked the blonde in the shoulder, “kissed me and we…”  Emily drew up short at the images the thought provoked, “You acted like it meant something to you.  That entire weekend, and you said you were fine with us.  Fine with people knowing.  You acted like you didn’t have reservations.”


The brunette stepped away from JJ, running her long fingers through the dark hair, trying to stay calm as the next words came out.  She walked toward the floor-to-ceiling windows to look out over the Capitol, her back to JJ to hide the pain on her face.


“The next thing I know, this guy shows up staking a claim to you, saying you’re together, saying you’re…”


“And you pushed me to him, if I remember correctly,” JJ’s voice was hoarse and shaky.


Emily turned around, throwing her arms up in the air, the unshed tears evident, “What was I supposed to do, JJ?  Fight for you?  You hadn’t looked at me or even come near me in weeks.  How can I compete with him when he can give you all the things I can’t?  A home, security, acceptance, family.  Jesus, JJ!  You fucking lied to me!!!”  The tears came now without restraint.


JJ gently stepped closer, tears in her own eyes, “I know.  I’m sorry.”  The blonde reached for Emily only to have her hand forcefully slapped away.


“No!” The shock registered on JJ’s face.


“Emily, please.”


“No, Jennifer!”  Emily held up her hands, backing away.  She didn’t trust that she could stop herself, the anger inside practically a living entity.  “You can’t have it both ways.  You made your decision…now leave.”


“I did make my decision, Emily,” blue eyes pleaded with the brunette, “That’s why I’m here.”


It took a few seconds for the words to penetrate Emily’s heartbroken mind, “What?”


JJ stepped into Emily’s personal space, letting her fingers brush along a soft alabaster cheek.


“I did make a decision…you,” the blonde spoke in a husky whisper, her lips only inches away from Emily’s, teasing out the moment, before finally closing the distance as her fingers tangled in dark tresses.


Emily moaned, low and deep, savoring the flavor of JJ and letting the awareness of the words awaken her body.  A tightness of need coiled low in her belly and she felt herself grinding her hips into JJ seeking the necessary friction.  The adrenaline of their confrontation coursed freshly through Emily’s veins and she found her hands aching to grab, pull, and shove something and that’s exactly what she did.


She pulled the blonde hard against her body, her arms wrapping as tight as possible around the other woman, before she lifted JJ off the ground.  JJ’s response was instinctive.  Her long legs wrapped around Emily’s waist, trying desperately to find the contact she needed.  JJ found herself carried to the couch and dumped unceremoniously on her back.  A vision of a feral, dark-haired woman crawling over the couch arm to hover above her the only image she saw before hands reached down to rip at her white button up shirt and finally her white lace bra.


Emily wasted now time.  With a growl, she descended on JJ’s already hard nipples sucking hard.  The blonde squirmed, moaned, and bucked underneath her making the coil of need in Emily’s belly send out fresh rushes of adrenaline only to coil up tight again.  Emily knew she was losing herself because her vision was tunneling and all she could think about was making JJ scream her name.


Emily’s voice was rough and raw with need, “JJ, say it.  Say what I need to hear.”


JJ knew what she meant.  The brunette refused to take her without permission and now she needed to hear it more than ever to confirm to her that JJ wanted this as bad as she did.


“Jesus, Emily, fuck me!  Please, I need you.”


Emily bit down hard on JJ’s neck, making the blonde dig her nails into Emily’s shoulders and drag them down her back.


Emily quickly undid JJ’s jeans, not bothering to pull them down, before plunging three fingers deep into the writhing blonde agent, “Oh, fuck!!!  Jennifer, baby.” 


JJ grabbed the older woman by the hair, pulling her up to face her and look into her eyes, “I’m yours, Emily.”  Before the brunette could answer, JJ kissed her with abandon, her body and heart open to the dark profiler, as she let the orgasm rip through her with a groan.

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Title:  Skippin’ the U-Haul

Fandom:  Criminal Minds

Pairing:  Emily/JJ

Rating:  PG-13 for sporadic use of the F-word

Archive:  P&P, WIK
Event:  Written for the International Day of Femslash

Warning:  Silly fluff ahead, sorry, no smut this time.

