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Title: A Hard Day

Fandom: Criminal Minds (yep, you read that right!)

Pairing: Emily/JJ

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: None except that this isn’t beta’d

Spoilers: For the 10/7/09 episode “The Reckoner”

Disclaimer: Too bad these ladies aren’t mine. We wouldn’t have just occasional subtext to feed from, but we do because they belong to the dickweeds at CBS.

A/N: So, yeah, we finally got Emily and JJ not only alone for a moment but actually physically touching. I’m shocked, aren’t you? Anyway, as soon as that happened, Sofia_Lindsay, among others, said, “Okay, you got some subtext now. Write!” Yes ma’am…whatever you say, ma’am! LOL So…here we go. I’m delving back into CM for the moment. Let’s see if I still have the touch.


You hand her the mug of hot coffee and sit next to her. The sad, faraway look on her face making your heart break a little for her. In the brief touch of your hand to her knee, you try to convey these feelings without giving too much away. Since she came back from having Henry, you tried really hard to keep your distance and let yourself move on. She hasn’t seemed to fight it either, and you’re just at the point of letting go. Then she turns to you, as you try desperately to focus on the Vonnegut in your hands, and you can’t help but look back.


She leans the seat back and continues to pierce your soul with her beautiful blue eyes. Letting go is going to be a slower process than you expected if she keeps looking at you that way. Then she reaches over and runs a finger along your forearm.


“I miss you.” Her eyes leave yours and she watches as her finger traces the veins in your arm, making you shiver. “Especially when we have hard days like today, when it helps to have someone that understands.”


She slides her fingers up to your own and threads them together, “Talk to me, Emily.” You see the lost and pained look. You know she’s cleaned up since that guy’s blood splattered all over her, but you can still see it, not on her body but in her eyes. The haunting look of another one lost to the madness.


You haven’t said a word, just looked at her, watched her and took in the changing emotions drifting across her face. The lights inside the cabin are bright and you wish for the darkness that’s settling outside to take over inside too.  As if on cue, the cabin lights dim to near black before the overhead lights take over. You put away your book and with your free hand reach up to flip the annoying pinlight off above you, shrouding you both in darkness in your little corner of the plane. You lay your seat back as well to be face-to-face with her, the slowly rising moon outside casting her face in shadows.


You both turn on your sides and she pulls the blanket over her legs up over both of your shoulders. It feels strangely like a dance. She moves, you move. She steps back, you step forward. It’s always been this way between the two of you, and you’re seeing it now for what it is. One giving and the other taking, but never really meeting in the middle.


You see it though in her eyes, that shared knowledge, and you feel it as she reaches her hand to you under the blanket, where prying eyes can’t see. You look over your shoulder. Everyone’s asleep. It’s just the two of you, in this moment. Taking your hand in hers, she lifts it to her lips, but she doesn’t kiss it. She merely lets her lips play over the skin as she breathes you in. The intimacy of it sends a shiver down your spine, settling warm in your stomach. You realize neither of you have said a word since she asked you to talk to her, but it doesn’t seem needed. You are talking without saying a word, and it feels perfect and understood.


Her blue eyes capture you again, and they speak to you of regrets and loss and the should have beens that never happened. She doesn’t break the gaze as she edges a little closer in her seat. Your breathing picks up because you think you know where this is leading or at least you hope you do. A thought occurs to you and you check the armrest between you and sure enough a latch on the bottom makes it lift up and away from you. Now there’s no barrier between you and she smirks a little. It’s barely visible but it’s there and you smile back.


Your smile falters though when she does finally kiss your fingers, one by one, and then guides them down her chin to her neck. You feel her pulse point for a brief moment before she moves your hand down further. You’re watching the path of your hand, but when your fingers come to rest at the V of her shirt and her breath catches, you quickly look back up. In her now darkened eyes, you see it. All of that pain and loss transitioned into desire. The haunting look in her eyes now a reflection of her desire kept hidden too long.


You test your assumption by unbuttoning the first button, and she doesn’t stop you. She watches you and caresses your forearm, encouraging you to continue. So you undo another button and you see the lacy blue bra underneath and the beginning of skin on her stomach. Your mouth runs dry as you realize that this really is happening, and she has no intention of stopping you. The more buttons you undo, the bolder and more intense her caresses on your arm become.


She urges you to continue down, putting your hand over the waistband of her jeans, but you gently pull away and slip the side of her shirt away from her bra-clad breast. Her eyes flutter closed as your fingers gently move over the silky material, teasing her nipple to attention. Lightly, you squeeze it and her mouth parts. You pull back, and she looks at you in surprise. You can’t stand the separation any longer so you do what you wanted for so long and lean over to kiss her. When she doesn’t pull away, you give into it and move closer, leaning over her and claiming her mouth, your hand teasing down her smooth stomach until it rests at the button of her jeans. Desperately, you try to stay quiet. You want so bad to moan into her mouth, talk to her, ask her what she wants but you don’t want to break the spell, or worse, wake anyone up. So you jump off the cliff and plunge ahead, just hoping she’ll still be there to catch you when it’s over.


You get your answer when her hand brushes over yours, and she helps you with the button on her jeans and slowly undoes the zipper so it doesn’t make too much noise. Then you’re there, moving past damp curls and she gasps softly, before moving her hips against your hand, beckoning you to follow her in this dance. You push in, she pulls back in surprise, then back down against you as you pull back. Then it all shifts and changes as you push deeper, she slides a thigh over you, welcoming the intimate intrusion, and she pulls your hips in close to her, rolling into you, meeting your thrusts. Finally, there you both are after the long dance, meeting in the middle, of one mind and one body.


Your eyes lock, and you feel it deep inside before it ever reaches her eyes. Before she has a chance to voice it, you kiss her again, your tongue mimicking the movement of your hand as she moans into you, wrapping her arm around you and holding you close. When it’s over, you try to move out of her, but she holds you still and kisses you again, not in desperation but acceptance. 

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Taking a little break from Otalia.

This is for Sofia_Lindsay who needed some new CM fic.

Title: What We Don’t See

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: JJ/Emily

Rating: NC-17, pretty explicit

Spoilers: Season 4 finale

Disclaimer: They don’t belong to me. If they did Emily and JJ would SOOO be getting it on!

A/N: A femslashy take on what the Season 5 opener could be like. If you haven’t seen the S4 finale and don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read.



The corridor smelled of death and antiseptic cleanser. Emily hated the smell of hospitals, but she couldn’t leave…not yet, not while Hotch was in surgery and hanging by a thread. They still didn’t know who had done it since Hotch had never been conscious enough to give any clues, and they would have tried to piece together some clues but everyone was still too shell-shocked to function. She looked around the waiting room at her team, her family, and wondered again what it was all for. Was it all just a losing battle they’d never win? She slumped into a chair and lowered her head into her hands.


It could have been a few minutes or a few hours, she wasn’t sure, when the waiting room doors slid open. Everyone assumed it was the doctor, but it was JJ frantically moving toward Emily.


“What…what happened? Is he…is he okay?” She took the blonde’s shaking hands in her own and sat her down, brushing at the tears running down her face.


“Hey, it’s okay. Calm down, take a deep breath.” JJ took in a deep shaky breath and tried to relax, but as soon as the moment passed, the sobs hit her harder.


Emily took her in her arms, while Garcia rubbed her gently on the back. Emily whispered in her ear, “It’s gonna be fine. He’s in surgery so it’s gonna be a while. We just need to try to be calm.”


“Yeah, Hotch’ll be fine. He’s tough,” Morgan did his best to be lighthearted over the situation, but Emily saw the tensing of his jaw and knew he wanted to hit something or someone.


“You know, statistics show that 72% of all head wounds end up causing damage even if the person lives.”


JJ started crying anew and Emily turned and glared, “Not helping, Reid.”

He hung his head, “Sorry.”




Several hours later, the doors to the room opened again and a man in green scrubs walked through rubbing his eyes.


“Doc, what’s the news?” Morgan was the first on his feet.


“It’s too soon to tell, but he made it through the surgery and we got the bullet,” he looked right at Morgan, “I made sure to put it directly in a sterile bag so you can have it tested, just like you requested.”




JJ looked up with bloodshot eyes, the dark circles under her eyes easily adding ten years to her, “When can we see him?”


“It may be a couple of hours. We need to get him set up in ICU and make sure he’s stabilized. He won’t be able to have a lot of overstimulation so don’t bombard him with questions, and in fact, I’ll only be able to allow a couple of you in there at a time. This would be a good time to go get something to eat, maybe even run home for a shower or something. We’ll call you if anything changes.” The doctor turned and left, but everyone else simply sat back down.


The rush of the adrenaline quickly wore off and slowly each person drifted off to sleep in their chairs. Emily was the first to shake herself from slumber and she felt JJ’s hand in hers. Her dark eyes caught Garcia’s across the way and she got a wink and smile. In spite of the circumstances, Emily smiled back. She and JJ hadn’t really tried to hide their relationship from the team and figured it would all come out in the open the way it was supposed to. Emily never worried about how anyone would react, certainly not Garcia.


The brunette gently shook the blonde head on her shoulder, “Hey, you want some coffee?”


The rest of the team started to stir at the sound of Emily’s muffled voice, “Sure.”


Emily looked around, “Anyone else?”


All hands went up and Emily smiled. She really loved these guys. She looked back at her girlfriend, who didn’t looked as rested as she’d have thought after that hard nap, “You wanna come help me?”


“Actually, I think I’ll stay here in case we get to see him.”


Emily shrugged, “Okay.”


“I’ll go with you. I need to move some anyway. These chairs are horrible.” Garcia was on her feet and already headed to the door.




The two friends walked silently to the elevators and Garcia kept glancing sideways at Emily and smirking, “Don’t say it, Garcia!”

“What? What was I gonna say?”


Emily turned to her as she punched the button, “I don’t know but whatever it was don’t say it.”


“Fine.” They walked through the doors when they opened and when Garcia turned, she smacked Emily on the arm…hard.


“Ow! What was that for?”


“That…was for not telling me.”




When Emily and Garcia came back, the waiting room was empty. She walked over to the nurse’s station and carefully set her three coffees on the counter.


“Excuse me,” when the nurse finally looked up, she continued, “is there any news on Aaron Hotchner? Are we able to see him now?”


“Oh yes, he’s out and in ICU now,” the nurse went back to work as if that explained everything.


“And that is…?”


“Oh yes, sorry…third floor.”




When they got to the ICU, Emily once again asked for information and got it. They walked around the corner and saw Morgan and Reid standing in the hallway. She handed off the coffees to each, leaving Garcia with one for JJ.


“Well?” Garcia asked.


Morgan shrugged, “He’s not awake yet, but he’s stable enough for us to be in there a few minutes at a time.  They asked that we not make loud noises. They said if he’s still stable after 24 hours that they’ll put him in his own room.”


“And JJ?” Emily made a meaningless gesture to look over Morgan’s shoulder. There was nothing she could see anyway with the curtains drawn.


“She’s with him. First one. Oh, and Rossi just called a few minutes ago. His plane landed so he should be here within the hour.” Emily nodded her head.


She waited for a few minutes before feeling the itch to get it over with. God, she really hated hospitals, “I thought the doctor said we could go in two at a time.”


Morgan quickly swallowed his coffee to answer, “Yeah, we can. She asked to go in alone.”


Emily gave him a perplexed look and she could feel Garcia glance at her, “Oh, yeah. That’s understandable.”


All of them were upset, worried, frantic, and JJ spent a lot of time running cases by Hotch for consideration so it was only natural she was feeling hit a bit harder by the situation. Emily could only hope for his recovery to be quick so the team could get back on the case and bring down the asshole that did this. It was the general assumption of the team that it was probably an unsub he had brought down at one time or perhaps missed, that decided to take out Hotch. With all the years and cases that Hotch had dealt with though, the list of possible suspects was long. They couldn’t even rule out family of the unsubs. Emily rubbed her forehead at the headache building. She knew this situation they found themselves in was far from over, it was only just beginning.


When JJ finally did come out a few minutes later, she tried to crack an ineffective smile at Emily. She sat down across from her and took the now lukewarm coffee from Garcia.


“You okay?” With the guys in with Hotch and only Garcia, who now as privy to their secret, sitting there, Emily reached over to put her hand on JJ’s knee.


JJ slid back in the chair out of Emily’s reach, the half smile not quite reaching her eyes, “Yeah…yeah, I’m fine.”


Emily leaned back in her chair, studying JJ. It was clear she was far more affected by what was going on than her words said. Her arms were wrapped around her, her legs were crossed, and she barely would look up to make eye contact with either her or Garcia. The worry stirred inside Emily, making her stomach knot. It was obvious that JJ was upset, easily noticeable to a team of profilers, but it was like a part of their code that they didn’t confront each other about it. As if by mutual understanding, they all left JJ to her thoughts.


The hours slowly passed. Rossi did show up and was the last one to see Hotch. When he came out, it was decided that they’d take turns staying at the hospital and if anything changed, at least one of them would be there to get the word quickly to the team. Morgan agreed to first rounds, Reid second, Garcia third and so forth. 


When it came time for JJ, she stood and looked at everyone, “I’m not leaving. I’ll just stay.”


“You need to sleep too, just like the rest of us,” Emily tried to coax her girlfriend into being rational.


“Think of it as backup. Someone needs to take a break or a nap or something, I’ll be here.”


“But who’s gonna backup you? You can’t stay awake forever or not go to the bathroom or…,” Emily again tried to rationalize.


“I’ll be fine,” JJ snapped, finally looking at Emily, her blue eyes blazing with determination.


“Alright…fine. I’ll see you tonight then for my shift.” Emily walked off and JJ closed her eyes when Emily brushed her walking by.




Emily had changed into some comfortable non-work clothes, a well-worn pair of jeans and an old AC/DC concert t-shirt that had seen better days. It was her favorite though so protocol be damned. JJ and Rossi were chatting quietly in the hallway when she walked up.


“Hey, any news?”


Rossi stood and stretched his back, “Not yet. He hasn’t stirred at all.”


Emily’s face fell. She wasn’t a medical professional, but she knew the longer he was out the lower the odds were for him to come out of it. With a sigh and a fake smile, she patted Rossi on the arm and thanked him.


When he was out of earshot, she turned to JJ who was barely able to stand, “You should at least take a nap.”


JJ shook her head, “Look, I’m sorry about earlier. I shouldn’t have snapped at you.”


“It’s understandable. We’re all stressed out,” Emily sat down in a chair and JJ joined her. She watched as JJ reached over and took her hand. Emily may have hated hospitals, but it seemed like it was at hospitals where her and JJ always seemed to connect best. The first time they had held hands was when Garcia was shot, and it was also the first time Emily really realized just how in love she was with JJ.


JJ seemed to be lost in her thoughts as she gently stroked the soft skin on the back of Emily’s hand. It was hard for Emily to not facilitate JJ taking a nap or even pushing her to go home. But little by little, JJ’s head drifted toward her shoulder. Within thirty minutes, JJ was sound asleep on Emily. Emily relaxed into the chair, careful not to jossle JJ, and a short time later, she fell asleep as well.




Emily was awakened by a gentle shake to her shoulder and when she opened her eyes, she was temporarily disoriented. She had fallen asleep so hard that she didn’t realize where she was at. The blonde next to her stirred and rubbed her eyes as she yawned.


The disorientation was evident on her face too until she focused on the nurse in front of them. When it struck her where they were, she jumped from her seat, “Any news?”


“I’m sorry. Nothing yet. I was just going to let you know that it’s visiting hours so you can go in.”


Emily noticed the sad look on JJ’s face and when the nurse was gone, she wrapped her in her arms, “Don’t worry, he’ll come around.”


JJ nodded into her shoulder. Emily pulled back a little, “Tell you what, you go ahead and go visit him. I’ll go get us something to eat.”


Another half-hearted smile was awarded to Emily for her efforts, “That sounds good.”


“All right, I’ll be back in a bit,” she leaned over to kiss JJ and was surprised when she got her cheek instead of her lips. She mused to herself that when the hand-eye coordination goes, coffee is definitely needed.




Emily rounded the corner with a baggie of sugary treats. She found it ironic that a hospital would even allow such horridly unhealthy food on the premises. JJ wasn’t in the hallway so Emily put down the food on a chair and poked her head through the curtain. Before she could get the words past her mouth, she stopped in her tracks, rooted to the spot.


Less than ten feet away was her girlfriend leaning over Hotch and giving him a kiss.


She was rooted to the spot and couldn’t move, the chill running through her blood paralyzing her. She couldn’t hear the words, whispered softly in Hotch’s ear, but she saw the tears flowing down JJ’s face. When JJ moved to place another kiss to his cheek, a painful wave of nausea rolled up into Emily’s throat making her gag.


JJ turned, and seeing the knowing look on Emily’s face, jumped from her spot next to Hotch. JJ’s attempt to reach out to her finally broke the trance Emily was under and she jerked away. As fast as her feet could carry her, she walked down the hall, trying to hold her head high and not cry. She could hear the click of JJ’s heels behind her so she picked up the pace. She couldn’t wait for the elevator so she barreled through the first set of stairwell doors she could find.


“Emily!” But she kept moving, two flights to go.


“Emily, stop. Let me explain.” One more flight. JJ was closer now.


“I said, stop,” she grabbed Emily’s arm and spun her around, “Please, let me explain.”


Emily jerked her arm away, “There’s nothing to explain. It’s pretty obvious actually.”


“It’s not what you think.”


Emily threw up her arms, her dark eyes shimmering with unshed tears, “Fine, what is it then?”


JJ was taken aback, not really expecting Emily to want to hear her explanation, “It’s…it WAS just…”


“Just what? Come on, JJ, don’t get shy now. Say it!” Emily’s hurt was quickly turning to anger. If JJ had the nerve to chase her down and ask to explain, then she damn well be ready to fess up and explain.


JJ leveled harsh green eyes on her, “It was just sex, okay? That’s all.”


Emily quirked an eyebrow at her, “Just sex. And that’s supposed to make it better somehow? So, when did this happen?”


JJ’s eyes grew wide, “Um, a long time ago.”

Emily didn’t like the response and she fought the shiver running down her spine. She crossed her arms and got into JJ’s personal space, her voice dangerously low, “How long ago?”


JJ gulped, trying to think quick on her feet and realizing the longer the delay, the worse the impression, “Around the time we started dating.”


Emily closed her eyes and shook her head, before turning to leave. For her, the conversation was over. Nothing left to say.


“Emily, please!” She opened the door heading outside and slammed it shut on the blonde crying behind her.




The bottle of merlot was empty, but it did nothing to ease the anger boiling just underneath the surface for Emily. She fought the urge to put her fist through the large floor-to-ceiling window in front of her. She rationalized that she’d prefer to put JJ through it right about now, and the perverse thrill that ran through her at the image of it calmed her…a little.


She knew she wouldn’t sleep tonight, but certainly a shower would make her feel less used and dirty. Twenty minutes later, she descended the stairs and came face-to-face with JJ standing by those same windows as before. An evil smirk flashed across her face before she mentally pushed it away. As angry as she was, she still felt a twinge of hurt twist in her heart at what’s happened.


She just didn’t see this coming and as a profiler, she mentally berated herself for being so oblivious. No, not oblivious…just blindly in love, and she thought JJ had been too.


Emily wouldn’t come close to her. Instead, she moved around the other side of the living room and headed to the kitchen, instinctively grabbing another bottle of wine. She knew it was stupid. She didn’t need anymore to drink, but she had a feeling she wouldn’t want to do anything but forget tonight ever happened in a little while.


“You need to leave.”


“Why?” JJ’s voice was steely and determined.


Emily slammed down the bottle, astounded at the arrogance JJ displayed, “Why do you think you have a right to stay? You slept with Hotch. You don’t have a right to come in and demand that I listen to your excuses.”


JJ was over to her in a flash, desperately gripping at her hands, trying to get her to pay attention and to listen, “Emily, please. I love you. I know I do and you know it too. That thing with Hotch was a mistake and it was way back at the beginning. You remember what I was like. I was all messed up and confused. I was scared of what was happening between us and I wanted you, needed you so bad. I did something stupid out of fear. Nothing else ever happened between us, I swear.”


The brunette shook her head and pulled her hands away so she could get out of the kitchen. It was all too logical and right now, she didn’t feel like being logical or listening or letting any of this make sense. All she wanted was…she turned back to JJ, seeing her like she did the first time JJ told her she loved her, broken, scared and crying. All Emily wanted was…goddamn it!!!


Before common sense overroad her brain, Emily found herself pressing JJ against the wall, kissing her hard and deep. JJ moaned and bucked her hips against Emily, the motion setting off a primal force in Emily.


She ripped at the opening of JJ’s blue shirt, buttons flying and clattering around the room. Her mouth moved swiftly from JJ’s mouth to her neck, biting hard against the pulsing vein she found there. JJ gasped and struggled against her then wrapped her fingers tightly in Emily’s dark hair, pulling and tugging, then pushing away.


“Oh fuck, Emily!!!” JJ growled as Emily scraped her teeth along JJ’s collarbone and worked her way to the other side of JJ’s neck, dishing out the same torturous punishment there.


She growled into JJ’s ear, “Is that what you want? Do you want me to fuck you?”


JJ’s low, raspy whisper was needy and desperate, sending a jolt through Emily, “Yes, Emily. God, yes, fuck me…hard.”


Emily continued the assault on JJ’s neck and quickly worked her way down the smooth white skin of her chest until she took a hard nipple in her teeth, biting and sucking with more force than necessary. Her fingers wasted now time undoing the fly of her pants and pushing them to her ankles. JJ struggled to kick off her heels and pants, until finally she was half-naked and pinned to the wall by Emily’s body.


Without hesitation, Emily kicked JJ’s legs apart and pushed three fingers inside.


“Fuck! Oh fuck!” JJ’s head fell back hard against the wall, but neither noticed as Emily’s fingers twisted and pounded into JJ. Emily lifted JJ’s leg up and around her waist, spreading her wider and allowing a fourth finger to easily slide in.


Emily raised up, stretching her body along JJ’s, using her weight to hold the blonde up. She braced one hand against the wall behind JJ and let her mind and body focus completely on what her hand was doing to JJ. She knew she could quickly end it with a single flick of her thumb across JJ’s clit, but she needed JJ like this for just a little bit longer. She needed to memorize the feel of JJ against her, her smell, the shape of her body, the muscles as they tightened and released around her fingers. 


Emily nuzzled her face into JJ’s neck, the scent of her jasmine shampoo, finally breaking Emily’s emotional dam of hurt and anger. The tears burned hot against her heated cheeks and she couldn’t let JJ see her like this. A cry of frustration forced its way through Emily’s throat and she upped the tempo of her relentless fingers. JJ was digging at her now, leaving welps on Emily’s shoulders, arms, and back. She begged for release, but Emily kept pushing and pushing and pushing until…


“OH GOD!!!” JJ bowed and rocked her hips hard and fast against Emily’s invading fingers, the orgasm blindsiding her with its force.


JJ watched as Emily leaned back and looked at her. She moved in to kiss her, but Emily pulled away from her completely. She bent over and picked up JJ’s pants, handing them to her. JJ looked at her confused.

“It was just sex.”


She watched shocked as Emily walked up the stairs and closed her bedroom door, the silence broken by the sound of running water as Emily started another shower.

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Title: Little Black Dress

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Emily/Jordan

Rating: Off-the-scales NC-17

Spoilers/Warnings: For “52 Pickup” (just can’t forget Emily in that black dress) and a whole lot of crazy wild sex.

A/N: I couldn’t think tonight. I really needed to write on something else but my brain hurts (sorry Sofia!), and I needed to clear it. Thank God for Emily in a skimpy black dress!!! Woot!


Goddamn it! If he looks at Emily like that one more time, you’re going to shove that smirk down his cocky fucking throat. Fuck me, but she looks hot tonight!

Goddamn it, you weren’t going to let this happen again. You took a break from counterterrorism after your affair went sour with Rachel, and you thought this would be a good chance to build some new skills, maybe learn a few new tricks. The only trick you want to learn right now is if Emily’s tongue is really as flexible as it looks. The urge to bang your head on the bar table in front of you is really fucking strong when she flicks her tongue out, smiling and teasing Viper. The swarmy fucker. He can look at her that way and she can flirt back with him, and no one gives a damn. All you want to do is shut both of them up by pinning her to the table and fucking her in front of everyone, claiming her right then and there, making sure everyone knows to back the fuck off.

You feel the heat rise in your face at the image of Emily’s little black dress hiked up around her waist, screaming your name in this crowded bar, when she suddenly grabs your hand and drags you out of the bar. She’s talking to Hotch, passing along information. You speak, but you’re not sure what you say. She’s a step ahead of you and you smell her. Everything else is forgotten.

She clicks the remote to open the doors, but before you can separate to go to your side, you grab her arm and twirl her around so her back is pressed into the cold metal of the SUV. You slide your thigh along the inside of her leg, teasing her to open up to you, and she does…willingly.

She does that little flick with her tongue and smiles at you knowingly, “I had to get us out of there. If I didn’t, you were going to fuck me right there in the bar, weren’t you?” She leans in and teases your lips with her tongue and you swear your knees buckle. “Now, it’s going to be a parking lot instead.”

Oh, hell no. No one gets to see this woman naked but you. You step back, allowing Emily the room to move to the side, and you open the back door of the vehicle.

“Get in,” she complies and soon you are enveloped in darkness in the small space.

You find her in the dark and wrap one arm around her waist, pulling her into a kiss, deep and needy. You can feel her moving her hands around and behind her, managing to slip her heels off. You lift her skirt and slip off her panties. Already you can smell her and you know she wants this as much as you want to give it.

There was little preamble to it and no need for foreplay. She slid your hand between her legs making it well known what she wanted. With three fingers you entered her. The muscles clenched at your fingers, but you slipped easily in and out. The wet slopping sounds the only noise in the dark space except your moans.

“Oh God,” she lifted your dress and dug her nails into your back, trying to hold herself up, “Oh God…I…I can’t stay up like this. I need to…”

You remembered what you wanted to do to her earlier, the vision of the fantasy so vivid in your mind. You slowed your fingers and kissed her, feeling her quiver in your arms from her unreleased need.

“Turn around,” she looked at your curiously, “Bend over.”

She only hesitated a moment before following the gentle commands. You watched in wonder as she bent over and offered her body to you. You bite your lip and felt the coil of desire build inside again. 

“Fuck me but you’re beautiful!” You strip off your clothes and lean over, letting your curls brush against the inside of her thighs, then dragging your nails down the length of her back. A guttural growl fills the vehicle, and you aren’t sure if it was her or you and you don’t really care. You couldn’t resist anymore. You need to see her come undone from your touch.

Sliding your hand between your bodies, you again easily slipped three fingers inside of her. She sighed in appreciation, her body responding immediately to the stimulation, her hips rocking back against your hand.

“Harder…oh God…oh fuck,” she muttered and cursed a litany of dirty words and obscenities. It drove you crazy to hear her talk like that while her body insisted on a deeper and harder exploration. 

She was practically slamming her body against your hand, demanding to be fucked thoroughly, until she pushed back hard one final time, her body tensing and the muscles spasming around your fingers.

“Oh FUCK! Oh Jor…,” she didn’t get your name completely out before she collapsed to the rough carpet. You followed her down, enjoying the last remnants of her orgasm pulsing softly against your fingers. You held her for a while, letting her gather herself again.

Eventually, she turned to you and smirked, “Remind me never to wear that dress into the office.”

“Deal.” Her smile borders on a mischievous evil and you wonder what you started with the mysterious agent. You shiver a little not knowing what to expect when she lifts your leg and licks and bites at the bend behind your knee.

If it was humanly possible to get any wetter, you were now watching her tongue work its magic down the inside of your thigh, a hand on your other leg opening you up as she settled between your thighs.

You look at her then; really look at her, poised above you ready to pounce. Her body coils and flexes as if it can hardly contain itself. The woman is fucking goddess and you are willingly offering yourself as a human sexual sacrifice on her altar. She could ask any crazy freaky sex thing from you right now and you’d gladly give it just to feel her naked body on yours, for that maddening tongue to keep moving closer to your center.

When it finally does, you bite down on your hand to stifle a scream. With the other hand, you reach to wrap it in her hair but she moves aside.

“Nooo, I know what I’m doing. You won’t be disappointed, trust me.” You scrap at the carpet beneath you when she lifts your legs, opening you for better access. You have nothing to grab on to so you eventually grab your own legs and pull them to you.

She smiles wickedly and nips at your clit, making you yelp. She sucks at you pulling you closer to the edge before sitting back and teasing you with one finger, dancing around your opening before slipping in halfway then back out. She’s deliberately driving you crazy and you love it. Finally, she buries her finger in all the way and when she brings it back out, she sucks it clean making hungry moaning sounds.

“God, Emily…you’re killing me here. Please,” you beg. You’re not above begging anymore. You need to feel her inside of you and you’re about to beg for that too when she leans over you, watching the changes in your face as she pushes two then three fingers into you.

She smiles when your eyes roll into the back of your head, “You like that, don’t you? You like the way it feels when I fuck you.”

Your voice is a husky sigh, “Fuck…yes. God, yes. Emily?”

You can feel the coil deep in your belly tighten until it’s almost painful. She pumps into you at a steadily faster pace. You want…no, you need to come, and you want to do it with her fingers in you. You need this, and when she gently whispers “come for me,” her eyes tell you all you need to know. She needs this too. You’ll ask the question of why later. For now, you simply kiss her, leaving any questions or doubts for another time.

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I don't know if this would REALLY be considered spoilerish or not, and it's certainly not some in depth analysis. However, two things stood out to me about last night's episode: 

Read more... )

What do you all think?

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Title: Gestures

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Emily/JJ (yep, you read that right!)

Rating: PG-13 for language

Spoilers: 4x14 “Cold Comfort”.

A/N: I loved the start of “Cold Comfort” the other night and the whole part with the horoscope. Emily was visibly uncomfortable and not too happy over JJ’s new ring. I had to play with that.
A/N2: Sofia insisted I post this, so if it sucks, blame her!!!


"A romantic opportunity may experience a slight hitch thanks to the pesky lunar influence which could have you dipping into a rather chilly mood. If being demonstrative and warm is difficult then neutralize this temporary cold front with a simple but affectionate gesture."


Emily swirled the red wine in her glass, propped her feet on her coffee table, and stared blankly out her windows overlooking D.C. She hated horoscopes, and she hated that tonight was Valentine’s even more. Looking into the last remnants of the red liquid, the bottle drained and forgotten in the kitchen, she cringed at the image in her head. It was JJ in her head. JJ in a red, satin negligee, her hips swaying seductively.


It had never happened, but it was so real she could practically feel the soft material slide under her fingertips and smell the shampoo in JJ’s hair.


She shook her head and stood a bit too quickly. She placed a hand on the arm of the couch to steady herself.


“Okay, Prentiss. Enough is enough. She’s not yours, never was. You need to get over this.” Emily paced in front of the window, draining the last bit from her glass, and set it resolutely on the bar. Eventually, she sat down on the bar chair, not knowing what to do with herself. Another drink of anything and she’d pass out on the floor. She braced her head in her hands.


“This is pathetic. It’s Valentine’s. I live in Dfreakin’C. Certainly, I can find something or someone to do tonight.” Then a thought came to her and she snapped her fingers. “I know, I can get mom’s charter plane and go somewhere. There’s that cute little redhead reporter in San Fran or maybe that sexy blonde CSI agent in Vegas.” She held her head at the memories of her last visit to Vegas. “Or maybe not.”


Honestly, even though it was early enough, she didn’t feel like the trouble of hopping a plane to anywhere, and there was no guarantee that the object of her last minute affection would be available.


A quick roll in the hay with a beautiful woman wasn’t going to help, even if it would be fun. These damn unrequited feelings for JJ were starting to get in the way. She had ignored them and pushed them away, but every time some new piece was added to the relationship puzzle between JJ and Will, Emily felt herself falling deeper and deeper into despair.


“A ring? A goddamn, fuckin’ ring.” She tossed the glass over into the bar sink, watching with pleasure as the shards of fine glass went everywhere.


Now, she was just getting bitchy with not only JJ but everyone else too. Not that JJ had even noticed. She was so wrapped up in maternal and familial bliss that she barely looked in Emily’s direction her first day back. She sighed. Giving in to one last bout with her demons, she reached for the bottle of Jack and a shot glass behind the bar. Come Monday, she’d have gotten JJ out of her system and she’d be back to old Emily like nothing was wrong.


Two hours later, Emily jerked awake and looked around at her dark apartment. The bottle of whiskey was almost half empty and her mouth felt, and tasted, like a rat had died there. Emily recognized the noise that had woke her up in the first place – a steady and persistent knocking at her front door.


She walked unsteadily to the door and looked out the peephole. JJ stood in the hall, shuffling uncomfortably from foot to foot. 


“Fuck!” Emily muttered, and then quickly glanced in the hall mirror and brushed her fingers through her hair, in a vain attempt to look presentable, before opening the door.


“JJ!” Her voice cracked from lack of use and too much alcohol. “What are you doing here? It’s like late and it’s…Valentine’s Day.”


Emily’s hopeful mind wanted to desperately fill in a blank here, but she refused to let it wander down that path of wondering why JJ was at her doorstep on this day of all days.


“Would you believe me if I said I was in the neighborhood?”


“No.” Emily, a bit dumbfounded and groggy, still hadn’t moved aside to let JJ into the apartment. 


JJ was a bit taken aback by Emily’s harsh tone, and for a second was reconsidering the wisdom of her decision, “Maybe this was a bad idea.”


Emily gave herself a mental kick and let down the emotional guard she had automatically put up when she opened the door, “No, please, I’m sorry. Come in.”


The press liaison immediately let out the breath she had been holding and smiled. She slipped past the door and brought her hands from around her back. In one hand was a very expensive red wine and in the other a bouquet of flowers.


She shrugged as she handed them over to a surprised Emily, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”


“Um, thanks.” JJ slipped her jacket off and draped it over the back of the couch. “But why?”


JJ gave her a questioning look, “I mean, not to be rude or anything, JJ. I appreciate the gesture, but I don’t understand.”


“Can’t a friend just do something nice for another friend?”


Emily placed the wine and flowers on the bar, “Yeah, I guess.”


JJ finally threw up her hands in obvious exasperation, “That’s it, Emily. We’re talking about whatever is going on with you. You’ve been distant and snarky. You haven’t been you, and it worries me.”


“This is really not a good time to talk about this.” The fuzziness in Emily’s head hadn’t quite cleared and she doubted her ability to self-censor was at its peak.


JJ slipped around the end of the sofa and sat at one end, casually propping her arm along the back. “I’m not leaving until we talk.”


“Well, since you plan on being here a while, I’m going to make a run to the bathroom. I’d say make yourself at home, but you already have.” Emily turned down the hall and flipped on the bathroom light.


“Shit, Prentiss. This is not good.” Emily tried to pull herself together by splashing cold water on her face and brushing her teeth. Anything to bring her senses back so the alcohol wouldn’t have her doing or saying something completely out of line.


A few minutes later, Emily re-entered her living room to see JJ at the bar, spying the hastily disgarded glass.


“Having a bad night?”


“It slipped out of my hand. I’m going to make some coffee. You want some?”


JJ followed Emily to the kitchen, “Yeah, sure.”


Emily quietly worked willing JJ to start the conversation she was intent on them having. Inevitably, JJ gave in after watching Emily pass her for a third time to put yet another spoon away in a drawer. Reaching up, she grabbed Emily by the arm, stopping her in mid-step.


“Emily?” The brunette looked down at her with sad and guarded eyes. “I need to tell you something, and I just need for you to listen. You don’t have to say anything. Just listen, okay?”


Emily leaned a hip against the counter, “Okay.” She steeled herself for what she feared was coming. She couldn’t keep her emotions in check around JJ and now, JJ had figured it out. She was ready for the “I’m sorry, but…” speech.


Instead, JJ ran her hand down Emily’s forearm, allowing her fingers to lightly graze the edge of Emily’s hand, before pulling away. “I haven’t been myself either, and while I can’t assume what’s going on with you, I know what’s wrong with me.”


JJ moved to the other side of the kitchen, before making eye contact again with Emily, “I’ve missed you, Em. You had been a part of my life, day in and day out, for over a year, then suddenly I go days on end without even a call from you.”


Emily got a look on her face that told JJ she was about to jump in to defend herself, and JJ stopped her, “I missed you. And I didn’t realize how much until you weren’t there. I took you for granted, assumed nothing would change, and then it did. There was Will and then the baby. I handled it all wrong, but I didn’t see that until you weren’t there.”


Emily shook her head. She wanted to read more into what JJ was saying, but she couldn’t afford to. “JJ,…”


“No, Emily. Let me finish.” JJ stepped forward. “There’s nothing with Will. There hasn’t been for a long time.”


Emily refused to believe what she was hearing, “But the baby…the ring.”


“Don’t get me wrong. Henry is wonderful. I don’t regret having him at all, but I’ve regretting pretty much everything that happened since he was conceived.”


Emily fought the tears that were welling up in her eyes, “And the ring?”


JJ reached for Emily’s hand, cradling it in her own, “That’s about our commitment to Henry, not each other. That’s why they’re not diamonds and on our right hands. Will and I have spent a long time talking this over, and we’re not meant for each other. We know this. I needed you to know it too.”


Emily bit her lip as tears fell, “Why?”


“Because I’m hoping that the reason you’re off is because of some stupid mistakes I’ve made, and that if I somehow say the right thing tonight to you that it’ll fix all that’s wrong.” JJ chuckled to herself. “Mainly I just hope that I’m not completely off base and made a terrible fool out of myself.”


“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”


“I think so.” JJ shrugged.


Emily reached for JJ’s left hand, pointing to the ring finger, “So, this finger will be vacant of a ring in the immediate future?”


JJ smiled and nodded. Emily slid a hand under JJ’s chin and pulled her a little closer, barely touching their lips together, savoring the moment.


“So, what did your horoscope say?”


JJ shrugged, “Hmmmm, something about a tall, dark, moody and mysterious person entering my life. I have no idea what that could mean.”


Emily shrugged as well, “Yeah, that is kind of weird. Huh, guess you’ll know when it happens.”


“Yeah, I guess.”


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Okay, something is definitely up with Emily and it definitely has something to do with romance (or lack thereof).  If you haven't seen it yet, start around the 3:00 mark.

Garcia's reading horoscopes and gets to Emily's (after wrangling her DOB from Reid), which reads:

"A romantic opportunity may experience a slight hitch thanks to the pesky lunar influence which could have you dipping into a rather chilly mood. If being demonstrative and warm is difficult then neutralize this temporary cold front with a simple but affectionate gesture."

Emily looks uncomfortable once or twice and then when JJ shows up sporting a ring, she kind of has this "Oh brother" look on her face.  I was totally expecting an eyeroll.

What do you think?  Some deeper meaning here or just wishful thinking?
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I would have had this posted last night, but my Internet decided to go out as soon as I finished.  *headdesk*

Anyhoo, on to the ending...for now.

Title: The Unexpected - Epilogue

Fandom: WMC/CM Crossover

Pairing: Emily/Cindy; Cindy/Lindsay and Emily/JJ implied.

Rating: NC-17 (sorry, couldn’t help it! I had to have them go out with a bang…so to speak. *wg*)

Disclaimer: Don’t own a damn thing so don’t sue.

Warnings: This is un-beta’d. All mistakes are mine.

AN: Thanks to everyone who has been following and reading this fic. It was so much fun that I think this x-over will be reappearing at some point in the future. It really took on a life of its own. This is an epilogue to clean up the loose ends. Being slightly superstitous, I didn’t want to call this “Chapter 13,” but it’s long enough to be that, I think.

AN2: Don’t forget this fic was nominated for Best Crossover at the 2008 Criminal Minds FanFic Awards. If you really liked it, I’m pimping for another vote or two here. I have no shame!!!



Emily leaned against Cindy’s bed, brushing the back of her fingers gently against her cheek. With a sigh, Cindy stirred and smiled when she saw the beautiful woman standing next to her bed.


“Hey you. How are you feeling?”


“Like some crazed woman whacked me in the head with a cane,” Emily smiled and moved to sit on the edge of the bed, flinching at the sharp pain in her ribs. Cindy took Emily’s hand in hers, reassured by the warmth.


“I have good news.”


“Really?” Cindy groggily mumbled, the pain killers kicking back in.


“You get to go home tomorrow.”


Cindy fought to keep her eyes open, “Oh goodie. I get to see my surprise.”


Emily smiled and leaned over to place a kiss on her forehead, “Sleep, baby. I’ll be here when you wake up.”


Cindy sighed in her half-sleep, “Mmmmm, even better.”


Stepping from the room, Emily ran her long fingers through her hair. Even though the ordeal was over, she still felt overwhelmed and it was only partially due to killers and life-threatening situations. This fiesty redhead had swept into Emily’s life and turned it upside down, in a frighteningly wonderful way. Emily looked down at her hands and could still feel the ghost of Trish’s head in them and the distinctive snapping sound echoing in her ears. She closed her eyes tight at the memory, seeing those same hands caressing the curves of Cindy’s neck and feeling the warmth between her legs.


Emily slid down the wall, cradling her head in her arms. Fears and images from past nightmares flooded her mind, thoughts that kicked in a raw survival instinct that Emily thought was no longer needed. In split seconds, she let the animal in her take over and it terrified her.


“Em?” She looked up shocked at JJ. “How is she?”


Emily stood, not sure how to handle JJ’s genuine concern, “She’s going to be fine. She’s getting discharged tomorrow.”


“Good,” JJ looked down at her feet, “How about you?”


“Nothing that won’t heal.”


JJ tilted her head to the side, “You sure? You looked kind of upset.”


Emily rubbed the space between her eyes, offering a half-smile, “You know how it is after a case, especially when some nut wants to end your life. It takes a little time.”


JJ silently nodded, remembering the demons that still chase her from running into that barn after Reid. The silence became unsettling.


Emily motioned back to Cindy’s room, “Well, I better…”


“Emily.” She turned back to face JJ, who was struggling with the right thing to say. “I’m…I’m really sorry. For everything. I was an idiot, and I made a stupid mistake. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”


Emily felt like she should say something, but she wasn’t sure what. Saying “it’s okay” would be a lie, because it’s wasn’t and still isn’t. She couldn’t say she understood because she didn’t. Instead, she said nothing.


“I ended it with Will, and before you start thinking what I probably think you’re thinking, I’m not telling you this to win you back. I wish I could win you back, but you deserve better than what I gave you.” JJ walked to the glass so she could see Cindy better, then turned to face Emily. “She risked it all for you. She put her own life on the line for you. To hell with the consequences and to hell with what anyone thought. That’s the kind of love you deserve, Emily. I couldn’t even risk being honest with myself, much less anyone else.”


Emily stared at her former lover, shocked at the admission. “JJ…”


“Don’t. It’s okay.” JJ took a deep breath. “I’ve decided to take some time off. I need to get my head together. I’m not good for the team right now…Hotch agrees.”


Emily shook her head in disbelief, “Jennifer, you don’t have to do this.”