A/N:  This one smacked me in the head, out of the blue.  Seriously, I don’t know where this came from.  Thanks to [info]sofia_lindsay for beta-ing and listening to me whine.  You so rock! ;)



Emily sat in her car playing with the hem of her jacket.  It was simple, black, understated – not the typical look you would wear to a wedding, but this wasn’t any wedding.  This was JJ’s wedding…to Will.  She had been avoiding the blonde as much as possible at work for the last week, which was a little hard when you’re flying through the sky in a metal tube.  At those moments, she opted for the earbuds and an indulgence in her rediscovered love...80s metal rock, particularly the ballads.  It reminded her of her high school days and it seemed fitting for the childish feelings she’d been having ever since she practically shoved JJ into Will’s arms.  She was angry at herself for being so stupid and even angrier at JJ for being so easily led.


She looked at her watch realizing that she had wasted as much time as possible.  The ceremony starts in fifteen minutes and she was expected to show up the same amount of time earlier.  She was putting off the inevitable.  She knew it.  Closing her eyes, she mentally opened the box in her heart labeled JJ and neatly stuffed her feelings away and locked it behind her.  Taking a deep breath, she stepped from the car.


“You can do this, Emily Prentiss.”




The chapel was small and very non-descript.  Emily eyed the guest sign-in book.  There were exactly ten names already on there, half of those were the BAU team.  The profiler quickly deciphered that JJ’s parents weren’t on the list.  She vaguely recalled an on-the-plane conversation JJ was having with Garcia about not inviting them.  It was one of the many pre-wedding Garcia gush-fests that Emily tuned out with her IPod.  She had come to dread seeing Garcia board the plane because she knew she was trapped for hours of schoolgirl giggling.  It took all the brunette had not to strangle the tech goddess because she was pretty damn sure that Garcia had an inkling of Emily’s feelings for JJ, and that thought just pissed her off more.




“Speak of the devil,” the blonde techie was acting like she had drunk a couple dozen double venti mocha frappucinos. 


“Not in church you don’t!”


“This is technically a non-denominational chapel, not quite as sacred in my book.”


“Yeah, well, you’re a heathen,” the brunette crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow at that comment, “Look, the pre-wedding jitters have got JJ in a tiz.  Go talk to her, please.”


“Why me?  I’m not good at this stuff.”


“Oh, maybe because she keeps asking for you, hotshot.  Are you sure you’re a profiler?”


“Haha!”  Garcia chucked her on the arm, as if she was going into the game to throw the winning touchdown, leaving Emily to finish her dirty work.




Emily softly knocked on the plain wooden door.  A part of her hoped that JJ would yell for her to go away.  That small part of her didn’t think she could handle seeing JJ right now.  The rest of her couldn’t stand the thought of never seeing her again.


“Come in.”


“Fuck,” Emily muttered before putting on a stoic face.


The brunette cracked the door open and peeked in.  JJ faced the mirror with her back to Emily, head bent over diligently fighting with some unknown piece of material.


“Hey,” JJ spun around at Emily’s voice and Emily nearly passed out on the spot.  Standing before her was the most beautiful vision of a woman she’d ever seen, and it took her breath away.  JJ’s long blonde hair was pulled up loosely in a clip and strands of blonde hair fell softly around her face, scrunched into curls all over.  The dress was a traditional white but with bare shoulders and a deep V in the front that ran well below the bra line.


“Em!  I’m so glad you made it!”  She hugged Emily and the brunette allowed herself the momentary luxury of burying her face in the soft curls of JJ’s hair and breathing in her scent.  She pulled back before the ache in her chest threatened to overtake her.


“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” the enthusiasm of the words didn’t quite reach her eyes, but JJ didn’t notice since she’d already started pacing and studying the fascinating pattern on the carpet.  “Wow, you’re nervous, huh?”


“No, not really,” blue eyes jumped up to catch chocolate brown, “not about that anyway.”  JJ paused, gathering her thoughts, but her eyes never left the brunettes.  Emily felt a moment of hope make her heart flutter.  “I haven’t told anyone this and I’m scared of how this is going to completely change everything.”


“It’s fine, JJ.  You can tell me,” Emily reached for JJ’s hand.