“Yes, I do. It’s okay…really.” JJ suddenly reached up to take Emily in a hug, surprising the other woman. She had no time to react before JJ pulled away and quickly walked off. Emily stared at the retreating form of the blonde before she disappeared in the crowd of people down the hall.




Emily woke to a soft tap on the shoulder. She had fallen asleep in a chair next to Cindy’s bed, her sore body protesting the unnatural position she had been in for hours as she tried to move.


“Detective?” Lindsay stuffed her hands into her back pocket in what Emily was learning was a nervous gesture.


“I can take over for a while if you want to get up and move around.”


“Yeah, sure. Thanks.” Emily stood and started to brush past the other woman. She barely caught the murmur from Lindsay.




“I said, don’t hurt her.” They stared at each other, a silent message passing between them.


“I don’t intend to.”


“Good.” Emily watched as Lindsay sat in the chair and took Cindy’s hand in her own. The easy familiarity of it struck a chord in Emily. She made a mental note to ask Cindy about it later before leaving to take a quick walk.




The next morning, Jill and Claire joined Lindsay in seeing Cindy home from the hospital.


“Hey guys!!!” Cindy was feeling much better. She had even managed to walk from the bed to the bathroom without her head spinning. Emily was on the other side of the room packing their bags to leave.


“Hey squirt!” Jill was the first to hug her friend. “I’m so glad you’re feeling better.”


Cindy hugged her back, “Oh, believe me, me too!”


Claire wiped a tear from her face before giving in to the urge too, “Oh come here, you!” She whispered in Cindy’s ear, “Don’t ever scare me like that again, got it?”


“I can’t make promises like that,” Cindy pulled back from the hug.


“Don’t make me ground you and put you in time out!” Cindy saluted Claire.


“Yes, ma’am!”


Claire nodded with approval, “Damn right.”


The nurse bustled into the room, breaking up the merriment, “We have to do one last check on you, Ms. Thomas, and if all’s good then we’ll have some paperwork for you to sign.”


The nurse looked over her glasses at the women in the room, effectively dismissing all of them. When Emily made no move to leave, “Ma’am, you’ll need to leave.”


“It’s okay,” Cindy smirked at Emily, a small blush coming to her face, “She’s my girlfriend. She can stay.”


Emily fought back her own smirk at the huff from the nurse, “Very well then.”


Lindsay shuffled her friends out of the room, “Come on, mother hens, let’s go.” Cindy giggled at the sound of Jill doing chicken sounds down the hall and Claire joining in.




By lunch time, Emily was pulling Cindy’s car to the curb and racing around to open the door. Cindy slowly got out of the car, the pain in her legs making walking a difficult process. It didn’t help that the painkillers were wearing off. Thank God Emily stopped at the pharmacy on the way home! There was a little pill with a powerful punch with her name on it in the white bag in her hand. Cindy clutched the bag closer to her as she took her first steps up to her apartment.


Once inside, Cindy flopped down on the couch and immediately tore into the bag. Emily went to the kitchen, pausing with a smile at the gift still sitting there, before returning with a glass of water. Cindy downed the pill and the liquid without taking a breath.


Emily sat down next to her, wrapping her arms silently around the redhead. A few minutes later, both were sound asleep with Cindy curled up against Emily, her arm snuggly around her waist. When Cindy finally stirred, it was dark outside, moonlight streaming in through the windows, settling on Emily’s face.


She traced the outline of Emily’s lips with her finger before reaching up to kiss the other woman, “Mmmmm, that’s a nice way to wake up.”


“Yeah, it is,” Cindy smiled. “I never did thank you for saving me.”


“Actually, you saved me.”


Cindy buried her head in Emily’s neck, “Augh, and I failed miserably!”


“No, you didn’t. You have saved me.” Emily looked in wonder at Cindy. “You amaze me.”


The romantic words stirred a memory for Cindy, “Hey.” She pushed off of Emily, “I haven’t seen my surprise yet!” Cindy hobbled slightly as she headed for the kitchen. Emily was close behind.


“Oh my God, Emily!” Cindy had her hand over her mouth as she held the paper in one hand and a set of keys in the other.


“It just seemed like you. I hope I was right.” Emily shrugged as she walked further into the kitchen and wrapped an arm around Cindy’s waist. “After the other night, I just knew I needed to get away with your for a little while, get away from all the madness, just the two of us.”


Cindy stared at the paper and then back up at Emily before throwing her arms around her neck, “Are you kidding?! A week at a private lodge in Tahoe?! No woman in her right mind would turn that down!”


Emily laughed and pulled back to kiss Cindy solidly on the lips, “And the best news is that there isn’t another cabin anywhere. There’s a hot tub, great views, and lots and lots of privacy.”


Cindy licked her lips, “Oh, I’m liking the sound of this more and more.  I have so many wicked thoughts running through my head right now!”


Emily moaned at the thought, kissing Cindy deeply, the desire for more warring with her urge to be gentle with her. Emily let her hands brush over Cindy’s breasts, making the smaller woman gasp. Cindy bit her lip, trying not to squeeze Emily’s sore ribs.


“Emily…I want you. There’s so much I want with you, and I don’t want to waste time.”


“I know. Me too, but I don’t want to hurt you. Maybe we need to wait.” Emily wasn’t even sure what to do with her hands anymore. She settled for resting them on the counter behind Cindy.


“I have an idea,” Cindy ached at the thought. It wasn’t something they had the chance to do the other night, and pain or not, she didn’t think there was a thing Emily could say to talk her out of it now. She took Emily’s hand and walked her to the bedroom. Guiding her to the bed, she stripped and stretched out on the bed. Emily took in the skin glowing in the moonlight. She licked her lips at what she knew she wanted.


“Are you sure?”


Cindy only nodded.


“Will you stop me if I hurt you?”


“You won’t. I trust you.” Emily let her eyes roam over Cindy’s body, relishing the gentle rise of her breasts, the soft curve of her hips, and the sight of curls already dampened and ready for her. She let Cindy watch as she stripped every piece of clothing off. The only thing remaining was the wrap around her ribs that kept her from being completely naked.


Kneeling between Cindy’s legs, she kissed the soft flesh, taking special care to gently brush her lips over the purplish marks across her thighs, as if doing so would erase the pain and memories. Slowly, she kissed her way closer to the destination. Cindy’s breathing became faster and Emily looked up at her watching for any signs of discomfort or pain. All she saw was Cindy biting her lip, her head thrown back, a hand buried in the pillow under her head.


Emily reached around to take Cindy’s free hand into her own, their fingers linking together easily, before dipping her head lower. The first touch pulled the air from Cindy’s lungs. She tightened her grip on the hand in hers, already overwhelmed with the sensations Emily was sending through her body. She chanced a glance down, amazed that the beautiful woman wasn’t a figment of her imagination.


“Emily,” Cindy whispered. When dark desire-filled eyes locked on hers, Cindy’s body instantly spasmed, her head slamming back into the pillow and her body arching. Emily kissed her way up Cindy’s body, bracing herself above her, letting her lips linger over Cindy’s. Her tongue flicked out playfully, tasting herself on Emily.


“Damn…,” Cindy quirked an eyebrow, “If it’s like that when we’re in pain and injured, imagine the damage we’ll do when we’re both better.”


“And for a whole week too!” Cindy laughed and nibbled at the tender spot under Emily’s ear.


“Hmmm, can we leave for Tahoe tonight?” Emily’s eyes rolled in the back of her head when Cindy hit a nerve.


“I’ll pack the bags.”

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Title: New Beginnings

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Emily/Jordan

Rating: NC-17, but it’s romantic, fluffy smut.

Disclaimer: Not mine, just a little fun.

Warnings/Spoilers: Maybe little bitty spoilers here and there, nothing major.  Oh, and it's not beta'd.  OOPS!

A/N: Yes, I know a lot of people are excited that JJ’s coming back, but I liked Jordan and she had potential. Besides, she’s damn sexy next to Emily and well, since she’s not at the BAU anymore, this is perfectly acceptable, right? *ahem*

A/N2: This has actually been in my head for a few days now…okay, actually quite a while now because I needed to deal with Jordan leaving, and since I couldn’t sleep, we get smut.



Jordan was the last to leave the plane. She had sat in the back and watched the team, watched the dynamics play out between the father figures of Hotch and Rossi, the playful and teasing brothers of Morgan and Reid, and then there was Emily.


The lone wolf. The black sheep, loved by the team, yet not quite one of them. She watched the dark-haired woman reading Vonnegut for what seemed like the 20th time since she had joined the team. She owed so much to Emily Prentiss. When Jordan first joined the team, she was brash and forceful, trying so hard to prove herself that it made it hard for anyone to reach her, but not Emily. Emily closed the door to her office and laid it all out on the table. Even if Hotch hadn’t sent her to do it, she thinks Emily would have still checked up on her on her own. That’s just the way Emily worked.


Like a seasoned behavioralist, Emily reads people. She watches and learns what matters to them. She saw that Jordan needed to be pulled in as an integral part of the team. She needed to go to that bar to push Viper’s buttons. She needed to be in the middle of it, and she needed to feel important, like all of the ugliness she saw passing on her desk day in and day out, somehow mattered and she made the difference.


Tomorrow, Jordan wouldn’t wake up and come into the BAU. She would return to Counterterrorism, but she wouldn’t have known how much she missed her first love if it wasn’t for Emily Prentiss. She stood up for Jordan and to her. They butted heads but always came to an unstated understanding. Emily had done so much for her that she felt like it was time she did something for Emily.


Standing at the top of the stairs of the plane, Jordan made up her mind.


“Emily!” Emily had her hand on the car door when she heard her name. She turned to see Jordan running to her.


She smiled at Jordan, bemused, “Hey, what’s up?”


Jordan stopped, kind of stunned. She hadn’t really thought of what she’d say at this point, so she decided to go with her first instinct.

“I wondered if you’d like to get something to eat…or drink or both or just one or the other,” Emily smiled at her.


“Um, that’s an awful lot of options.”


Then Jordan was struck with an idea, “Actually, if you’re not too tired, I’d really love to show you some place special.”


Emily mulled it over, intrigued, “Sure, why not? As long as you drive.”




Jordan started her car and drove south away from the airport and Quantico. After about 30 minutes, she turned off the road and cut through a small but busy town. She pulled into a Starbuck’s.


“So, what do you want?”


Emily looked at her like she’d lost her mind, “Tell me that the special place you want show me isn’t Starbuck’s.”


Jordan laughed, loving playing this game with her, “No, but you may want something warm where I’m taking you.”


“In that case, give me a venti white chocolate with no whip cream.”


“You got it!” 


A few minutes later, they were back on the road, cutting through the rural roads outside of town. The further they went, the darker it got, and the colder. Jordan turned down another road, a quiet dirt road that had been well-traveled, so it was bumpy but not dangerous. Jordan stopped at the end where it opened out into a beach looking out over the ocean. For full effect, she killed the lights and put the top down. It had been too cold to drive with the top down, but right now, it was perfect.


She looked at Emily and almost giggled. Her mouth was open and her head was back, looking at the sea of stars above her.


“What do you think?”


“Wow! This is amazing!” Emily looked in every direction and couldn’t see a house light in sight. They were perfectly alone.


Jordan got out and walked around the car, reaching her hand out to Emily, “You think this is great. Come with me. You haven’t seen anything yet.”


Emily eagerly took her hand, carrying her warm drink in the other, “The coffee was a good idea.”


“I thought you’d appreciate that.” Jordan looked over at her, smiling.


A couple of hundred feet down the beach was a dock that ran far out into the water, curving at one point into an L-shape. At the end, there was a gazebo and benches. Jordan slowed before getting to the gazebo. She wanted Emily to spend time with her under the stars. Still holding Emily’s hand, Jordan turned to her.


Emily stared up in amazement at the twinkling lights in the sky before looking back down at Jordan, “This is incredible. Thank you for showing me this.”


Jordan was lost in the glow of Emily’s skin under the starlight, making it hard for her to respond. Her voice was barely above a whisper, “You’re the one who is incredible, and I should be thanking you.”


Emily shook her head, “Why?”


“You befriended me. You cared, and…the only thing I’m going to miss about being here,” she looked back up at Emily, “is you.”


Emily saw the wanton look in Jordan’s eyes, as they flickered down to her own and then back up to her eyes. Inexplicably, she was drawn in and the logical part of her brain that was still working tried to stop the forward momentum with words if not her body.


“Jordan…,” she put a finger to Emily’s lips.


“I’m not officially with the BAU anymore. We can do this,” she looked at Emily, ready to break down the last wall between them, “I want to do this.”


Emily gave in, pulling Jordan to her, her hands sliding under the warmth of her long coat and around her waist. Their drinks were long forgotten on the railing. Jordan leaned up, meeting Emily halfway, letting their lips brush gently together. Emily was immediately intoxicated by Jordan’s kisses. Her tongue sent shockwaves down her spine and the brush of her hands along her neck just inside her coat was wildly seductive.


Emily pulled away, licking her lips, “How alone are we out here?”


Jordan gave Emily a wicked smile, “The nearest house is three miles away.”


“As long as you’re not loud, we’ll be okay.” Then Emily kissed her again, hard, running her fingers into Jordan’s hair and scraping her nails along the base of her neck. Jordan growled into the kiss and pulled Emily closer, her hips starting to move automatically. Emily pulled her away from the railing and guided her under the gazebo, until the bench at the back of her knees forced her to sit.


Emily sat too, brushing a thumb over Jordan’s bottom lip as she continued to pepper her with kisses, slowly working her way down Jordan’s neck.


“Emily, you’re driving me crazy.” Emily made a show of stopping at the point where neck meets shoulder and pushing her shirt and coat aside, she began to suck.


Emily looked at her with wild eyes, hinting at fire burning underneath, “That’s the point. To make you so crazy for me that you won’t stop me.”


Jordan knew the answer to her own question, but she was loving the teasing too much to change tactics, “Stop you from doing what?”


Emily leaned in to kiss her, nibbling at her bottom lip in passing, “This.”


Emily ran her hand down the inside of Jordan’s jacket, brushing her thumb over an already erect nipple, “And this.”


Emily’s hand continued its downward descent until it reached between Jordan’s legs, “And that.”


Jordan was taking short, gasping breaths, barely able to contain herself, “Is that what you want, Jordan?”


“Oh God, yes, Emily. I want it,” she kissed Emily fervently, “All of it.”


Emily pulled Jordan’s leg over her own, guiding it to wrap behind her back. She reached down and unzipped Jordan’s pants. She reached inside to feel the warm heat.


She pulled Jordan close to nuzzle her ear, “Keep your coat pulled around us, just in case.”


Jordan swallowed hard at what they were about to do, what this gorgeous woman could make her do. She fought the urge to hurry Emily along, allowing her to set the pace, no matter how torturous it was.


Emily pushed her way past silk underwear, wondering for the moment what color they may be, letting her fingers slide easily into Jordan’s folds. Jordan closed her eyes and rested her forehead against Emily’s.


“Oh, Emily.”


Emily smiled at her name coming from Jordan’s lips. She reached up with her free hand to raise her chin and kiss her, slow and deep, matching the movement of her fingers.


“Do you want more?”


Jordan nodded and struggled to answer her, “Yes.”


Jordan gripped tightly onto Emily’s arms when another finger slid snugly into her, stretching her in a completely satisfying way. She could feel her body shaking. She was shaking everywhere and she couldn’t distinguish if it was the cold or the risk of being caught or even the incredibly intimate nature of her first time with Emily. Whatever it was it pushed her over the edge as her hips ground hard onto Emily’s invading fingers.


They sat there like that, looking at each other in amazement. Emily closed her eyes in contentment every time Jordan’s muscles contracted around her fingers. Finally, she leaned in and kissed Jordan gently, letting her lips linger, as she slowly pulled out of her.


Jordan sighed and hugged Emily close to her, “I don’t want to go back to the real world. I want to stay like this with you.”


Emily nodded and sighed in agreement. Jordan looked up at Emily and pointed behind her, “That land back there. It’s for sale.”







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Title: The Unexpected, 12/12

Fandom: WMC/CM Crossover

Pairing: Emily/Cindy; Cindy/Lindsay and Emily/JJ implied.

Rating: M, due to some descriptive violence.

Disclaimer: Don’t own a damn thing so don’t sue.

Warnings: This is un-beta’d. All mistakes are mine.

AN: We’re getting near the end folks!!! Ready to find out who the bad guy is?!  Before any of you ask, there will be an epilogue!!!
AN2:  If you guys like this x-over that much, I may have some ideas for bringing these two fandoms back together in the future.  Apparently, I need to resolve some "issues" with some of the other characters (*ahem* that's[info]sofia_lindsay talk for we need more pairings!)


Cindy rounded the corner, and at the end of the road stood the lone house on the lake. She slowed her car, looking around to get her bearings on her location and other houses in the area. A few hundred feet on either side of the house were neighbors. Neither was close enough to hear screams but there was low brush running along the back of the property either way, perfect for hiding. With a plan, Cindy set out for the house.


She pulled up to the side of the house and parked. When she got out, it was deathly silent. Even the birds weren’t chirping. She crept along the side of the house, sneaking a peek between the house and the bushes. A couple of hundred feet back from the house was a small building with blackened in windows. Barely hidden on the other side of the building was a small silver truck.


Keeping low, Cindy raced for the pile of firewood set up next to the building on the side closest to her. Her heart pounding, she practically slid behind the pile. Standing, she peeked over the edge of the window sill. In a clear space between the pane and the wood, she saw a huddled form in the middle of the floor.


“Emily,” she whispered, just before the crunch of dried leaves behind her made her spin around. She caught a glimpse of Trish’s sadistic smile mere seconds before the wooden cane made contact with the side of her head.




“I think I may have something,” Garcia tapped furiously at her keyboard, “Patricia Stansfield.”


Reid looked at Morgan, “The one we questioned?”


“The one and the same. Check this out: two counts of assault and a string of restraint orders over the last 20 years all across the country. The most recent being a year ago in Wichita.”


Lindsay, Jill, and Claire came into the room, trailing Tom behind them. Lindsay was nearly frantic, “Please tell me you have something.”


“Why?” Hotch questioned, worriedly.


“Cindy’s gone. I think she’s gone to find Agent Prentiss.”


Morgan rubbed his head in frustration, “Jesus!”


“Oh God!” Garcia stopped everyone in their tracks.


“What is it?” JJ was almost afraid to ask.


“Not long after the restraining order was given in Wichita, this woman’s ex went missing, along with another woman, presumably the other woman she was having an affair with. They were never found.”


JJ put her hand over her mouth, trying to hold back the bile threatening to come up. This really was all her fault, after all. Rossi noticed the ashen look on JJ’s face.


“JJ, is something wrong?”


She nodded, “That case came across my desk.” She paused, looking at her team mates; every face was there except the one she really wanted. “I turned it down. I didn’t think it was important enough to warrant our attention.”


Morgan came over and rubbed her shoulder, “At the time, it wasn’t. Don’t beat yourself up over something you couldn’t have known.”


Her sad blue eyes looked painfully at Morgan, “We’re profilers though. We should see this stuff coming.” She shook her head, “What if I got Emily killed?”


“No, we’re human too, JJ,” Rossi stated wisely. “Now, I suggest we get moving and stop wasting time. This is no time for blame.”


Hotch turned to Tom and Lindsay, “Get your people together. We’re heading out.”




Emily jumped at the loud thumping sound against the building she was in. Certainly the rest of the team didn’t get here that fast! She heard a door slam open and a heavy scuffing noise move across the floor. A long moment of silence and then…


She jerked back at the blinding white light she hadn’t seen in what seemed like forever as her blindfold was yanked away.


“Well, well, well, isn’t this just adoringly sweet?!” Emily turned her head to the voice of her tormentor, feeling everything rushing in on her at once.


“You! But you’re…”


“What, you fucking bitch! Crippled? Harmless? Totally not what you expected? They never expect me.” Trish grabbed her cane and limped to the unconscious form of Cindy tied to a post across from Emily. She caressed a soft cheek, her fingers coming away with blood, “They never even look at me.” Emily fought her instincts to rip the pole she was tied to out of the ground and beat this woman over the head with it.


Emily was incredulous, “That’s why you’ve done all this? For a woman’s attention?”


“You’re beautiful and stupid. How typical.” She lifted Cindy’s head, making the redhead moan in pain. Emily gritted her teeth to stay in control. “No. I didn’t do it for a woman’s attention. It’s beautiful in its simplicity really. It’s simply…revenge.”


Trish stood and paced just outside of the reach of Emily’s legs, “Women like you and her get anything they want, anyone they want, and there are no consequences. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This is yours.”


With a vicious downswing of the cane, Trish cracked Cindy across the thighs, causing the redhead to jerk to consciousness at the impact, “AUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!”


Emily yanked so forcibly at her restraints that the flimsy building shook, “Goddamn you, you FUCKING BITCH!!! I’ll fucking kill you with my bare hands!”


Trish looked up at the quivering pole and the debris falling from the rafters, then looked back at Emily and started laughing hysterically, “You’re not going to do a damn thing, Agent Prentiss.” She kneeled down to get face-to-face with Emily, “The only thing you’re going to do is watch helplessly as I slit your pretty little girlfriend’s belly open and watch her guts spill to the floor at your feet.”


Emily stared her down, sneering and refusing to blink. She’d find a way. She had to find a way. Trish stood and looked down at Cindy, who was passed out again from the shock and pain. She pushed the tip of the cane into the blackening flesh of Cindy’s thigh, causing her to cry out, “Wakey, wakey, Cindy Lou. I want you to see your fate coming at you.”


Trish turned and walked out whistling a happy tune. Beads of sweat were dripping from Cindy’s forehead, and Emily took the opportunity to get her attention.


“Cindy. Cindy!!!” She jumped at the noise and worked to focus on the familiar warm voice.


“Emily. Are you okay?” Emily actually smiled at the absurdity of it.


“I’m fine, baby. I need you to focus on me. Can you do that?” Cindy nodded her head, then scrunched her eyebrows together and moaned at the pain it caused. “Try not to move, Cindy. Just listen to my voice. Focus on my voice, okay?”




“Alright. Now, do you have any idea if the police or the BAU have any idea what’s happened here?”


Cindy licked her dry lips, tasting the bitterness of her own blood on her lips, “I think so. The two blondes you work with. I think they may know.”


“Good,” Emily wiggled her hands a little more, testing the restraints, looking up to see the rafters shake. “Cindy, I think I have a plan, but I need you to play along with me, okay?”


Cindy managed to open one eye and quirk a little smile, “Like at the bar?”


Emily smiled, “Yeah, kind of like that. Not quite as fun though.”


Emily watched as Cindy struggled to stay conscious. She knew it was vital that she keep Cindy awake. With the head injury she has, she could easily slip into a coma. Her heart ached at the thought of losing her and she shook her head refusing to accept it as a possibility. Seeing Cindy’s head tilted to the side, she almost looked like she did this morning when Emily left. She’d have given anything if she had stayed and let Cindy wake up in her arms. A tear slipped down. She wanted to feel that. She needed it. This feeling was something she had denied herself for too long, assuming she’d never be free to love someone as good as Cindy…assuming she wasn’t worthy or good enough. That fear and withholding had strangled an already messy relationship with JJ. She wasn’t going to let that happen again.


“Cindy?” She stirred at Emily’s voice, seemingly a little more cognizant. She had to keep her talking, “Did you get my surprise in the kitchen this morning?”


“No, I was late for breakfast with the club.”


“The club?” Cindy smiled.


“I’ll tell you later.”








Cindy smirked, “What did you get me for my surprise?”


“You’ll see when we get out of here.”


“Okay,” a few moments passed, “Emily?”


Both were nearly whispering now, “Yeah?”


Brown eyes turned fully to Emily’s, letting her know that Cindy was completely aware of the words coming from her mouth, “I think I love you. I’m pretty sure I do actually, and it’s not some hero worship, moment of crisis thing. It’s…”






“I think I love you too.” Cindy smiled fully at this.


“So, what’s your plan, Wonder Woman?” Emily brought her now free hands around in front of her, making her eyes go wide in wonder.


“How did you…?” 


Emily smirked sexily at Cindy, “It’s one of my many sordid stories from my time overseas. Remind me when we get out of here and I’ll tell you all about it.”


Emily leaned over and loosened the ropes from around her ankles, then did the same thing with Cindy’s, leaving them so they looked bound tight. Emily looked to the windows and then, ignoring the shooting pain in her side, quickly moved behind Cindy to loosen the bindings on her wrist. Cindy looked over her shoulder at the beautiful face of her very own superhero.




Emily stopped and brushed the blood-crusted hair from Cindy’s face, before softly kissing her, “Hi.”


Cindy looked at her in surprise when Emily moved back over to her side, “Are we not going to try to escape?”


Emily moved back into position, placing the rope back over her ankles and pulling the ties back tight around her wrists, “I have a better idea.”


“A better idea than getting the hell out?”


“I need to wait for reinforcements. If we make a move now, she could have all kinds of weapons at the ready and there’s far too much open space. We’d never be able to escape. Trust me, Cindy.”


Cindy gently nodded, trying not to cause herself anymore pain, “Absolutely.”




The BAU team rushes out the door. JJ’s close behind, slipping on her kevlar and wrist mic, and not paying attention when she runs into a familiar body.


“Will! What the hell are you doing here?”


Will smugly looked JJ over and tugged at the kevlar, “I think that’s a more fitting question for you.  I thought you weren’t going into the field.”


JJ pushed past him, “I can’t talk about this right now. I have to go.”


Will grabbed her wrist as she passed, “Let me go, Will.”


“Fine,” he looked around at the squad cars pulling out and JJ’s team waiting on her, “Where’s the fire? What’s up?”


JJ looked down, “Emily’s been kidnapped by the unsub. We think we know where she’s being held. I have to go.”


Will watched her turn, leaving him standing there alone in more ways than one. He called after her, “It was always her, wasn’t it?”


JJ stopped dead in her tracks. She looked at her team, at each supportive face, each one of them giving her strength to do what she needed to. Emily had the strength to stand tall and stop making an endless cycle of bad mistakes. Now it was her turn.


She turned back around to face Will, unable now to fathom what madness had taken over her all those months ago. He walked closer, but continued to talk loud enough for everyone to hear, “You’d do anything for Emily, wouldn’t you? You’d even risk the life of our child and us for her.”


JJ crossed her arms and swallowed, looking him squarely in the eye, “Yes, it was always her. From the beginning it was her. I’m sorry Will but you didn’t stand a chance.”


Garcia was shuffling everyone into the van and she gave JJ a quick hug, “You go, girl.”


JJ hugged Garcia tighter, “Thank you.”




The SUV and SFPD flew down the dusty remote road. Morgan flipped open his phone, “Get anymore info on this Trish person, baby girl?”


“You betcha, darlin’. Good stuff too that explains why she’s a bit harsh on her own. Get this, she was in the Gulf War and got injured in battle, which explains the cane; however, instead of getting honorably discharged for medical reasons, she was dishonorably discharged for conduct unbecoming, i.e. homosexuality. She’s struggled financially since then. The house she’s in now is a family home. Oh, and she was infantry too. She had quite a few commendations for her hand-to-hand combat ability. She was also a top sharp shooter in her squad. Girl has skills…good and deadly skills. Looks like ya’ll need to watch out for this one.”


Morgan sighed, “Thanks Garcia. We’ll check in when the dust settles.”


“Be careful, guys.”


JJ looked around at her team, “Looks like I picked a good day to don the kevlar again.”




Emily and Cindy stopped talking when they heard Trish’s whistling getting closer. Emily looked at Cindy determinedly, “Be ready when I say.” Cindy nodded her understanding.


Trish came in with a bundled wrapped and dropped it next to Cindy. She looked over and saw that the young woman seemed to be much more alert than earlier.


“Good. I think we’re ready to begin,” Trish uncovered the bundle to display several knives of different lengths. Cindy instinctively moved away, knowing this wasn’t meant for cutting the rope.


Trish reached over to pull Cindy’s shirt up, exposing her flat stomach to Emily, “So, Agent, where should we start? At the top,” she placed the blade of the longest knife just below Cindy’s sternum, making her flinch her stomach muscles away, “or maybe at the bottom,” she placed the knife low on Cindy’s abdomen.


Emily sneered, “How about in your heart?”


“But that’s exactly what I’m going to do, ain’t I? Isn’t little Cindy your heart? You’re one and only?” Trish cackled at the rage apparent on Emily’s face as she drew the blade across Cindy’s stomach, barely breaking the skin.


Tires skidding on the gravel outside made Trish turn her head. Emily could only hope it was the calvary.


She made eye contact with Cindy, and in one swift movement, Cindy grabbed the nearest knife and stabbed up slicing a long cut along Trish’s thigh. Emily jumped from her position and barreled head down into Trish’s stomach, knocking her back several feet making her lose her balance. Trish rolled and came up, sputtering in rage.


“You fucking bitch! I’m going to slice you into tiny pieces!” Trish hobbled, taking the pressure off her injured leg. She swung the knife in her hand with purpose at Emily’s midsection. On her third attempt, she left herself open and Emily sent her reeling with a right hook.


Outside, squad cars and SUVs surrounded the building. Hotch gave some hand commands sending Morgan and JJ around one side of the building, while he and Reid took the other side. Lindsay and Tom ran up to the side facing the house ready to catch anyone escaping.


Inside, Emily continued to evade her weakening opponent. Blood from her wound was now soaking her pants leg, leaving puddles all over the floor.


“Give it up, Trish. You can’t win this. You’re surrounded by the FBI and the SFPD. It’s over.”


Trish stared at her with a deadly calm, “It’s not over until I say it is.”


Trish raced at Emily with every bit of strength she had left, screaming in rage. Hearing the commotion, Hotch gave the signal to rush the building.  Emily spun to the side, wrapping her arm around Trish’s throat. As the doors swung open, she yanked Trish’s neck to the side, the sickening crunch filling the room.


JJ stared at Emily, momentarily shocked at the look on Emily’s face. She was rage and death personified, and JJ realized there were so many things about Emily she never knew, so much she shut both of them off from, so they’d never touch these deep and dark places with each other. Silently, she left the room.


Time seemed to move in slow motion as Emily sank to her knees next to the lifeless body of the woman who had held her and Cindy captive. As if from far away, she could hear Cindy’s voice calling to her.


“Emily! Emily, are you okay?” She came back to herself when she felt warm arms wrap around her. She turned and pulled Cindy to her.


“I’m okay. You?”


“Yeah, I’m okay.” Emily pulled away, tears evident in her eyes. She brushed Cindy’s hair lovingly out of her face. She knew everyone was watching, but she didn’t care. She wanted to tell Cindy that she didn’t “think” she loved her, she knew it, but she didn’t want the memory of that to be over a corpse.


She stood taking Cindy’s hand in hers, “Let’s get out of here.”



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Title: The Unexpected, 11/?

Fandom: WMC/CM Crossover

Pairing: Emily/Cindy; Cindy/Lindsay and Emily/JJ implied.

Rating: PG-13, maybe higher due to some pretty descriptive violence.

Disclaimer: Don’t own a damn thing so don’t sue.

Warnings: This is un-beta’d. All mistakes are mine.

AN: I don’t know how long this is going to end up. I’m honestly surprised it’s been this long. Having this kind of dedication is kind of shocking for me.



She sat on the bench craddling the lukewarm coffee in her hands with Jill and Claire on either side of her, rubbing comforting hands across her back, hoping to ease some of her fear. She watched silently as Lindsay and the BAU team gathered their resources and began to analyze where to go now.


“Garcia was able to isolate an image of the person our second victim left with. We traced to her apartment and got footage from the lobby of the vic leaving alone. After that, she disappeared for several hours before being found late morning by a jogger,” JJ finished.


“So both victims left the apartments in the early morning hours, perhaps even before sunrise, never made it to their jobs that morning, but were found during the day by passerbys. It seems like our unsub has a lot of morning time free. We’ve ruled out the chance of random homeless people fitting the profile…,” Rossi locked onto a new piece of information with Hotch finishing it up.


“Meaning our unsub has a job that allows him to be free when these women are leaving the bars and to hold them for most of the day before killing and dumping them.”


JJ nervously ran her fingers through her hair, before looking at her watch, “We’re running out of time. If he sticks to his routine,…”


Morgan shook his head, “No, this has thrown off his routine. If she had her ID on her, he could very well be aware that he’s kidnapped an agent. It could be the perfect opportunity to toy with us or her,” indicating Cindy sitting outside.


JJ swallowed hard at the other possibility, “Or she could already be dead.”


The whole team was silent. JJ slumped into a chair, letting her inner fears and regrets finally catch up with her. When Garcia heard the strangled cries that JJ desperately tried to hold in, she went to her and put an arm around her.


“Come on, honey. Let’s go take a walk.”


Cindy watched in stunned silence as JJ was escorted down the hall by Garcia. She turned frantic eyes towards Lindsay, her shaking hands causing some of the coffee to spill onto the floor.


Lindsay turned back to Hotch, “I better go talk to Cindy before she thinks the worst.”


Hotch turned stonily to Rossi, a determined look on his face, “We’re missing something. It’s right here and we’re missing it.”


He looked to the door where JJ and Garcia had passed, then back at Rossi, shaking his head, “I hope JJ’s wrong. For her sake. I don’t think we’ll get her back from the brink if she is right.”


Rossi clamped a hand on his friend’s shoulder, “Emily’s tough. She can handle herself until we can get to her.”


Lindsay crouched down in front of her friends, “Lindsay…”


“Hey, it’s okay. It’s not what you think.”


Claire looked beseachingly at Lindsay, “Tell us some good news then.”


“Well, we think we’ve narrowed potential suspects down a little more. Since this guy is taking the victims in the middle of the night and they’re being found the next day, during the day, he must have a night job or at least nothing that makes him have to be somewhere first thing in the morning.”


Cindy did some quick mental calculations, when it clicked, “He gets rid of them the day after he takes them. She could be…”


“No,” Lindsay quickly stopped where she was going, feeling her stomach lurch at the unsubs real intentions, “They seem to think that Emily’s different. She wasn’t who he intended to get, so he may not stick to his routine. He may hold her longer.”


“Or he may just get rid of her quicker,” Jill blurted, making Lindsay glare at her, “Sorry.”


Cindy looked at Jill with a shocked face, while Claire buried her face in her hands, “I need to go to the bathroom.”


Claire and Jill stood to go with her, when she turned on them, “Alone…please.”


Lindsay gave her a cautious smile, “Sure, take your time.” No matter how much it hurt to see, this was exactly why Lindsay couldn’t let them be anymore than friends. That pain in Cindy’s eyes was too much to bear, and she didn’t want to be the one to put it there with a uniform showing up in the middle of the night to give her the bad news.


“Thanks,” Cindy wiped at her eyes as she went on a hunt for the nearest bathroom.


She rounded the corner and saw the blonde agent and the other woman heading out the side door. She wondered what had her so upset and had a brief moment of wondering if Lindsay was telling her all of the story. Cautiously, Cindy followed the pair, keeping a safe distance until they rounded a corner out of earshot. She stopped at the edge, listening to the conversation.


JJ ran her fingers through her hair, “I’m sorry, Garcia. I’ve just got to take a deep breath, get myself together.”


“Yes, eventually you do, but right now, you need to tell me what’s going on with you and Emily.”


“It’s nothing…really.”


“Those tears aren’t nothing. You haven’t been yourself for weeks. Pretty much ever since Barney Fife showed up in Miami,” JJ gave Garcia a pointed look.


“Please, Garcia. Don’t start in on that.”


“Hey, I don’t have to point out the obvious.”


“And what does that mean?” JJ crossed her arms.


“Well, let’s see, before Mr. Yuck-Yuck showed up, you and Emily were practically inseparable. You laughed, you joked, you even went clubbing with us after work. He, and yes, I refuse to say his name, shows up and suddenly you and Emily stop talking. Morgan told me he heard her crying after you took off with him that night.”


“She told me to go for it. I thought…,” JJ looked away.


“I don’t think she meant him.” JJ took a few steps away, letting the words sink in. Realizing she had nothing left to hide from her best friend, she turned back and threw her hands up in the air.


“I’ve messed up, Garcia.  I’ve really lost her. I kept thinking I could find a way to fix things, that I could talk myself out of this thing with Will, but he’s been so persistent and he’s made it so easy and…”


“And he’s safe,” Garcia stated matter-of-factly.


“I can’t fix this,” she shook her head and closed her eyes, fighting new tears that were springing to her eyes, “I’ve lost her to a cute little redhead that’s fun and open and cute.”


“You said that already,” Garcia smirked slightly, hiding her amusement at JJ’s mini rant, “You still care about her though.”


JJ nodded, “And I always will.”


The tears started to fall again, “But I won’t get to tell her. She might…”


“No, you will. Let’s think this through and get our girl back.”


JJ wiped at her eyes and laughed at the innuendo, “So, she’s your girl too!”


“Oh honey, I am all things to all people. You should know that by now! Okay, so, what are we missing here?”


JJ started pacing, walking through the information. Cindy listened carefully, running through her own mental inventory of what she knew and what she had heard. Suddenly, a thought struck her and realization shocked her so that she had to put her hand over her mouth to stop from blurting it out.


She ran back inside and cut through a back hallway out of Lindsay’s line of sight. She jumped in her car and had to remind herself not to spin out of the parking lot with cops everywhere.


“Son of a bitch,” she mumbled, “Maybe Emily was right. I should have been a profiler.”




Thirty minutes later, she pulled into the parking lot. It felt weird to go into a bar in the light of day, but she couldn’t wait with Emily’s life in danger. Before getting out, she checked her makeup. She knew Charley’s type so it wouldn’t hurt to use every available resource she had, just in case she was resistant. It wasn’t like she intended to follow through!


She walked in and looked around for the bartender. Hearing noise in the back, she walked around the bar and went into the kitchen.


“Charley? Is that you?” Charley poked her head out from behind a shelf.


“Don’t tell me that your day’s been so rough that you need one of my special concoctions already,” the lanky woman leaned against the shelf and gave Cindy a wink.


Cindy smiled coyly at her, “Well, I do need something from you, but it’s not a drink.”


Charley cocked an eyebrow at her, “Really?”


Cindy ran her tongue over her lips and stepped closer to Charley, “Yeah, I was hoping you could help me with something.”


She stood and put her arms out, “I’m at your disposal.”


“I was hoping you’d say that.”




Garcia and JJ came running back into the room with the rest of the team, “It’s not a guy.”


Everyone turned at the simultaneous interruption. Lindsay stepped up, “What do you mean?”


Garcia, not wanting to waste precious time, ran to a computer to start running checks on all the faces she saw go into the bar last night. She accidentally bumped Reid in the process.




“Sorry, sugar. You can’t stop magic when it’s in progress.”


JJ excitedly told Lindsay, “All this time we’ve been saying ‘he,’ ‘him,’ and ‘this guy.’ What if we’re not even looking for a man?”


Noticing the perfect opportunity for statistical information, Reid happily jumped in, “Research has found, by and large, that most serial killers, indeed killers in general, are of the male gender.”


JJ had Hotch’s attention, “Yes, but there’s always an exception to every rule.”




Hotch turned to the tech, “Garcia, could you…?”


“Already on it, boss.”


Morgan wondered, “So what would be the motivation for a woman to kill another woman?”


“Jealousy,” JJ stated unequivocably. Garcia paused and turned to look at her friend.


He shook his head, “But there has to be more to it than that. These were brutal murders. Well thought out and planned. This killer watched these women before actually kidnapping and killing them. He/she took the time to send warning information to both the victim and the press. These weren’t revenge killings or even spontaneous moments of rage or jealousy.”


“Trust me, it’s a factor.”


The computer whiz broke the moment, “There are no matches on the patrons. A couple with some shoplifting convictions, but nothing major.”


Hotch felt they had one last chance, “Check the bar staff too.”


Garcia nodded and went back to work. Lindsay knew it would be a few minutes before they learned any new information so went to tell Cindy what she knew. She went out to the hallway where they were waiting to find one redhead reporter noticeably absent.


“Where’s Cindy?”


Jill shrugged, “She hasn’t come back yet.”


Claire looked at her watch, realizing how much time had passed, “She’s been gone for about 30 minutes.”


Lindsay threw her hands up into the air and took off in the direction of the bathroom. She threw the door open, “Cindy, are you in here?”


All three stopped at the silence and looked at each other. Lindsay lost it first, “Goddamn it, Cindy!” She turned back to the others, “I swear that I’m personally pad locking that girl in a cell!”


“I’ll help,” Jill added, making Claire smirk and quip.


“Can we just make it a party then? I’ll bring the dip.”


“Come on, I think I know where she’s gone.”




Charley smirked at the redhead, “And to think that I was flattered by your interest. Seems you have a thing for older women. Guess I’m out of luck.”


“It’s nothing personal, Charley. Really. I’ve just been watching her for a long time and I had to know. They say bartenders know everything, so…,” Charley shook her head and laughed.


“Well, now you have her address, phone number, everything. Go, go get the woman of your dreams,” she said, doing the word dreams in air quotes, “I tell ya, you’re going to make her day.”


Cindy gave Charley a quick hug of appreciation, in case she never got a chance again to thank her, and ran to her car. Her heart was pounding in her chest. This certainly had to be the craziest thing she’d ever done and if she made it out of it unscathed, Lindsay would probably throw her in not just a cell, but a padded one at that.


She revved the engine and zipped through the congested San Francisco streets, praying she wouldn’t get to Emily too late. Taking a deep breath to settle her nerves, she turned on a side street heading to the outskirts of the city.

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Title: The Unexpected, 10/?

Fandom: WMC/CM Crossover

Pairing: Emily/Cindy; Cindy/Lindsay and Emily/JJ implied.

Rating: PG-13, maybe higher due to some pretty descriptive violence.

Disclaimer: Don’t own a damn thing so don’t sue.

Warnings: This is un-beta’d. All mistakes are mine.

AN: I don’t know how long this is going to end up. I’m honestly surprised it’s been this long. Having this kind of dedication is kind of shocking for me.



The buzzing on the bedside table woke Cindy from a very pleasant dream of a dark-haired mystery woman coming home with her. She smiled in her half-sleep state and stretched. Feeling the ache in her limbs and her body most definitely naked, her eyes flew open wide remembering the night before.


“Oh…wow. That was no dream.”    She excitedly kicked at the bedsheets and rolled over to scream into her pillow. “Oh my Goooood.” She sat up, looking around her bedroom, realizing she was alone and the message hitting her in the gut. “Oh great, that’s just so freakin’ typical.” She flopped back down on her bed, remembering her phone had buzzed earlier.


Sitting up and rolling her legs off the bed, she reached for her cell phone, flipping it open and expecting to see a message from anyone but who she did.


“Sorry. Work called. Check kitchen before you leave. I miss you already. Will call later. xoxo.”


Cindy stared at the message, committing it to memory, debating whether to text back or not when her phone rang. Without looking she picked it up.


“Where are you?”


“Good morning to you too, Jill.”


“Breakfast. Papa Joe’s. Remember?” Cindy slapped herself on the forehead.


“Oh God! I’m sorry! I’m on my way, seriously.”


She could hear Claire in the background, “Tell her to kick that gorgeous federal agent out of her bed and get her butt her…pronto! We need details. I live vicariously after all.”