“I’m transferring to the New Orleans office,” Emily was sure the earth was opening up and swallowing her because there was nothing under her feet to hold her up.


“Oh, um, that’s…” she started to say ‘great’ but she didn’t mean it, “that’s…JJ, are you sure?”  JJ let go of Emily’s hands and walked towards the mirror.  She looked at her image before training her eyes on Emily’s reflection.  “Isn’t that what’s supposed to happen when you get married?  Someone has to go.  Nothing stays the same.”


There was a knock at the door, “Are you ready, JJ?”  It was Hotch’s voice on the other side.


“Just a couple more minutes,” Emily made a move to leave but stopped with her hand still on the knob.


“He can move here,” Emily’s voice caught.  This was too much.  This hurt too bad.  For a brief moment, the profiler had thought that it would hurt less to have JJ leave, but she realized she was wrong.


“He doesn’t want to, too cold he says.  Besides, all of his family is there and they can help with the baby,” the blonde had stopped looking at Emily’s reflection, instead she looked down at the diamond on her finger thinking that she should be happier today than she is.


Emily turned back around.  “We can help with the baby, JJ.  We’re your family too,” she could feel the tears welling up in her eyes, and she tried to fight them back for JJ’s sake.  JJ turned and looked at Emily, the blue eyes that once danced with joy were dull with resignation.


“What other choice do I have?”


The desolation in JJ’s eyes gripped Emily’s heart like a vice.  The tears that had been threatening to come fell unashamedly down her face.  Something told Emily that this was it, this was the last time she would ever see JJ.  The last image she’d have of the blonde was one of utter emptiness.  If this was to be her last memory of JJ, she wanted to make it one worth remembering, one that would lay all the truth bare.


In two long strides, Emily crossed the room and kissed JJ solidly and gently, letting all of her feelings for the blonde be told in the connection of their bodies.  When she stepped back, JJ swayed before opening her eyes.  The dull blue was vibrant again, a look of wonder etched into her beautiful features.  This was the way Emily wanted to remember JJ.  Without a word, the brunette turned and left the room before her common sense was permanently sent on vacation.  It was better this way. 




JJ stood shell-shocked in the room, a shaking hand touching her still tingling lips.  The closing of the door roused the blonde out of her stupor.


“What the…?”  She bolted from the room, racing down the hallway behind Emily. 


“Emily!”  The brunette brushed at the tears flowing down her face.  She ended up in the parlor outside the chapel doors, suddenly panicking not knowing where to go, when she felt herself spun around by her arm.


JJ’s brows were furrowed and her blue eyes had turned the color of ice, “What was that about?” 


“I…,” Emily stumbled before JJ continued.


“You kissed me, like…really kissed me.”


“JJ, I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have.  I have no right to…,” JJ pulled her in for a kiss, effectively shutting up the rambling woman.  Emily let a little moan escape her at the surprise, but pulled back to look at the blonde.


The flinging open of the chapel doors startled both women causing them to jump apart.


“JJ, are you ready?”  Hotch looked particularly dashing in his tux, playing the role of pseudo-father perfectly.


“Um, yeah, I guess,” she reached for the arm that Hotch extended and hooked her own through it.  Emily was standing there her mouth open when Garcia came rushing past the two entering the church.


The blonde grabbed at Emily’s arm, “Come on, Em, we’re starting.”  Emily, however, didn’t budge causing Garcia to screech to a halt in mid yank.  She saw the lost look in the brunette’s eyes and found herself taking her hand, squeezing.  Suddenly, she felt incredibly guilty for rubbing JJ’s engagement in Emily’s face.  It wasn’t meant to hurt.  If anything, she had hoped that Emily would deal with this long before the day of the wedding.


“Hey…Emily,” Garcia gave a gentle tug, making the profiler look at her.  Emily brushed away a fresh tear, feeling a rush of exhaustion overtake her.  Her shoulders slumped.


“Garcia,” the taller woman started to try to explain.


“No, don’t.  Emily, I’ve kept quiet long enough, but don’t you dare mess this up.  You got it?” Garcia poked a finger into Emily’s shoulder for emphasis.  The desolate agent just nodded, “Now, come on, we’ve got a wedding to attend.”