Cindy felt her mouth fall open, already assuming the blonde had spilled it, “How the hell does she know that? Jill!!!”


“Hey, it wasn’t me. It must be a mom thing. But, she has a point. We need details. The dirty details, of course.”


Cindy rolled her eyes, “Fine. Give me 20 minutes.”


Cindy took the fastest shower in history before racing out the door to meet her friends. Halfway to her car, she remembered Emily’s message but didn’t take the time to go back inside. 




“Where’s Lindsay?” Cindy slid into their regular booth next to Claire.


Jill shrugged, “Guess she’s a no-show. I’ve texted and called, threatening within an inch of her life or at least threatening that she’d have to buy next time, but nothing. You know, she really needs to dump this workaholic routine.”


Claire quirked her eyebrows, before taking a sip of her coffee, “We are talking about the same Lindsay here, right? Besides maybe she was just up late talking to Pete.”


Jill curled her lip in disgust at the mention of his name, “No, no way. Lindsay is not the phone sex type. However, someone else at this table might be.” Jill looked pointedly at the redhead with her eyes glued to the menu unable to hold back the smirk.


“Phones are not necessary, nor required. I like the hands-on approach.”


Claire practically spewed her coffee across the table, but blocked in time with a napkin.


“That was close,” Cindy quipped.


Jill shook her head, taking a nibble of her croissant, “Don’t snark and run. Come on, is tall, dark and mysterious as good as she looks?”


Cindy’s cheeks turned several shades of red as she hesitated to answer. 


“I’ll take that as a yes. Are you sore?” Cindy gave up and slapped her hands over her eyes. 


“Dear God, Jill!” Claire kicked Jill under the table and glared at her.


“Ow! What?! Oh, don’t act like you don’t want to know,” the blonde motioned at the glaring medical examiner, “You should have heard all the naughty things her mind had the two of you doing earlier. I even blushed.”


“Fine!” Cindy threw her hands up in the air, “Yes, and dear God, yes, to your questions, but I’m not telling you anything else.”


Jill grinned wickedly, “Fine. I’ll ask. You just answer. Fingers? Tongue?”


Cindy’s eyes grew wide and remembered a few more scenes from the night before, a wicked smile crossing her face. Jill’s mouth fell open, “BOTH!”


“Jill, shhhhhh,” Cindy looked around at the questioning looks.


Claire took pity on the younger woman and wrapped a motherly arm around her shoulders, “Honey, never mind our ill-mannered friend. We’re just glad you’re happy. Agent Prentiss is definitely high caliber and you only deserve the best.”


“Thanks, Claire,” Cindy stuck her tongue out at Jill.


“Put it away, short stuff, unless you want me to get started again,” Jill pointed at Cindy, making all three laugh.


The fun was cut short when Jill’s phone buzzed. She looked down expecting it to be Denise demanding that she get her slacker ass into the office, but when her eyebrows scrunched together in obvious concern, the other two sat up straight, looking at each other.


“What’s wrong?” Claire asked.


“It’s Lindsay. She sent a 911 and told us to get to the station ASAP,” she looked up at the redhead, “and bring Cindy.”




All three women came rushing into the station. The entire place was buzzing, groups were huddled together talking. As they passed, some turned to look at Cindy. She had an uneasy feeling, but with the encouragement of Jill’s hand in the small of her back, she kept moving to the back of the precinct to the temporary office of the BAU.


Lindsay was leaning over with both hands placed firmly on the desk in front of her, in an apparently intense conversation with Aaron Hotchner. When the blonde agent informed Lindsay that Cindy was here, Lindsay quickly exited the room, intercepting her before she could hear what was being said.


“Cindy, when was the last time you saw Agent Prentiss?”




Lindsay shuffled nervously, “Was she with you last night?”


Cindy stumbled over the words, the anxiety building in her, and a bit annoyed that her personal life was being blurted out for the whole world to hear, “Wha…what’s going on, Lindsay?” The doors opened behind her as the agents filed out of the room, coming directly for her.


“Please, Cindy, just tell me.”


Cindy started to feel a little afraid as the intimidating agents surrounded her, “Yeah, yes, of course she was with me last night? You saw me leave with her. Why does it…?”


“When was the last time you saw her?” Morgan’s jaw clenched in obvious frustration as he crossed his arms. Cindy really noticed for the first time that he had arms the size of pythons and for some reason right now, that didn’t make her feel any better.


Shaking her head, she thought hard, “The last time I physically saw her was around 4:30am, but I got a text from her several hours ago.”


“We’ll need to see that message,” Hotch left no room for discussion, “Reid, take the phone, analyze the message and see if there is any hidden meaning in it. She could be trying to let us know something.”


All of the agents started to turn and get to work, leaving Cindy even more confused and worried than before, “Whoa! Wait up. Will someone please tell me what the hell is going on here?”


Hotch started to say something, when Lindsay put her hand up to stop him, “I’ll do it.” She turned to Cindy, “Agent Prentiss was supposed to be here two hours ago. She never showed up. Nobody except you has seen her since last night.” She paused briefly to let the information sink in, “We think something may have happened to her.”


Cindy shook her head, “Maybe traffic slowed her down or she got sidetracked doing something else.”


JJ spoke quietly from the back of the group, “Emily’s never been late…ever. She even worked last year when she had the flu. Her job is everything to her. If anything had kept her from getting here and she was able to contact us, she would have.”


Cindy refused to believe it, “There has to be a good reason for this.”


She looked at Lindsay with pleading, tear-filled eyes, automatically leaning into her shoulder for support, “And we’re going to find out what it is. I promise.”




The pain hit her with blinding white intensity yet Emily couldn’t see, the material over her face blocking out all light and images.   She could hear shoes shuffling on the cold cement floor though and a steady, persistent drip of water in the corner. She attempted to lift her arms, but they felt like they were as heavy as lead. When she moved her head, setting off a wave of stomach-turning nausea, her worst fears were realized. She wasn’t bound, but she was drugged, making it almost impossible for her body to react quickly, much less with any kind of force. She was going to have to think of another way out of the situation.


Before she could form a question to ask of the silently hovering form, a boot pressed to the side of her head, holding her down and sending throbbing jolts of pain through her skull.


“You’re very pretty, yes, but you won’t be when they finally find you.”


Emily spat out under the boot, “Who the hell are you?”


“You’ll find out soon enough, but for right now, we’re going to have a little fun. Actually, you won’t have any fun. You’ll just beg for mercy and a quick death. I, however, will have a lot of fun at your expense.”


With that, the boot pushed down slightly adding just enough pressure to make Emily scream.


“You’re making a big mistake,” Emily ground out from under the sole.


“No, you made the mistake, Agent Prentiss. You came between me and Cindy. Now, I have to get you out of the way.”


Emily’s heart hammered in her chest at the words and she made a rash move to grab at the foot on her. Instead, the foot slipped from her, angering her kidnapper. Her reward was a boot to the stomach that knocked the wind out of her. Her body automatically curled in on itself in an attempt at protection. Unfortunately, it left her head open and vulnerable allowing her assailant to pick her up by her hair with one hand and punch her with the other. Almost instantly, her eye began to swell from the well-placed punch.


The profiler crawled as best she could weak and hurting away from the source of the affliction. She tried to use the break to further assess her situation. She could hear cars and horns, but they were low and distant confirming that she was well-hidden from potential rescuers. It was also safe to estimate that it was still daylight out based on the sounds so she hadn’t been out long. The last thing she remembered was walking away from Cindy’s apartment, looking down to send her a quick text before she got in her car. An errant thought had her wondering if Cindy got her surprise. Everything after that up to this point was blank. She must have been ambushed. She didn’t recall hearing any sound or even voices. 


Quickly her mind formulated a plan. Warning bells would sound for the team when she didn’t show up for the briefing this morning, meaning they would probably intensify the search for this unsub. She had to buy herself some time and try to gain an advantage over her opponent. If she feigned sleep, she may be able to wait for the drugs to wear off enough to fight back or she could simply pretend to be unconscious until her team arrived. However, she needed to make that a believable possibility.


Looking in the direction of the shuffled movement, she sneered, “There’s no way you’re going to get away with this. Not only am I going to kick your ass when this shit wears off, but you’ve broken a handful of major federal laws. Kidnapping and assaulting a federal agent, and so far you’ve threatened to kill me.” Emily laughed maniacally at the thought, “Oh, you are so fucked!”


The steel cold voice was over her now, “You see, that’s really bad news for you and your little Cindy because that just means I have nothing left to lose.”


A crack of wood against Emily’s ribs made her scream in agony. She fell over onto her back, gripping as best she could at her broken ribs, the burning sensation of air struggling to go into her lungs making her mind block all stimuli except the throbbing in her body. In this state, she couldn’t anticipate the boot coming at her jaw.


The last thoughts she had before she blacked out was that she needed to roll over on her side so she wouldn’t choke to death on her own blood and the image of Cindy sleeping this morning before she left. Now she wished she had woke her and let her know how she felt. At this rate, she wasn’t sure if she’d ever get the chance.

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Title: The Unexpected, 9/?

Fandom: WMC/CM Crossover

Pairing: Emily/Cindy; Cindy/Lindsay and Emily/JJ implied.

Rating: NC-17, FINALLY! I hope it was worth the wait.

Disclaimer: Don’t own a damn thing so don’t sue.

Warnings: This is un-beta’d. All mistakes are mine.

AN: Thanks to my friends and everyone reading. You knew I wouldn’t let you down! 



Emily tugged the redhead out into the crisp night air. Walking hand-in-hand, she purposefully ignored the stares of Hotch and Rossi in the car across the street. 


She raised her free wrist closer to her face, being subtle about the motion, “I’ve got it from here, Hotch. I’ll see you in the morning.”


Hotch raised an eyebrow at Rossi, who was fighting a knowing smirk from showing, “What, Aaron? It’s a smart move. She’s drawing the unsub out of hiding.”


Hotch turned back to see Emily pinning Cindy against the wall, “Can’t say she takes her job lightly.”


One block down, Jacobi snickered, “This is a side of Cindy I never expected to see.”


Lindsay squirmed in her seat, remembering the taste of Cindy’s lips. She had no right to be, but she was feeling the twinges of jealousy poking at her. She pushed it away though knowing that whether out of cowardice or comfort, she was sticking to the known path her life was taking. Pete was a good man, and it wasn’t that she didn’t care, but having him on the other side of the world while she chased the worst that humanity had to offer was comforting for her. She couldn’t live, day in and day out, wondering if someone she gave her heart to would be taken from her. Pete was safe and Lindsay couldn’t take anymore pain or loss, not now.


Silently, she started the car and pulled away from the curb. 




Cindy pulled back with a gasp, looking into the endless depths of Emily’s eyes. She studied her face, letting her fingers run along the elegant planes and dipping into the hollow spaces beneath her chin.


“You’re beautiful.”


Emily smiled, leaning in to softly kiss her one more time, “You’re drunk, but the feeling’s mutual.”


Cindy looked at her with a smirk, “You do realize that you just kissed another woman in front of your boss. I think the argument could be made that you’re the drunk one.”


“Only if I’m drunk on you.”


Cindy’s heart flipped at the look in Emily’s eyes, “God, stop that! You’re quite literally charming the pants right off of me.”


Emily bit her lip, “I hope so.”


Cindy pulled away and started walking to her car, never taking her hand away from Emily’s. When they got into the relative silence of the garage, she slowed to walk beside Emily.


“What’s this about, Emily?”


Emily scrunched her eyebrows together, “I’m not sure I know what you mean.”


“You do know what I mean,” Cindy leaned against the door of her car when they got close enough, “I’ll admit that when I first saw you, I was immediately attracted to you. You’re…stunning. But, I didn’t feel anything mutual coming from you. So, again I ask you, what’s this about?”


Emily closed her eyes, obviously gathering herself together, before moving to lean against the car next to Cindy.  


“Emily?” The brunette looked up into Cindy’s warm brown eyes. “I don’t randomly sleep with women, but I really want to do this with you and I need you to talk to me.”


“Now I see why you’re a reporter. You could make a concrete wall spill its secrets.”


 Cindy held her gaze, refusing to let her get away with it. 


Emily held up her hands in surrender, “Alright, I give.” She took a deep breath before continuing, “I have this thing about not letting people in. It’s something I’ve always done. I don’t try to be this way. I just am, and sometimes it’s misunderstood.”


Cindy nodded, “With the job you do I imagine that’s helpful. You haven’t always been like that though. You had to become that way. It sounds like a survival tactic.”


“You could say that,” Emily fought the walls from instinctively coming up, slowly she told Cindy more, “My mother…she’s, how can I put this, really well-known in political circles. Okay, that’s an understatement. She IS politics. She’s an ambassador, and I spent my life hiding my feelings, who I am, because I didn’t want to harm my mother’s political career. I certainly didn’t want my life to become fodder for anyone to use against her. And depending on where we were stationed, it could have even been dangerous. To all of us. You were right, it is a survival tactic, and it just kind of stayed with me.”


“That’s a good start.”




“Yeah, start. There’s a lot more to your story than that, but I’ll let it slide for now.”


Emily laughed out loud at Cindy’s mock seriousness, “I tell you what, firecracker. I’ll tell you more when you tell me more about this thing with you and Inspector Boxer.”


Cindy’s eyes got big as saucers, “How did you…?”


Emily tilted her head to the side and cocked an eyebrow. Cindy buried her face in her hands, “God, I AM a terrible liar!”


“Yes, but you’re an adorable one.” Emily stopped all further conversation with a slow, deep kiss. Stepping back, walking backwards to her rental car, she smirked at Cindy, “I’ll follow you.”




Realizing she was driving in a haze, Cindy looked in her rearview mirror and could catch an outline of Emily with her hand resting on top of the wheel. She thought about those hands and the tips of her own fingers tingled. She gripped the wheel a little tighter and tried to will away the butterflies in her stomach. If Emily’s kisses were any indication, she was going to be lucky if she could walk tomorrow. Good God, Cindy thought. The images running through her head made her squirm.


“No pain, no gain, Thomas.”


She pulled up to her apartment and cut the engine, watching as Emily effortlessly got out behind her. Together, they walked to the door and Emily held back a laugh as Cindy fumbled, dropped, and fumbled again with her keys.


Cindy threw her keys on the kitchen counter and ran her hands through her hair, “Jesus, I’m really blowing this.”


“Hey,” Emily stepped up behind her, wrapping her arms around the smaller woman, “there’s nothing to prove here.”


Cindy leaned back, letting out a deep sigh, as she relaxed into the strong arms of the other woman. She noticed her body curved perfectly into Emily’s, Emily’s hips nestled just above her own and her breasts were distractedly brushing against Cindy’s shoulders.


“I didn’t expect you,” Emily whispered, as if she was talking to herself. “This. I never expected this. I compartmentalize everything and everyone. I did it partly to protect those I love, like my mom, but I did it to protect myself too. As long as I shut down, I couldn’t be disappointed or hurt. I don’t want to be hurt, but I don’t want to live like that anymore either. I can’t.”


Emily’s voice broke with emotion and Cindy turned in her arms. She reached up to push Emily’s hair away from her face, “You don’t have to guard yourself with me.”


“I want you to know. I did notice you, right away. It wasn’t that it wasn’t mutual. I just didn’t let you see it.” Cindy wrapped her arms around Emily’s neck, enjoying the feel of the dark hair running between her fingers.


“Better late than never,” she pulled the taller woman down and teased her lips with a soft kiss, until she parted her lips, letting Cindy in. Cindy closed her eyes, losing herself in a taste that was as complicated as the woman in her arms. She was a dichotomy. Sweet and salty, hard and soft, raw yet tender, pliant yet aggressive. 


Cindy broke the kiss feeling overwhelmed with conflicting emotions. She wanted Emily. She wanted her in a hard, rough and tumble kind of way, but she wanted to feel the soft touches and kisses too. She wanted to take her time, memorize every sensation, and commit every kiss to memory. The animal part of her, however, some primitive beast rearing its ugly head after a few millenia of evolution, wanted to rip Emily’s skin tight shirt off with her teeth and leave marks down her milky white back.


She shook her head, looking into the dark eyes that simmered with a barely restrained desire. She traced a finger along Emily’s exposed collarbone and slowly slid it along the top curve of her breast, disappearing in the abyss of cleavage in front of her. She noticed the quick intake of breath from Emily and with a renewed sense of confidence, used her roaming hand to undo two buttons, her mouth following the trail of her touch.


Emily looked down at Cindy as her tongue snuck out to tease along the edge where her bra met skin. It was all she could stand. She pulled Cindy back up to look at her.


“Let’s take this to the bedroom.”


She followed Cindy down the hall, undoing a couple more buttons on her blouse as she went. Cindy turned and smiled at Emily, who was leaning against the door frame watching her, looking like she had stepped out of some cheesy lesbian romance novel.


“You know, I think I would be happy if you just stayed right there, never moved, and let me stare at you all day and all night.”


Emily pushed off the door frame, her voice low and slightly dangerous, “That’s all it would take to make you happy. Certainly Cindy Thomas needs more than that to be completely satisfied.”


Cindy gulped, “Well, I say ‘happy’ but you say ‘completely satisfied.’ Actually, those are very different concepts for me.”


“Hmmm, I’d hope so. Tell me, what would completely satisfy you, Cindy?” Emily sat on the bed and leaned back on her elbows so she could look up at Cindy.


“Would it be too trite to say you?”


“Under ordinary circumstances, I’d probably say yes. But this is anything but ordinary, and I intend to be the one and only thing that can satisfy you tonight.” Cindy felt the implication of the words hit her low.


“How do you propose to do that?” Emily sat up, pulling Cindy by the waist of her skirt so close that Emily could have licked her stomach if only she had stuck out her tongue. She ran her hands up the outside of Cindy’s thighs and under the skirt.


“Slowly and thoroughly, taking painstaking detail to leave no territory uncharted.” Emily’s fingers teased along the silk fabric of Cindy’s panties where it met the crease of her thighs. She slid the fabric down over Cindy’s thighs, helping her step out it.


Emily raised Cindy’s skirt and leaned over, nibbling at Cindy’s hipbone. Cindy couldn’t stop the automatic reaction of her body arching into Emily or her hands slipping into the dark hair to hold her in place.  Emily unzipped the skirt and quickly removed it, leaving a path of kisses following where her hands had been and then back up to Cindy’s stomach. The quick gasps and low, throaty moans were driving Emily crazy. She could feel a steady throbbing ache building inside her with each arch of Cindy’s body.


With one hand at the base of Cindy’s back, she held her in place while her other hand pushed up Cindy’s shirt, exposing more skin to Emily’s mouth. Cindy must have helped her at some point, because she didn’t remember unbuttoning or removing Cindy’s shirt, but she looked up to see the gorgeous redhead in nothing but a white lace bra, so stark and bright against the tan skin that it almost glowed.


She watched Cindy, head hanging down and red hair obstructing her face, while she gently stroked her nipples through the thin material. Cindy reached down and placed her own hand over Emily’s, applying the pressure where she wanted it, before reaching around behind her back to undo the snaps of her bra.


Emily watched in awe as Cindy put her own hands back on her breasts, guiding her fingertips over tightening nipples, and tugging on them. Placing a hand to the back of Emily’s neck, Cindy urged Emily to suck her breasts. Emily circled her tongue along the outside, teasing the nipple until it was painfully erect and then taking it into her mouth. Cindy’s head fell back at the sensation of Emily’s mouth on her.


“Oh Emily,” she moaned, “Mmmmm, harder.” Emily pulled her in deeper, until Cindy’s nails began to dig into her back. She let up and moved to the other breast until she got the same reaction. Wrapping her arms around Cindy’s waist, she effortlessly moved the smaller woman onto her lap then turned and laid her on the bed.


Kneeling over Cindy, Emily stripped off her shirt and quickly stood to take off her jeans, before sliding back up over Cindy’s body. Cindy pulled her down into a deep kiss. She nudged Emily’s head to the side and kissed along the base of Emily’s ear, letting her tongue tickle the sensitive spot behind her earlobe. Emily let out a shuddering sigh. She felt Cindy guide her hips to the side until she was straddling one of her thighs and when Cindy moved her kisses back up along her neck, her thigh involuntarily slid along Emily’s wetness.


“Oh God…Cindy,” she pushed down to increase the friction. They built up a steady rhythm, until Emily buried her head in Cindy’s neck, “Oh Cindy.”


Cindy groaned with need but she wasn’t quite ready yet. She pulled back and deliberately removed the contact of her thigh, only to replace it with two fingers effortlessly sliding inside Emily. Reaching down, she grabbed Emily’s hand showing her she needed her touch. When Emily entered her, she leaned up whispering in Emily’s ear, “More.”


Cindy wrapped a leg around Emily’s waist giving her better access, “Is that good?” Emily panted.


“God, yes,” Cindy sighed in perfect contentment, her body working on automatic pilot as the pressure inside her built up, her hips and hand moving in sync with Emily’s thrusting fingers. Each watched the other, gasping and panting, muscle and bone burning and aching for release. With her free hand, Cindy wrapped her fingers in Emily’s hair and pulled her into a kiss, muffling the sound of their screams.

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Title: The Unexpected, 8/?

Fandom: WMC/CM Crossover

Pairing: Emily/Cindy; Cindy/Lindsay and Emily/JJ implied, if you squint really hard.

Rating: PG/maybe PG-13 for now.

Disclaimer: Don’t own a damn thing so don’t sue.

Warnings: This is un-beta’d. All mistakes are mine.

AN: I think I’ve lost some of my readers thanks to my delays in posting. I’m trying to work faster on this, I promise.



JJ slammed the door open against the wall when she entered the bathroom, making Emily a few steps ahead of her jump.


“Jesus, JJ! What the hell is your problem?”


“My problem is you,” JJ crossed her arms and leaned against the wall on the other side of the room.


Emily shook her head, a sad smile crossing her face, “I’m not your problem anymore, JJ. You made a choice, and it wasn’t me. You don’t get a say-so anymore in what I do.”


JJ looked down and shuffled the toe of her shoe against the floor. When she looked back up, tears were in her eyes, “It wasn’t supposed to be like this.”


Emily threw up her hands, her voice straining not to raise where it could be heard by others, “How was it supposed to be, JJ? I can’t imagine any potential scenario that works well for all involved. Somebody was going to get hurt, and I refuse to let it be me.”


JJ bit her bottom lip, “But that could still happen. If you do this, if you put yourself in the middle of this, you could.” She fought a new surge of tears, “And I don’t think I could stand losing you, Em.”


“You already did, Jay. Now you just have to let me go, like I let you go.” The words hit JJ like a physical blow and what little control she had shattered as she slipped down the wall and cradled her head as she cried. Emily fought the overwhelming urge to reach for her, her nails digging ruthlessly into the palms of her hands. She knew she had to end this, cut it off before the whole team was ruined and before either of them did something that couldn’t be taken back.


Silently, she left the way she had entered, leaving JJ to find her own way.




Cindy pulled her little red car into the parking garage and looked in the mirror one last time to check her lipstick. With a sigh, she exited and adjusted her skirt, a short little number that she hadn’t put on in a long time. When she left the garage and started down the street, she saw a couple of non-descript dark cars along the street and sure enough as she got closer to one a familiar dark head came into view. With a slight smile and a barely visible thumbs up, Lindsay signaled that she had Cindy covered.


She supressed the smile on her own face, not wanting to give anything away to anyone watching her. She had taken a chance earlier that day, but she didn’t…couldn’t regret it. It almost surprised her that she and Lindsay were closer than before. That wasn’t what she expected, but it was a welcome opportunity. Like the two of them had their own little secret now. Cindy knew nothing would come of it, and that wasn’t the point. She simply knew that she had to put all the cards on the table. She needed Lindsay to know everything, and now that she did, it was like a weight was lifted from Cindy’s shoulders. She was practically giddy.


As she approached the door of the bar, she instinctively shuffled through her purse to get her ID. Apparently, being assumed to be twelve didn’t reside as the sole belief of the SFPD. The bouncer, Trish was her name as Cindy recalled, happily lit up as Cindy approached.


“Ahhh, my favorite redhead! How are you, Cindy?” She waved her hand at Cindy when she reached out with the ID. “That’s not necessary. If I don’t know by now that you’re legal, then my old mind is more feeble than I thought.”


Trish ran a hand through her short salt and pepper hair, and she had an infectious smile that distracted most people from the fact that “bouncer” was merely a courteous title. The only real damage Trish could do was whack someone with her cane. Not that she couldn’t do it. Cindy had seen it with her own eyes her second time at the bar when a tattooed, biker chick got smart with Charley, the bartender. She was sure the biker was still feeling the sting of that hit.


“Thanks Trish.”


“No problem, honey. Go, have fun!” The older woman watched as Cindy took a seat at the bar.


Charley waved from the other end of the bar, “Hola, chica! Whatcha havin’ tonight?”


For a moment, Cindy was stumped and not sure if it was smart to drink tonight. In her hesitation, she didn’t see the woman walk up behind her, “Whatever the pretty lady wants, I’ll buy.”


Cindy spun around to see the playful dark eyes of Agent Prentiss, checking her out. Cindy did a double-take. Checking her out? Sure enough, she watched as Emily scanned down her body then back up, adding a lick of her lips at the end. If that wasn’t distracting enough, Emily had done a 180 from her previous work attire. She had on skin tight jeans riding low on her hips and black boots with a complimentary tight black shirt that showed all her curves and a sinful amount of cleavage.


Emily smiled at the stunned redhead and leaned in to end her misery, “Play along with me.”


Cindy gave a nervous smile, “That shouldn’t be hard.”


Charley smiled knowingly at the exchange, “So, what’s it going to be, kiddo?”


Cindy gave her a death glare for the kiddo comment, only making Charley smirk harder, “For that, you can get me a Long Island.”


“Living it up tonight, huh? That’s a far cry from a rum and Coke,” she laughed as she walked away. Cindy made a mental note to get even with the evil bartender.


“Rum and Coke?” Emily quirked a dark eyebrow, enjoying adding to Cindy’s indignation.


“Don’t…don’t even go there, Agent Prentiss.”


Emily held up a finger, “Shhh, not so loud.”


“Sorry,” Cindy fiddled with the rim of the glass now in front of her.


“It’s okay, and please, call me Emily.”


Cindy felt a soft hand stroke her arm and she realized that playing undercover cop wasn’t going to be nearly as painful as she had once thought, now that Emily was playing with her, “Okay…Emily.”




JJ rounded the corner and nearly ran over Garcia, “Oh god, Garcia! I’m so sorry!”


The tech goddess saw the red-rimmed eyes of her friend, “Nothing’s broken, I’m okay. But I’m not so sure about you. Honey, what’s wrong?”


JJ mentally kicked herself for not taking a few more minutes in the bathroom to get herself together. She should have known that Garcia sees and knows all.


“I’m fine. Really,” she tried to wave her hands around and gave Garcia an unconvincing smile, “Stupid contact. It’s been giving me fits.”




JJ held up her hands, “I can’t. Not right now, okay? Please.”


Seeing the barely controlled pain in JJ’s blue eyes, Garcia acquiesced for the moment, but this wasn’t the end of the story.


“Sure. Whatever you say, JJ.”


“Thanks.” JJ started to walk away when Garcia stopped her.


“Actually, I was looking for you anyway. Morgan and Reid are in the briefing room. It seems they have some info to share.”


JJ gratefully walked off with Garcia, glad to have something else to focus on for the moment.




When JJ and Garcia entered the room, Hotch and Rossi, who had joined Lindsay on surveillance outside the bar, were just coming on the line.


“Don’t start the party without us, boys.” Morgan smiled cheekily at his blonde buddy.


“And that just wouldn’t be a party worth having if you weren’t there.”


Garcia hip bumped Morgan, “Flatterer…don’t stop.”


“Garcia, what did you find from that other cam footage?” Ever serious, Hotch moved on like the joking hadn’t even occurred.


Garcia rolled her eyes at Morgan before whispering, “Remind me to buy him a spa treatment for his birthday. Dude needs to relax!”


Morgan barely withheld a chuckle, “Well, boss, I logged over 3,000 hours of footage outside the bar and aside from the random homeless guy stumbling through, there was no one of significance I could see checking out the place or the patrons. In fact, if anything, the bar is well supervised in and out by the bouncer.”


“Yeah, Patricia Stansfield, or Trish as she’s called by everyone. Reid and I talked to her earlier.”


“Well, Trish was a regular guest on my screen so if anyone saw anything it would be her.”


“Anything come of that convo, Morgan?” Hotch inquired.


“She recognized both of our victims and had seen them both leave with someone. She did verify that our last vic left with Catherine Holloman. She couldn’t give a clear description of the woman the other vic left with though. It wasn’t anyone she remembered being a regular. Dark hair, tattoes, that’s about all she knew.” Everyone was quiet as they processed the information.


Garcia went over to the computer and pulled up a chair. With a few taps, she had an image on screen of two women leaving the bar.


“Could this be who she was talking about?”


Morgan leaned into the screen, “Do you have a little magic left, baby girl? It would be really helpful if you could get a clean image then we could run it through the system and look for a match.”


“You got it!”




Emily looked around the bar as nonchalantly as she could, taking in general impressions of the patrons. If there was anything she could say about this bar, it was that there were no two of the same type. It was about as diverse as the city itself.


She ran her fingers up Cindy’s spine, giving a light tease at the base of her neck. Cindy fought down the shiver the touch caused, “Do you see anyone that stands out to you as odd?”


“Emily, I know we have to put on a show here, but you’re really distracting me. You really can’t expect me to answer serious questions right now.”


Emily smiled at Cindy’s reddening face, “That’s kind of the point. It needs to be realistic.”


Cindy groaned in frustration and Emily had to hold back an evil chuckle. She really shouldn’t be so mean, but in spite of the circumstances and her previous confrontation with JJ, she felt awfully flirtatious, even daring. 


Cindy did her best to focus without it looking like she was checking everyone out, “To answer your question, no. It’s a little hard to pick out odd and weird people at a gay bar, you know?”


“Mmmmm,” was all Emily said, lost in the soft skin along Cindy’s waist.


“Oh, so you do know,” Emily realized she had just walked into something.




Cindy pulled back from Emily’s definitely roaming hands, “I knew it! Damn, I’m good.”


Dark eyes grew worried, “Knew what?”


The liquor was going to Cindy’s head, making her less inhibited than usual, “It was the walk, by the way, that gave you away. You have that sexy, butch strut going on.”


Finally catching up to the conversation, Emily relaxed a little, smiling at the somewhat inebriated redhead, “I do.”


“Yes, you do, and it’s damn sexy, just so you know. Lindsay has that strut too, but she’s not gay. Butch, yes, but not gay.”


“Good to know,” Emily wasn’t sure if she was referring to her newfound awareness of being considered butch or that Lindsay wasn’t gay.


“Yep, and just think, you can do whatever you want right now and blame it all on your job,” Cindy blubbered out and then finished off the last third of her drink.


Emily grinned evily at Cindy, “So, I could kiss you right now and it would be the job’s fault.”


“Absolutely!” Cindy thumped the bar for emphasis.


Before she knew what happened, Emily’s lips descended on hers, and Cindy wasn’t sure if it was the effect of the liquor or the way Emily kisses, but she grabbed onto the other woman to keep from swaying. Her hands pulled at the loops of Emily’s jeans, drawing her in closer, until long fingers that had been caressing her neck and jaw finally slid into her red hair, tilting her perfectly so they could deepen the kiss.


After a few moments, Cindy pulled back, “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’ve kissed girls before.”


Emily bit her lip, her voice deep with the desire that had been stirred, “You’d be right.”


Cindy leaned in to whisper, “And just think of all the wonderful things that could happen tonight that you could blame on your job.”


With a moan, Emily leaned her forehead against Cindy’s, visibily fighting to get herself back into control. It would be so easy to forget what they were really here for.


“But I can’t, not while we’re chasing this guy.”


“You want to though.”


Emily couldn’t bring herself to answer, so she settled for sending Cindy an obvious message with another long kiss.


“Take me home, Emily. As long as I’m with you, I’m safe. Just stay with me. You can chase bad guys tomorrow.” Cindy ran her fingers along Emily’s ribcage, just below her breast, not so subtly urging the profiler to be her personal bodyguard.


Emily realized with a bit of absurdity that she was seriously contemplating going home with Cindy. In all of her planning, she hadn’t seen being seduced by a fiesty redhead reporter as a potential scenario. She chuckled at the situation, “How did you peg me so easily? Are you sure you’re not a profiler?”


Cindy smiled, her nose wrinkling adorably, “No, I’m just a reporter, but that’s pretty close.”


Emily laughed and, making up her mind, she tugged the smaller hand in hers as she led them out of the bar.

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Title: The Unexpected, 7/?

Fandom: WMC/CM Crossover

Pairing: Emily/Cindy; Cindy/Lindsay and Emily/JJ implied, if you squint really hard.

Rating: PG/maybe PG-13. There will definitely be some NC-17 at some point, but I’ll forewarn you.

Disclaimer: Don’t own a damn thing except what’s in my head! If I did, I wouldn’t have to write these fics to fill in the blanks.

Warnings: This is un-beta’d. All mistakes are mine.

AN: Apologies for the delay in getting a new update, but RL has this nasty habit of interfering with my writing time. It’s some ugly little word I keep hearing called “work.”
AN2:  This fic was nominated for Best Crossover over at the 2008 Criminal Minds Fan Fic Awards site.  First of all, whoever nominated me THANK YOU because I never get nominated for anything, so that's way cool.  Second, if you do like this fic, throw a vote down for me.  Against such great competition, I have no chance of winning, but I'd like to give it a shot.  Thanks guys!



Eight minutes and fifty-seven seconds later, Morgan’s cell came to life and with a knowing smirk, he held it out for all to hear.


“Whatcha find, sweetness?” 


“Looks like Catherine Holloman is one busy lady who likes the ladies, but she’s definitely not a killer.”


Hotch stepped forward, wanting to be sure before they moved on to another target, “And you’re absolutely sure, Garcia?”


“Check it out,” a few clicks were heard and across the room the computer projected on the screen came to life, making Lindsay jump since she was standing next to it, “Here’s the outside of the bar, from the Lafayette Street side. The woman on the left is our Ms. Holloman and though it’s a little hard to tell considering where her face is at,” Garcia giggled, while Reid looked away and JJ and Emily fought the urge to make eye contact, that one on her knees is our first vic.”


“And you know this how?” Emily’s voice was strained, shifting uncomfortably.


A few more clicks and the camera zoomed in and cleared up the image. Coming into view was a well-defined dragon tattoo just above the hip of the kneeling woman.


“That, my dear friends, is the same exact tat our first vic had.”


Lindsay ran her fingers through her hair, “What I’ve seen so far does more to incriminate Catherine Holloman than to clear her.”


“True,” Garcia’s voice held in the secret information for a very calculated one-two punch, a few more clicks were heard, “but this does.”


On the screen was a new image, already cleaned up and crystal clear, “This is outside Catherine’s condo, that’s a kiss goodbye, that woman turning and walking away is our vic.”


“Damn,” Lindsay muttered and slumped down into the nearest chair.


“Garcia, would you run the same images for the nights running up to the latest vic and let us know what you find? The bartender didn’t recall seeing her leave with anyone, not even the illustrious Ms. Holloman, but we need to see if anyone suspicious was in the vicinity,” Morgan asked.


“Sure thing, hon.” With that, Garcia was gone on her mission.


Emily stepped closer to the screen, “12:33 am. She wasn’t found though until that morning by a tourist.”


“Plenty of time to slowly snip each finger off,” Morgan chimed in with the gory details.


“Jesus,” JJ muttered from behind all of them.


Emily ignored her, lost in her thoughts. She drew a line down the middle of the whiteboard, “Okay, there are two possibilities here. One, either our unsub is some random person that wanders the streets at night, or two, he’s purposefully targeting his victims. He watches them. He knows where they frequent. He knows where they live. Based on what we know about the type of murder involved, ritualistic and detailed, we can safely rule out the random public.” She draws a big X over the random column.


Hotch completes the thought, “That leaves anyone who knows or has had some individual contact with the victim. We’ve cleared the bar owner. Nobody else was seen with her that evening.”


“Whoever it was though would feel driven to kill by the sight of two women together, angered so much by it that he had to kill to rid himself of the image,” Rossi added.


“So, it has to be someone who would have probably come in contact with the women that evening, even if it was just visual contact,” Morgan finished.


“There had to be hundreds, maybe even a thousand people, either in or near the vicinity of that bar that night. There’s no way we could find the perp out of that kind of number,” JJ stood and started pacing, her arms wrapped protectively around herself. Emily watched her, rhymically moving back and forth like a caged animal, when the idea struck her.


“Maybe there is.”




“No way!” Everyone turned at JJ’s outburst. The blonde pulled back her glaring eyes from Emily in time to avoid the concerned looks of her team, but not before the brunette noticed the barely concealed look.


“Why not, JJ?” Emily started, but not before Lindsay could interrupt.


“I’m with her,” the two women stood only a few feet apart, practically staring each other down, “If anyone should be doing this, it should be me.”


Lindsay knew the attempt to put the game back in her court was completely off base, but the idea of Cindy going into a dangerous situation without her by her side was inconceivable to the detective.


Morgan jumped in, “How long have you been with the SFPD, Inspector? How many times have you been quoted by the paper or had your picture in the paper? You’re far more likely to be spotted as a cop than Prentiss is.”


“It’s unnecessarily dangerous,” JJ looked at Emily with a dull sadness and a touch of something else, concern…worry. Emily wasn’t sure, but she would’ve given anything at one point if JJ had shown even a fraction of that emotion months ago. JJ continued, looking to Hotch for support, “We could just as easily do external surveillance on the club and have Garcia log any suspicious characters.”


“True,” Hotch started.


Emily waved off the concern, “No, this guy is driven by his hate. It takes a visualization of his target in a compromising, immoral situation to set him off. He needs to see Ms. Thomas before we can drive him out of hiding.”


“And we’re sure as hell not sending Cindy in without protection,” Lindsay crossed her arms, determinedly.


“Right,” Emily agreed quickly, making both women look at each other in a type of shock at finally agreeing on something.


“Prentiss is right,” Hotch settled the discussion, “Let’s get Ms. Thomas in here so we can get rolling with this.”


“If you don’t mind, I’d like to take care of it,” Lindsay stated.


With a nod, Hotch settled it, “Sure.”




Cindy was awakened from her nap on the couch to a soft knocking. The events of the last 48 hours had worn her out and all she wanted to do was crash when she was given the green light to go home. Cindy’s hands started to shake slightly when she reached for the door. Even though she had 24 hour watch outside, she couldn’t help but think twice before opening the door. 


Looking through the peephole, she saw Lindsay’s unmistakable dark hair. Cindy wanted to ignore the knocking now, but knew she couldn’t or else draw Lindsay’s worry and suspicion. She hadn’t talked to her since Lindsay had walked out the door of the interview room. Now, everything had changed between them and she wasn’t sure how to deal with it.


With resolve, she opened the door, “Hi.”


Lindsay had her hands in her back pockets and was rocking, nervously, on her feet, “Hey…can I come in?”


“Of course,” Cindy moved aside.


Lindsay moved into the living room but didn’t sit on the couch. Cindy stood at the entrance to the hallway, simply looking at her.




“Cindy,” they started at the same time.


“Cindy, let me…,” Lindsay struggled with the words, “I’m sorry…about the other day. I shouldn’t have stormed out like that. I should have talked to you.”


Cindy shrugged helplessly, emotion lacing her voice, “I should have told you.”


“I wish you had.”


“Me too. But, I didn’t want it to be weird between us. I wasn’t sure how you’d take it, and…well, now I know.”


“No, don’t. Cindy, it doesn’t bother me that you’re gay. Really. I guess I just feel like I didn’t really know you. I thought we were friends.”


Cindy stepped into the room, “We are. At least I hope so.”


Lindsay finally smiled, visibly relaxing, her shoulders slumping under the pressure, “Absolutely. Just don’t keep anything from me, okay? You can tell me anything.”


Cindy bit her lip. She fought the urge to rush forward and hug Lindsay. She missed her. She missed seeing her relaxed and smiling. It made her heart do a little leap. As if reading her mind, Lindsay stepped forward and wrapped her arms around the smaller woman’s waist. Cindy could have sworn her heart would simply stop if it didn’t jump out of her chest first.


Still holding Cindy, Lindsay became concerned at the unusual silence, “Okay, what’s up, Thomas? Something’s still going on in that head.”


Cindy swallowed. She knew this was stupid, but par for the course, she couldn’t stop her mouth once it got started, “Just how honest can I be with you, Linz?”


“Completely. Why? What’s up?” Lindsay pulled back to look at the redhead.


Forever seemed to stretch between them. Cindy felt like time had stopped as she memorized the look on Lindsay’s face, letting herself get lost in the dark eyes and soft lips. When her eyes zeroed in on Lindsay’s lips, the taller woman sighed her name.


“Cindy.” It was all Cindy needed to urge her forward, letting their lips softly touch. With a tilt of her head, Cindy deepened the kiss, making sure Lindsay had no doubt about her feelings. Lindsay closed her eyes only briefly before pulling back. Her hands on Cindy’s shoulders.


Cindy shook slightly at the moment passing. She saw the look in Lindsay’s eyes change from curiosity to regret, but Cindy couldn’t regret anything. A serial killer was on her list and she didn’t want to regret a thing.


“Now you know everything, Linz.” Before the brunette could respond, her phone chirped. It was a familiar ring that Cindy had heard more than once. Lindsay got a goofy grin on her face that she tried to stifle.




“Pete,” Lindsay took a couple of steps back and leaned against the column by the doorway, letting everything sink in. She silenced the phone and looked back up at Cindy.




“Don’t, Lindsay. I know.”


“We’re okay?”


“Yeah. We will be.”


Lindsay shrugged and shyly smiled at her friend, “I’m flattered.”


Cindy laughed, “You should be, Boxer!”


“Gee, smug much?”


Cindy held up her fingers about an inch apart, “Just a little bit.” Cindy smiled. They would be okay and it made her feel really good for the first time in a long time. 


Both women smiled at each other until Lindsay pushed off the wall, “I guess I better get going.”


“That’s it? You came by here just to apologize. The great Lindsay Boxer made a special trip to see yours truly, just to apologize.”


“Oh, I knew I forgot something! No, don’t flatter yourself. We have a plan. Well, actually, Agent Prentiss has a plan.”


Cindy sat on the arm of the couch, “And this would be the point where you’d tell me the plan.”


“Hope you have your dancin’ shoes because you’re going out tonight.”


“What? I thought I was practically under house arrest.”


“Not anymore. Whoever this guy is he seems to be compelled to act by seeing his target in compromising situations. So, you need to go out and get picked up by some hot chick.”


“In any other situation, I’d say hell yeah to that, and I’m good, but even I can’t guarantee getting picked up.”


Lindsay smiled knowingly, “I don’t think you’ll have a problem with that. Just show up. 9 sharp. The FBI will take care of the rest.”


“And you?”


“I’ll be close. Don’t worry.” With that, Lindsay turned and walked out the door.

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Title: The More, the Merrier

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Emily/Jordan/JJ…OH MY!!! (You all KNOW it HAD to be done!)