“We are gathered here today…” the words of the preacher droned in Emily’s head without really being heard.  She was completely focused on keeping herself together that she had to be elbowed by Garcia to stand when Hotch walked JJ down the aisle and gave her away.


Emily was trying to make sense out of the recent events.  She kissed JJ.  JJ kissed her back, and she could feel it between them.  She knew she wasn’t crazy.  JJ wanted this too, her heart told her that she did.  Then why was JJ marrying someone else.


Garcia leaned over and whispered, “She’s so beautiful, isn’t she?”  The techie’s words drew the brunette out of her stupor to really look at JJ, to stand here in this moment and watch the woman she loves walk out of her life. 


She could only nod at Garcia’s comment.  The words were lost on her on how to describe JJ, as the blonde faced Will holding his hands.  The movement made JJ’s line of sight land directly on Emily.  It literally felt like the air had been sucked from her lungs and her heart had stopped beating.  But it hadn’t.  If anything, Emily’s heart was racing and her stomach was on the fastest rollercoaster known to man.


“If there is any reason why these two should not be joined in holy matrimony, let him speak now or forever hold his peace,” pleading blue eyes locked on brown, the dull lifeless look that Emily had hoped to eradicate had returned, and Emily felt frozen, terrified at the thought of losing JJ and of the outrageous image running through her head, until an elbow in her ribs set her in motion.


“Wait!”  All eyes turned at the brunette’s outburst. 


“Is there an objection to this marriage?” The preacher was confused and perturbed at being interrupted.


Another jab in the ribs, “Ow!  Damn it, Garcia, would you stop poking me!”  Turning back, she zeroed in on JJ’s smiling blue eyes.  Suddenly she felt like the world was back on its axis and she could finally focus, “Yes!  Yes, there is.”  Emily stepped forward, her eyes never leaving JJ’s.


“And what is this objection?”  The brunette swallowed hard.


“I love her,” Emily smiled at the small twinkle she saw in JJ’s eyes.  It was a tear, yes, but not one of hurt, anger, or even fear.  “Jennifer, please tell me I’m not crazy.  Please tell me you love me too ‘cause if you don’t this is going to be really embarrassing.”


JJ actually laughed through her tears.  Leave it to Emily to crack a joke at such an emotionally overwrought moment.


The blonde took Emily’s hand, “I do, Emily.  I do love you!” 


“About damn time!” Garcia muttered, making both women turn to look at her, “What!?”


“Wait a minute!”  Will finally piped up.  “What the fuck, JJ?!  Are you kidding me?”


“Um, no.  I’m sorry, Will, I can’t marry you,” he looked at her incredulously.


“But, why not?”  He whined.


“Dude, where have you been?”  Reid announced from behind the group, making Hotch fight down an uncharacteristic smirk.


“Ummmmm, I don’t love you?”  JJ gave the obvious explanation and shrugged her shoulders.


“Are we having a wedding or what?”  Morgan asked from behind Will, who looked up at the towering profiler like he was crazy.  Morgan smirked at the smaller detective and slapped him on the shoulder, “Sorry, buddy.  That’s the brakes!”  Will, his manhood barely intact, left in a huff.


“Emily Elizabeth Prentiss,” JJ’s husky voice drew the brunette’s attention back to her, and the look in her darkening blue eyes sent a shiver down her spine, “You didn’t really think you were going to kiss me and just walk away, did you?”


The profiler could only shake her head, “Good, remember that!” 


Both women moved as if in slow motion, eyes drifting to lips then back before finally touching again in a slow, lingering kiss.  Emily tilted her head, deepening the kiss, and snaking her arms around JJ’s waist to pull her in flush to her body.


“Whoa!  Morgan, get me a hose.  We need to cool these two off,” Garcia fanned herself.


Morgan leaned closer to the pair, still lost in their kiss, “Ladies, I think this is supposed to happen AFTER the vows.”  Emily couldn’t stop herself from laughing, forcing her and JJ to come up for air.


“Come on, let’s get on with this shindig,” Rossi announced, “I’m ready to get out of this monkey suit.”  With that the team turned to face the preacher who was still in a state of shock at the turn of events.  Emily raised her eyebrow, giving him a death glare that told him he better get on with the show.


“Oh, yeah, um…dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…” 


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