Rating: It’s a threesome…um, DUH!

Summary: JJ should knock before she enters.

A/N: This was supposed to be for Christmas, so it’s a tad late.

A/N2: This is for [info]sofia_lindsay so she won’t be so bored.


One of these days, JJ was really going to learn to knock before entering a room. She didn’t think it would be an issue showing up a little early to Emily’s annual BAU holiday party, but she had been horribly wrong. Now she sat in her car outside Emily’s condo at 4am, looking at the door, wondering where the hell her mind had been for the last three hours. How in the hell was she going to face Emily at work Monday knowing what had happened? An even bigger question was how was she going to stop the quivering deep inside every time she thought about Emily now? 


JJ heard the give of the click in the lock as she juggled the bowl of green bean casserole and plate of honey ham, a bottle of Merlot gingerly tucked under her arm. Every corner of Emily’s condo was tastefully decorated for Christmas. Like Emily, nothing was flashy or gaudy, but classic and unique. JJ had learned at last year’s party that every piece of Emily’s varied Christmas collection was gathered from her many trips abroad with her family. Even her tree was covered with ornaments carefully selected from about 50 trips between Paris to Belize and back again.


JJ couldn’t help but listen enthralled by all of Emily’s tales from her travels. She joked about sliding down a hillside in Brazil to reach a small village for the tiny red and gold ornament third from the left. Halfway through the story, JJ realized she had been staring at Emily’s mouth and had an urge to wrap her arms around the other woman, curl around her and listen to her stories for hours. The realization shocked her, but she pushed it away as a fluke or too much wine. Either was plausible or at least more acceptable than a little Occam’s Razor in your life.


She carefully set the dishes down on the island with bowls and plates of other food already prepared by Emily. She reached for a wine glass and the antique, solid silver corkscrew. It was a heavy son of a bitch, but JJ loved it! With a soft pop, the cork came out and JJ poured a healthy helping in her glass. She had nearly filled her glass when she heard a giggle from upstairs, then another and another.


JJ assumed Emily was upstairs still getting ready, but Emily NEVER giggled! She may laugh, a hearty laugh that JJ loved or quietly smile mischievously, but she did NOT giggle.


Then another voice, “Oh Emily!” almost made JJ drop her glass.


Curiosity overtaking her, she walked up the stairs as quietly as possible. Emily’s bedroom door was cracked and JJ gave in to the urge to peek inside, as a soft moan escaped through the opening.


JJ managed to cover her gaping mouth just in time to stop her audible gasp. Stretched out on Emily’s bed was a half-naked, enraptured Jordan, with an equally naked Emily standing over her.


Emily’s black tank top was being pushed up by one of Jordan’s roaming hands, while Emily pushed down her own black slacks.


“Please, baby, fuck me…hard,” Jordan moaned, as she wrapped her legs around Emily’s waist.


Emily reached between their bodies, making a motion slightly backwards, then forward again, “Is this what you want?”


Jordan thrashed her head from side-to-side, as Emily leaned over her, “Answer me or I’ll take it out.”


“Yes, oh fuck yes!” Emily smirked and placed a hand on each side of Jordan’s head.


That’s when JJ noticed it, the dildo firmly attached to Emily and even more firmly embedded in Jordan. It was too much information coming at JJ at once. She hurried to get away and ended up stumbling into what JJ would later assume was a very expensive vase. It went tumbling down the stairs in pieces, followed by JJ.


Emily and Jordan jumped at the commotion, “What the fuck was that?!”


Both women hastily pulled their clothes on and reached simultaneously for their firearms on the bedside table. They raced to the stairs and saw JJ in a heap, but breathing.


“JayJ!” Emily was at her side first, but JJ was already stirring, rubbing the side of her head.


“Oh shit, that hurt!”


“JJ, are you okay?” Emily noticed that Jordan was already going to the kitchen to get some ice for JJ’s head.


“Yeah, yeah, it’s just a bump, no blood. I’m good.” JJ was already making an effort to stand up.


“Whoa, take it easy. Here, sit on the couch.” Emily eased her over to the oversized sofa, as Jordan came up behind JJ.


“Here, JJ. This will help.”


JJ looked at Jordan in nothing but panties and a T-shirt and remembered why she took the fall down the stairs. She moaned, not at the pain, but the inevitable embarrassment coming. She looked up to see Emily crinkling her eyebrows at Jordan and then following her eyes to the top of the stairs, the realization hitting her dead on.


“Um, JayJ?”


“Don’t, Emily. Please.”


“You were…you saw…,” she looked at JJ with her head in her hands, a dark shade of red staining her tan cheeks, “you watched us.”


JJ dropped her head further into her hands and moaned harder.


When Emily didn’t say anything else and the room was deathly silent, JJ peeked up between her fingers to see a smirking Emily with her arm wrapped around Jordan’s waist.


“Did you enjoy the show, JayJ?”


JJ stood and raced for the kitchen and her glass of wine, “I think I need a drink.”


“Oh my god, JJ! You did!”


“Shut up, Em.” Emily leaned over the bar towards JJ as she downed her last gulp of wine, waiting for the blonde to look at her.


“Tell ya what, Jay. You stick around after everyone leaves and we’ll finish what we started. Your choice. Either way, it’s our secret.” As if on cue, the doorbell rang.


JJ stood stunned at their retreating backs as they left to finish getting dressed. She ran her hands through her hair. Holy shit, she thought.


Dinner was an awkward affair. She couldn’t stop looking at Emily and the knowing glances from Jordan. Damn if the other woman wasn’t actually smirking at JJ. Emily laughed and joked as if nothing happened or would happen, and it was driving JJ nuts. She was amazed that in a room full of profilers, no one caught on to the looks being exchanged between Emily and Jordan or her own withdrawn behavior.


In spite of the light conversation, she couldn’t get the image of Emily and Jordan in bed out of her head. The thought sent a rush of heat through her and against her better judgment she downed glass after glass of wine. She tried to focus on the jokes and laughter around her. She tried to get out of her head and enjoy the moment, but she kept seeing herself from Jordan’s point of view, under Emily, her legs wrapped around the other woman’s waist, her own head thrown back in pleasure.


When Hotch inquired about dessert, JJ found the perfect opportunity to extract herself from the situation.


“I’ll get it.” She was gone before anyone could protest.


Jordan looked at Emily, a flash of concern sending Jordan into action, “I’ll go help her.”


When Jordan peeked in the kitchen, JJ was leaning against the counter, her eyes closed and her lips a hard, thin line. She stepped closer but decided to keep her distance.


“Hey, you okay?”


JJ jumped at the voice and fought to regain her composure, “Oh yeah, I’m great!”


“You could fool me. You’ve hardly said two words tonight, and you look like you’re heading for the firing squad.”


When JJ didn’t respond, Jordan stepped closer to stand next to JJ, leaning her hip against the counter, “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, JJ.”


JJ nodded her head, “I know.”




JJ looked up into the endless depths of Jordan’s eyes and for a brief second she understood what Emily saw in her. She exuded a warmth, kindness, and tenderness rarely found in their line of work. JJ could see why they were good together.


“But,” JJ let out the breath she had been holding, “what if I want to?”


Jordan reached for her hand, lacing their fingers together, “That’s okay too.”


JJ could feel herself starting to shake at the meaning of her self-disclosure and Jordan reading her perfectly, stepped in front of JJ, raising her head with one hand.


“We’re all adults here, JJ. This is whatever you want it to be for this moment. Whatever you want or need can be granted here and it’ll stay here. That I can promise you.”


JJ’s nervousness gave way to a rush of desire at Jordan’s words, “Anything I want?”


Jordan smirked, “Anything. Think about it.”


Jordan turned to reach for a pie and hand another one to JJ, who was smiling widely at her, “That’s the problem! I’ve been thinking about it all night.”


Reid was the last one to leave, and in his naïveté suggested that he could drive a very tipsy JJ home.


“That’s sweet, Spence, but I think I’ll just sleep it off here. If that’s alright with Emily.”


Emily smiled at her, “Absolutely!”


Reid shrugged, “Okay, whatever. Later, ladies.”


Emily closed the door on his retreating back and leaned against the door, “Finally!”


“I second that!” Jordan walked up to Emily, claiming her lips in a possessive kiss. JJ swallowed hard, watching the scene from her spot across the room.


When Jordan broke the kiss off, she turned to look at JJ, while Emily began to nibble at her neck. She reached out a hand to JJ.


“Come here.”


She only hesitated slightly before rising from the sofa. None of it felt real to JJ. It was almost like this was all happening to another person, and she thought that was a shame because she really wanted it to be her.


Emily stopped her assault on Jordan’s neck to look at JJ, “I’m glad you decided to stay, Jennifer.”


Before JJ could respond, Emily’s lips descended on hers, touching lightly at first until JJ opened her lips to invite Emily in. That’s when Emily wrapped her arm around JJ’s waist and pulled her in closer, deepening the kiss. Jordan moaned at the sight, drawing JJ’s attention away from Emily’s lips. The look of desire and complete trust in Jordan’s eyes pushed away the last of JJ’s doubts as she leaned in to claim her soft, warm lips. 


“Let’s take this upstairs,” Emily nudged them. Jordan took JJ’s hand and led her away, as Emily watched.


When Emily clicked the bedroom door closed, Jordan was already in the process of undressing JJ. She could feel Emily’s eyes on her, burrowing underneath her skin, warming her from the inside out. Jordan’s hands caressed the space below her breasts before sliding over and cupping each, causing JJ’s breath to hitch.


Emily slipped her own shirt off as she approached the two women. She kissed each in turn, letting her hands wander over JJ’s bare torso. She leaned back to look into JJ’s blue eyes turned a deep indigo with desire. She was going to state the obvious that they wouldn’t do anything JJ wouldn’t want them to, but she wasn’t sure if there wasn’t anything JJ didn’t want.


“Perhaps we should all get a little more comfortable,” Emily started helping JJ do just that by unzipping her jeans. She stopped Emily’s hands when she began pulling them down.


“I think I’d like to watch first.” Emily and Jordan smiled at her.


“Anything you want, JJ,” Jordan reminded JJ of their earlier conversation before turning back to Emily and undoing the other woman’s pants. In moments both were naked and kissing as JJ sat on the bed and watched. JJ had never thought of herself as a voyeur, but right now, it was her new favorite sexual activity. JJ found herself lost in the image of roaming hands and mouths on bare skin. The moans and sounds making her squirm uncomfortably, until Emily pulled away from Jordan and made her way to JJ.


“The more, the merrier.” Emily pushed JJ onto her back and ran her hands up JJ’s thighs, reaching the apex of her thighs and applying a little pressure to make JJ moan. She slid her hands up to undo JJ’s jeans and pull them over her hips.


Jordan laid down next to JJ, running her fingers through blonde hair and caressing soft, tan skin. JJ couldn’t decide whether she wanted to focus on the hands building the ache between her legs or the one coaxing her into movement. Eventually, she gave in and reached up to pull Jordan down into a hard, deep kiss. She felt the other woman’s breasts brush her own as the kiss became more intense, the touches below more fervent.


Jordan pulled away and slowly began a torturous descent down JJ’s body, pausing to suck hard on her nipples and biting at the tender flesh underneath.


“Oh god!” Jordan’s hand joined Emily’s, teasing the sensitive skin just outside of JJ’s opening. As Jordan kissed down JJ’s body, Emily was working her way up, biting at the soft skin behind JJ’s knee then running her tongue along the crease to ease the slight pain her bite caused.


JJ couldn’t believe this was happening. She had to look to be sure it wasn’t all a dream or some wine-induced fantasy. Sure enough, there were twin dark heads kissing the inside of her thighs, pressing her legs further and further apart. JJ’s head slammed back on the bed as her fingers dug into the soft bedspread. When the mouths on her stopped moving, she looked down again to see Emily and Jordan engaged in a fierce kiss then they stopped and passed a knowing look between them.


Movement started again when one hand, JJ wasn’t sure which, teased her opening with a finger, while another stroked her clit. JJ was about to lose control and beg, even demand, for something, anything, to happen. It was all she could do to hold the rocking motion of her hips still to not make her need too obvious.


Not just one, but two, fingers entered JJ making her sigh in relief and renewed desire. Her body refused to be still as her hips met the fingers in a frenzied, rhythmic motion.


“Oh god, oh yes, oh fuck,” JJ panted. She was so close and she didn’t care anymore about who or how or why.


All movement stopped again, almost making JJ scream in frustration, until Emily stood above JJ simply looking at her.


“Do you need this, JJ?”




“Do you care how you get it?”


JJ barely hesitated, “No.”


But JJ wasn’t ready for what came next. The force of the dildo between her legs practically lifted her off the bed as she dug her nails into Emily’s forearms where she braced herself above JJ. Emily’s steady thrusts built the desire in JJ again, until she was tossing her head from side-to-side. She barely registered that Jordan was seated in a chair across the room, her hand busy taking care of her own pleasure.


“I want you to come for me, Jennifer,” Emily whispered huskily in her ear.


“Oh god…oh Emily,” her body shook as Emily words pushed her over the edge.


When the lights went out in Emily’s condo, JJ started up her car. She wasn’t sure what Monday would bring once she had to finally face Emily, but one thing JJ knew, this would be one holiday she’d never forget.



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Title: Taking Chances

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Emily/Jordan

Rating: PG, kind of fluffy

Summary: It’s time for JJ to return, and for Emily it may be her last chance.

A/N: You can thank a comment by[info]diane_nipson14 for inspiring this. I really hated the way Jordan just seemed to disappear at the end of the last episode “Normal,” so this kind of fixes it in my mind.


Emily was as stunned as everyone else to see JJ standing in the bullpen with Henry in tow. She was honestly excited about her returning, but when she saw a now familiar dark head disappear into JJ’s office, she felt a strange pang of loss and even fear.

She knew she had held her feelings for JJ inside, and she knew she had lost her chance with the blonde liaison. A small part of her knew it was for the best. JJ had Will and now she had Henry. No matter how much it hurt to let it go, she couldn’t deny that motherhood suited JJ. A larger part of Emily also was recognizing her self-imposed prison for what it was. For too long, she had locked herself away thinking if she didn’t love then she couldn’t hurt.

Seeing Jordan walk away from the group, she knew she was wrong.

Easing away from the team, she climbed the steps to JJ’s office. It was left cracked open, but out of courtesy, she knocked. Jordan turned and held a box in her hands. The same box Jordan had carried into JJ’s office on her first official day on the job.

“Hey,” Jordan set the box on the desk and began to pick up the small knick-knacks from around her. Emily smiled to herself realizing that Jordan must have taken some of Garcia’s advice about making a place your own. It was Garcia’s own way of forcing the ghosts of the dead out of her personal space. The team dealt with the ugliest parts of humanity, and saving a little piece of yourself sometimes made all the difference in separating the thin line between sanity and madness.

Emily had saved too much of herself, held too much back, trying to separate herself from the madness. All it did was separate her from everyone else.

She picked up one of Jordan’s toys, one of those dime-a-dozen stress balls, this one shaped like the head of Sigmund Freud, that could be found at any conference vendor table.

“I really enjoyed having you around, Jordan.”

“Thanks, Emily. Same here.”

“I mean,” she squeezed Sigmund as hard as possible in her hand, and let out a shaky sigh, “I, um, hate to see you go.”

“Yeah, but we knew it was going to happen eventually. Maternity leave can’t last forever after all.” Jordan held out her hand to Emily, motioning for her to give up the squeeze toy.

“Oh, sorry. Yeah, I guess you’re right.” Emily didn’t know what to do with her empty hands now so she put them in her pockets, as she teetered nervously from the balls to the heels of her feet.

Jordan moved around to the front of the desk and with a small smile, she crossed her arms and waited on Emily.

“See, the thing is Jordan, I’ve always been really reserved about, well…basically everything in my life, and I’ve realized that so many great things are passing me by. There are missed opportunities and lots of regret, and I’m really tired of that. I’m tired of holding everything in and not taking a chance and wondering if I had just said something, then everything would have been different, you know?”

Jordan looked at her confused yet slightly amused, “I think so.”

“Well, the thing is,” Emily’s hands just wouldn’t stay put and she tried to push down the nervous energy pumping through her, but it didn’t work, “the thing is, um, I wondered if, um, you’d maybe, if you felt like it or whatever and had the time or something, if you’d want-to-go-out-with-me-sometime.”

Emily finished in a rush and took a deep breath, waiting for Jordan’s reaction.

A slow, and,if Emily was honest with herself at the moment, one hell of a sexy smile spread across Jordan’s face, “Why, Emily Prentiss, I do believe you’re asking me out on a date.”

“Or, you know, it could just be drinks or coffee or something insignificant like that. It doesn’t have to be a big production or issue.”

Emily looked around quickly, wondering if there was a convenient hole she could jump into. Before she knew it though, Jordan had crossed the room and had taken Emily’s face in her hands, “I’d love to go out with you, Emily.”


Jordan leaned in and kissed her lightly on the lips, “Really.”


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Title: The Unexpected, 6/?

Fandom: WMC/CM Crossover

Pairing: Emily/Cindy; Cindy/Lindsay and Emily/JJ implied, if you squint really hard.

Rating: Probably PG/PG-13 for right now. There will definitely be some NC-17 at some point, but I’ll forewarn you.

Disclaimer: Don’t own a damn thing except what’s in my head! If I did, I wouldn’t have to write these fics to fill in the blanks.

Warnings: This is un-beta’d. All mistakes are mine.

AN: All blame is on those who keep poking me.

AN2: I’ve only visited San Fran once so I have no idea what the streets in the city are called. I basically made it up so just overlook that. 



Morgan slipped from the SUV, eyeing the nondescript bar in the bright light of day. He turned back to Reid, adjusting the strap of his permanently attached bag.


“Come on, kid!”


“I’ve never been in a gay bar before.”


“Come on,” he slapped Reid on the shoulder, “I’m sure it’s like any other bar.”


“Okay, I’ll put it like this. I’m not real familiar with bars in general.”


“Don’t worry. I’ll protect you from the big, scary lesbians.”




They entered the dimly lit bar and waited for their eyes to adjust to the darkness. Morgan sauntered up to the bar and the only person currently visible, a tall woman in a black tanktop and a flat top.


He flipped his ID open for her, “I’m Agent Derek Morgan and this is Dr. Spencer Reid with the FBI. We were wondering if we could ask you a couple of questions.”


“Ask away.” Reid produced two pictures of the victims.


“Have you seen either of these women before?” The bartender picked both up and squinted in the dark light.


“This one looks familiar. That one,” she pointed at the latest victim, “no. Never seen her before.”


“What do you remember about her?” Derek tapped the first picture.


“Quiet, didn’t come in much, but she always got noticed. I remember several women trying to buy her drinks.”


“Did she accept them?” The bartender picked up a glass to wipe down.


“Not all of them. Just one. One of our frequent flyers. She’s real suave. Never goes home alone.”


Morgan’s interest was piqued, “Really? Does she have a name?”


“Besides ‘Sweet Jesus’?” The woman smirked as Reid turned away embarassed. “Yeah. Her name’s Catherine. Catherine Holloman.”


“You know where we can find her?”


“Yeah, up those stairs. Last door on the right.” The bartender pointed to the office at the top of the stairs. Morgan and Reid looked at each other curiously. It couldn’t be this easy.




Morgan knocked at the half open door, “Ms. Holloman?”


“Yes? Come in.”


Morgan did the introductions and shook hands with the tall blonde. He never would have guessed in a million years that she was gay.


“We understand that you knew this woman.” Reid held up the picture.


“Briefly,” she smiled at the subtle innuendo, “Is she okay?”


“Actually, no. She’s dead.”


“Oh god. When? How?” Morgan’s gut already told him she was legit, but he had to follow the lead to its end.


“A couple of months ago. We think it was murder, perhaps a hate crime.”


“That would explain why she didn’t return my calls.”


Catherine sat forward, resting her elbows on her desk, processing the information, “And you’re here because…”


Reid popped up, “Statistically, victims tend to know their killers.”


“And you think I did it.” The woman was incredulous.


“No,” Morgan jumped in to correct Reid’s social fumbling, “but we think you may know who did and you may not even realize it. Killers, especially those provoked by an irrational hate of a group or type of person, tend to hide in plain sight. They get to know their victims and their routines. They watch them, letting their lives provoke them into acting out. It’s possible the killer watches women he knows are lesbians and when he sees them going home with other women, it angers him so he lashes out.”


“Has anyone odd been hanging around or has anyone complained about being watched or followed?” Reid asked.


The woman shook her head, “No, not that I’m aware of. Men are pretty rare around here anyway.”


“Do you have a doorman? Someone that may have seen anyone cruising the parking lot.”


“Trish is our bouncer, but she would tell me if someone suspicious was hanging around.”


“Do you mind if we talk to Trish?”


“No, not at all. She’ll be in this evening at 8 if you want to come back by.”


Morgan rose and shook her hand, “Thanks, we will.” He handed her a card, “If you think of anything, please let us know.”




The station was relatively quiet. Emily came in with an armload of folders, the dark rings under her eyes telling an untold story. She stopped short at seeing JJ in a chair at the conference room table, leaning over engrossed in the files in front of her, but quickly relaxed when Hotch appeared from around the corner.


“Morning, Prentiss.”


“Morning,” the files started to slide at the same time JJ looked up at her, but Hotch grabbed them before they hit the floor and placed them on the table.


“Thanks,” he looked at her concerned.


“You alright? You look tired.”


“I’m fine. Just didn’t sleep well. Lumpy mattress, you know?” Hotch grunted his understanding before moving to stand next to Rossi at the board. 


Emily quickly moved to the coffeemaker, determined not to make eye contact with JJ, who watched curiously from the corner of her eye. Emily closed her eyes, mentally preparing herself for a long day. She knew she needed to get the walls of her compartments back up. This case was far too important to let her personal issues get in the way. With resolve, she turned just in time to see Morgan and Reid come in. With a sigh of relief, she welcomed the bustle of new information. It was much better than silently rummaging over files across from the woman she told to fuck off last night.


In fact, she piped up first, “Did you guys find out anything?”


“Well, we have a couple of leads,” Morgan started, “One of the bar owners apparently knew one of our vics intimately. She bought her drinks. They went home together. Yada, yada. She seemed to be truly surprised by the murder, so we don’t think she’s a suspect after all. She didn’t notice any strange people hanging around, but the bouncer may have better info on that. We’re going to go back tonight to see if she saw anything suspicious.”


“It wouldn’t hurt to cover all of our bases. If no one saw the vic leave the owner’s place, her alibi doesn’t hold water,” Hotch thought outloud.


“You know, the city recently installed about a million dollars worth of security cams all over the city,” Lindsay called from the door.


“Morning Inspector,” Lindsay nodded at Hotch, “Do you think we can pull tapes for any cameras in the vicinity of this bar?”


“Sure, give me half an hour.”


“I have a better idea,” Morgan flipped his cell open, calling two floors up to Garcia’s new bat cave, “Hey, baby girl! Do me a favor?”


“Anything for you, my glorious hunk of hot chocolate!” Morgan laughed at the image.


“Pull any city sercurity cam footage near the intersection of Lafayette and St. Dominics for the evening before of our first vics murder. If you can get an image of the door or parking lot of the bar, even better.”


“I’ll get right on it, sugar.”


He turned to a stunned Lindsay, “Give her 10 minutes.”

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Title: We’ve Got Tonight

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Emily/Jordan

Rating: Maybe PG-13 (if it’s not smut, I have a hard time knowing)

Summary: The title really says it all.

A/N: There was this split second scene in 4.10’s “Brothers in Arms” near the end between Emily and Jordan and it stuck with me. I’ve been wanting to write something and maybe there will be more later just based on this nanosecond of a scene, but I was driving out for a training and heard this song. It fits that moment so perfectly for me. For those not familiar with the song that inspired me, it’s “We’ve Got Tonight” by Bob Seger (lyrics and vid at the link).


“Are you okay?” 

Her hands stay on my back, long after the deafening ring of the shots are gone, but it’s not until I turn to see her dark eyes burning into me with tunnel vision intensity, that I feel truly rattled. She wasn’t just a woman, not even a profiler or an agent or a coworker. At that moment, she was wounded. I could see it in the darkness in her eyes. Actually, I couldn’t see anything.   There was endless black behind those regal cheekbones and fine angular nose. My momma once told me that you could see The Light in a person’s eyes. Of course, she meant in a spiritual sense, but I don’t think momma was too far off the mark in this case either.

Something had wounded the seemingly indestructible Emily Prentiss, and now she was slowly dying inside.

This wasn’t okay.

Later that night, I stood outside her hotel room door, a bottle of wine rested chilling in the ice bucket in my arms and wondered more than once if I was being out of line or too friendly. I hadn’t known Emily long, but I had seen a fun, even flirty, side of her. To see her replaced by this other creature so empty and alone was more than I could handle.

With a new resolve, I knocked on her door. I heard steps moving toward the door, then retreat. I waited, unsure what to do. I raised my hand to knock again when the door opened.

“Hey! It’s kind of late. Is something wrong?” The apparent delay had been from making herself presentable, which in this case meant a black silk robe. Her hair hung down in damp loose curls from the shower she had only recently finished.

“No…no, um, nothing’s wrong. I just, um…” she watched me patiently, while I took a deep breath to gather my wits, “Look, this was a tough case for me. I said I was okay earlier, but I was…am kind of rattled from it still, and I had this crazy idea that it would be nice to sit down and act human and normal for a while.”

She hesitated, and I suddenly felt really stupid.

“But, I don’t want to intrude either. I can understand if you just want to be alone.” I turned, wishing there was a physical way to kick my own ass right now. There wasn’t a shoe big enough in the Western hemisphere to fill the void my mouth had just made.

“Jordan, wait.” I turned, and she was angling her head in that way I saw her do in the bar. “You’re right, it would feel wonderful to act human and normal for a little while. Come on, you’re dripping.” She pointed to the ice bucket, making an nice puddle at my feet. I rushed into the room and placed it on the tray next to hers.

“Shall I?”

“Yes, please,” she said a bit more emphatically than I expected.

I handed her a glass, “Plastic…classy.”

“Well, I like to live it up, what can I say?” Emily took a seat at the small table in the corner.

“You could say why you’re really here.” Oh, busted! I settled down opposite her, getting ready for either one of two outcomes. 

“A cut-to-the-chase type of woman. I like that. Okay, you got me, but only a little bit. I was rattled tonight, but it wasn’t the case that did it to me. It was you.”

I let the words settle while she stared a hole into the bottom of her plastic cut, already nearly drained. I reached to the dresser behind me for the cold wine bottle.

“More?” She nodded her approval so I topped her off. The silence was getting to be pretty obvious.

“Emily, you know conversations work better when two are involved. Talk to me.”

She looked at me this time. The pain so evident on her face. The eyes as haunting as before. “I probably shouldn’t.”

“But you know you want to. You work with profilers every day. Do you really think they can’t see, that they don’t sense something? I’ve only been around you for a few weeks, and I see it. They’re like your family.”

Emily played with the rim of her glass, one finger barely dusting the edge. She had a look of bemusement on her face, “Then why don’t they ask? Seriously, it’s not above Hotch or Morgan to want to know for the sake of the team or even Garcia just for the juicy gossip. Why you?”

I leaned back into my chair, feeling we were getting firmly into the preferred path I was hoping for with this conversation, “Family doesn’t always want to know the truth. Think of me as that crazy cousin who shows up once in like 20 years of family reunions, drunk as a skunk, and you know that you’d tell her anything because there’s no way in hell she’d ever talk to anyone else in the family, much less remember the conversation.”

This actually drew a laugh from Emily.

“I wouldn’t know about crazy cousins like that. It was only me and my parents. I didn’t even meet my maternal grandmother until she fell ill and that was three weeks before she died. She kept mixing me up with my mother.”

Some things were starting to click together for me, “So, the BAU is really like your first taste of a family.”

She nodded, finishing off her glass and reaching for the bottle. There was no way I was discouraging her if it meant she’d open up. “Do any of them know that about you?”

She shook her head emphatically, “No.”

“Why not?”

She sat up and rested her arms on the table, “It’s like you said, there’s just some things family doesn’t want to know and some things we can’t tell them.”

My spine tingled at the words. The door was creaking open to seeing inside Emily’s mind. Now I hoped I didn’t say the wrong thing.

“What can’t you tell them, Emily?” She looked at me half terrified, half surprised I dared, and totally off guard. The foundation in her dam was cracking, and I knew I was going to get caught in the tidal wave coming. Then it was gone, and she stood and started pacing. I panicked and grabbed her hand at her pass closest to me.

“Emily, don’t. Don’t shut me out.” She pulled at her hand, but I wouldn’t let go. “No. I’m not letting go.”

“Why not?” There were tears - real, warm, hot tears - on her cheeks, and I couldn’t stop myself from brushing them away. “Why not? When everyone else does.”

“Two reasons: you can trust me and you deserve to be free of this. Whatever this is that is eating you up. You deserve to let it go,” I took her face in both of my hands, “Let it go, Emily.”

She gripped at both of my hands as the tears started to fall freely. I saw the wave coming, 200 feet high and roaring in intensity, and I couldn’t stop it even if I wanted to. Truth be told, I didn’t want to. From the moment I saw her, I wanted to be swept away by her, by the force that is Emily Prentiss.

She wrapped her arms around me and wept onto my shoulder, “I loved her. I loved her too much and she broke my heart. Now she has a baby and she’s with him and…”

She nuzzled my neck, making my knees buckle, before pulling away, “I won’t get hurt like that again.”

I kept a grip on one hand, refusing to let her go, “You’re hurt and lonely, yes, Emily. But you’re not broken,” I tugged on her hand to get her to look at me, “And you’re not alone, not tonight.”

I pulled her back to me, her silk robe falling open tantalizingly. She didn’t bother to fix it and finished the effect by undoing the tie holding it loosely together.  She was completely naked, not even underwear, and my heart raced at the visual. I brushed her cheeks again with my fingers, this time with purpose and intent. I let myself feel the softness of her skin and the moisture of her lips, before brushing my own against them. It was a barely noticeable touch, but it rocked both of us to our foundations. An understanding passed between us. For tonight, we weren’t alone, if only for tonight. 

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Title: The Unexpected, 5/?

Fandom: WMC/CM Crossover

Pairing: Emily/Cindy; Cindy/Lindsay and Emily/JJ implied, if you squint really hard.

Rating: PG-13 or so for some bad language. There will definitely be some NC-17 at some point, but I’ll forewarn you.

Disclaimer: Don’t own a damn thing except what’s in my head! Trust me, that's scary enough.
Warnings: This is un-beta’d. All mistakes are mine.

AN: Apologies for the horrible delay between chapters.  I'm going to try to be better about it over the holidays.
AN2:  For those who need their memories refreshed, the other parts are here:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4


Chapter 5

Claire quietly opened the door to the morgue. It was now well after dark so the only light she saw was the soft glow of the lap on her desk. She stopped for a moment at the door to her office, looking at the huddled form of Cindy on her couch, the light streaks through her makeup the only indication she had been crying. If she could get a hold of Lindsay right now, she swears she’d…she chuckled at the mental image that came into her head of her bending Lindsay over her knee like a naughty child for hurting Cindy.


It wasn’t the first time, and certainly won’t be the last time, Claire will have the urge to knock some sense into the lanky Texan. All three of the women in their “club” were more than just her friends, they were her family and as she watched Cindy stir on the couch, jerking at a nightmare threatening her peace, she felt all of her mother instincts come out.


She pushed down the tears and tried to not make any noise opening the door. Cindy was going to need all the rest she could get, but a creaky door had other ideas. Cindy jumped up, her eyes wild at the noise, only calming when she saw Claire.


“Jesus, Claire, you scared the hell out of me!” Claire sat down next to her, taking one still shaking hand in her own.


“Sorry, I was trying to be quiet. How you holdin’ up, honey?” Cindy took a deep breath and put on a brave smile.


“I’m good. I’m okay.” She nodded her head as if trying to convince herself.


“You’re a terrible liar, kiddo. Spill it.”


Cindy flopped back on the couch and sighed, “I’m an idiot, Claire. A first rate, slap an underpaid stamp on me and send me off to Antarctica idiot.”


Claire scrunched her eyebrows together, “Huh, that’s a new saying! Why are you an idiot? Which you’re not, by the way. You know I’m going to eventually convince you that you’re not, but I thought I’d humor you.”


Claire winced at seeing Cindy smile but not really laugh. This wasn’t going to be good.


“Lindsay knows.” Claire put her arm around the younger woman. Several months ago, about the time Pete showed up and the Lindsay all of them had known got invaded by aliens, Cindy came out to Claire and Jill over her third round of Appletinis. Neither was really surprised since Cindy had been pretty obvious in her adoration of Lindsay. Unfortunately, Lindsay didn’t have an intuitive bone in her body and totally missed all the signs.


“She knows and she hates me, Claire.” Cindy’s bottom lip started quivering.


“Oh no. No, you don’t. You will not cry over her, do you hear me? I’m positive she doesn’t hate you. She could never hate you. She’s just blind as a bat about personal stuff and probably never saw it coming.”


Cindy rolled her eyes, “Oh God, then she’s the idiot! It’s not like I tried to hide it!”


“See? I told you that I’d convince you that you weren’t an idiot.” This time Cindy did laugh as she wipe at the already half-dried tears.


Claire gave Cindy’s hand a final pat before standing up, “So, what’s the plan?”


“Your sofa’s not that uncomfortable. I think I’ll stay here.”


“Nope, I don’t think so. The sofa at my house is far more comfortable, and besides, I have brownies. Double fudge brownies. Homemade too, not that box crap. You know you wanna.” Cindy groaned, her mouth already watering.


“Double fudge? Damn, you drive a hard bargain. Okay, you got me, I give.”


“Good!” Claire linked her arm through Cindy’s, leading her out and locking the office door.




The team wandered down the hall of the hotel, exhausted from a long day. Emily had just put her bag down when she heard a knock at the dividing door between her room and JJ’s.


Emily sighed and unlatched the door. When she saw JJ standing there, her arms crossed and an accusing look in her eye, she turned away to start unpacking her clothes. She could feel her whole body tense at the silence. She finally turned to find JJ standing only inches from her.


“We need to talk.”


“Now? It’s been a long day. Can’t we do this another time?” JJ rubbed her own hands up and down her arms. It had become a nervous gesture, something she picked up after the Henkle case and after… She shook her head attempting to rid herself of the memory.


“No, Emily, it can’t. I’m worried about you.”


Emily snorted, disbelieving, “You’re worried about me. Why? And why now?”


JJ shrugged, “It kind of hits close to home for you with this unsub killing…” She couldn’t say it.


Emily stepped a little closer, not quite in JJ’s space, but enough to make her uncomfortable, “Lesbians, JJ. The word is lesbian. You know you can say it without becoming one.”


JJ swallowed, her voice getting shaky, “I just thought it may be affecting you, that’s all.”


Emily smirked, perversely enjoying the way JJ couldn’t make eye contact with her, “I’m good. You, on the other hand, look like you’re about to come apart at the seams. Trouble in paradise with BabyDaddy?”


“Em, don’t.”


“Don’t! Don’t what, JJ?” Emily gritted her teeth, trying to keep her voice down. “Give a damn? Maybe love you too much? Maybe offer you everything, including my heart, only to have you run to the safety of social acceptability?”


Emily slammed the shirt she was holding down onto the bed, closing her eyes trying to shut off the run away feelings. She was loathe to admit it, but JJ was right about one thing. This case was striking a nerve and having JJ within reach yet unreachable only set her further on edge.


When she turned, JJ was looking at her, icy cold indifference etched in the lines of her face. It was this face, the one that mocked her on sleepless nights, that turned away from her in Miami when he showed up unannounced. It wasn’t the face of the woman she had loved. JJ was a stranger. Emily felt bile and anger rise up inside of her. 


“And you all say I compartmentalize?” She shook her head in disbelief. “I can’t hold a candle to you.”


“Emily, you know I care about you, but you know I can’t do this with you. I told you. We talked about it.”


“Can’t has a very different connotation than not wanting to,” Emily voice dropped, anchoring the suggestion in JJ’s mind. She could read the shift in JJ’s body, the darkness slowly creeping into her blue eyes. She stepped close enough to smell JJ’s perfume, “And you do want it, don’t you? You can put up walls and shut yourself off from everyone, but I know you. I know what makes you whimper and moan. I know how far to push you to make you shake with need, and only I know you’re not that nice, innocent girl from Pennsylvania.”


JJ dropped her arms so she could brace herself against the desk that Emily pushed her back to, her breath coming out shallow.


“You don’t want to talk, do you, Jennifer? You don’t want me planning your baby shower or being your maid of honor at your wedding,” Emily licked her lips, savoring the energy dancing between them. “You want this,” Emily pulled JJ to her brutally, kissing her with a raw, hard force and a hand gripping greedily at her ass.


JJ pushed away from her, trying to break the kiss, eventually bringing her hand up enough to strike against her cheek. Emily stood there stunned. JJ had never hit her, even in play. Then she saw it, the walls dropped and she saw the JJ she knew months ago.


“Goddamn you, Emily Prentiss! You drive me fucking crazy.” JJ kissed Emily fiercely, while Emily ripped the buttons on JJ’s shirt, her blunt nails digging at the soft skin. Emily worked fast at the zipper on JJ’s jeans, trying to hurry before she changed her mind. One more time, Emily told herself, just one last time.


With strength she didn’t realize she had, Emily lifted JJ until long legs wrapped automatically around her hips and JJ was resting on the desk. Emily pulled at JJ’s jeans making room for her hand to sneak between slender thighs.  She could feel the warmth long before she reached her destination. She ducked her head to suck and nip at JJ’s pulse point, feeling the life beneath her lips speed up and become more frantic with each pass of her hand.


It took a moment for the foreign sound to register. JJ pushed away from her, already pulling her pants back up as she talked into the phone.


“Hey! Yeah, I’m fine. No, I’m not going in the field, I’m staying at the station. Yes, I promise I’ll be careful. No, Will, you don’t need to come out here. Please, just stay there. No, I still haven’t felt the baby move.”


Emily turned away, closing her eyes, trying to shut out the sound of JJ’s voice talking about things they’ll never share. Her hands shook and she wasn’t sure if it was the abrupt end of the adrenaline rushing through her body or the tears she was fighting. Either way, she just wanted JJ to leave. This was too much.


A cool hand touched her on her arm causing her to jump, “Hey, sorry about that. If I didn’t answer, he’d never stop calling.”


“Get out,” JJ strained to hear the whispered words even though Emily’s body language said it all.




“You heard me, get out.” Emily’s voice was flat and cold.


JJ reached to touch Emily’s shoulder, “Baby…”


Emily turned on her in a flash, her dark eyes red and brimming with unshed tears, “Don’t. Don’t you dare call me that. You don’t have a right.  You lost that right when you spread your legs for him.”


Emily stared hard into JJ, the coldness reaching into the blonde’s soul, making her back up, “Didn’t you hear me? I said, get the fuck out.”


JJ backed up wordlessly until she reached the still open door before turning and closing it with a soft click behind her. Alone, Emily felt the acid bubble to the surface. She fought it, her body bending in on itself in an attempt to keep it in. Eventually, she raced for the bathroom, barely making it in time. She closed the door and slumped against the cold porcelain tiles creating distance between her and the room next door, so JJ couldn’t hear her crying.

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Title: Not Another Cliché

Fandom: Criminal Minds/I’m not telling.

Pairing: Emily/?

Rating: NC-17

Summary: “What happens in Vegas…”

Spoilers: Set in between 4.6 “The Instincts” and 4.7 “Memoriam”.

A/N: Something to explain why Emily was hungover. This is for

[profile] sofia_lindsay

Warnings: None that would surprise you. *wg* However, this is a little more angsty than what I usually write.


Emily could feel her presence at her back long before she got there. Already there was a heat eminating from the blonde and Emily welcomed it like she welcomed the burning brown liquid scorching down her throat.

“I know you.”

“Do you?” The blonde waved the bartender over. “Two more…on me.” She motioned to the glass Emily was twirling her ice around in.

“Yeah, I do. But we won’t act like we do, how about that?”

“Works for me.” Emily finished off her drink and lifted the new one that had just been put in front of her.

“What was her name?” She looked at the blonde, really for the first time. Not that she hadn’t noticed her at the crime scene, her long blonde hair blown back by the hot desert wind, until she got aggravated by it and pulled it back. Watching her was far better than watching her examine the remains of that little boy.

“Who’s name?” Emily turned fully to the woman, letting her eyes linger on the crystal blue eyes before roaming over breasts and curves. Either the liquor was kicking in full throttle or Emily was worst off than she thought.

The blonde flicked her own eyes up and down Emily’s body, “The stupid woman that broke your heart, of course.”

Emily shook in her head. In less than five minutes, she had not only been pegged but also had her heart re-opened and bleeding for a stranger. This would not do, not tonight. Not when JJ was so close to being a living embodiment of a Stepford Wife.

Emily stepped closer to the blonde, deliberately brushing the back of her fingers along the underside of the woman’s breast, “I don’t want to think about her.”

The blonde gasped at the light touch, the crisp blue of her eyes growing a stormy dark, eyelids getting heavy with desire.

“What do you want?”

“I want you to follow me.” Emily walked away, moving to the back of the bar, finding an unoccupied dark corner. Moments later, she yanked the approaching blonde into the vacant space and kissed her hungrily.

Their mouths fought for dominance and control. Emily knew this was the closest she’d come to getting what she wanted. She cursed and thanked her ability to compartmentalize, to shut JJ out, because she could only imagine the holy hell that would break loose had JJ ever known how she felt about her. Emily resolved to find a place of comfort and peace, even if at the hands of strangers, a place where she knew she could call the shots. JJ had made her feel out of control. If she couldn’t have it with JJ, she could have it one way or the other. This, right here with this woman, this she understood. 

The blonde pulled away, biting at Emily’s lower lip. Emily moaned her approval at the rough play and was rewarded by being spun around. Her pants were unceremoniously undone, leaving enough room to maneuver a hand between her legs, while the woman’s other hand snaked under her shirt to find a nipple waiting for her, hard and wanting. She tugged at it through the thin cloth of the bra, making Emily grind her hips into the body behind her.

The whole world disappeared and all the mess she had created was obliterated. For a brief moment, there was the perfection of standing on this precipice waiting for the inevitable rush of fingers and mouths and burning sensation. She spread her legs a little, inviting it all in, welcoming the warmth and the pain wrapped up in a beautiful, blonde package. She needed this as much as she needed to forget, to let go, to start again.

As long fingers entered her, she closed her eyes and let her mind flash to the first time she saw JJ, to the time in the hospital when Garcia was shot, to the time of JJ comforting her after getting knocked out by the unsub, to the moment on the plane where she was so sure JJ was flirting, and to the time when he showed up, claiming her as his own. She let the tears fall as the pain swept in, mixing with the unbridled pleasure. She felt her heart break, tear open and bleed again while her body opened and welcomed and healed. As she bent over, taking more of the blonde in, she felt herself rising and falling, riding waves of hurt and hope, and as she took this final plunge with this stranger holding on tight, she kissed JJ for the final time and said goodbye.


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