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Mar. 5th, 2008 02:26 pm
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Falling fanfic all around you!

Seriously, I got tired of having to look in different places for the fanfic I did before I set up my LJ site so I'm taking the opportunity to link all of my past stories at one time.  These are all linked on the Passion & Perfection site (thanks Ralst, hope you don't mind me linking back to you), but doing this will make them easy to get to.  For those who haven't read them, I've separated by fandom. 

All of my Sarah Connor and Women's Murder Club stories are archived on the LJ site so no need to put them here again.  That'll just confuse you all and I'm not that mean...really. :)

Bionic Woman (2007 version)
Good Answer (Ruth/Jaime - PG)
WTF?! (Ruth/Jaime - PG13)

Facts of Life
The Reunion (Jo/Blair - PG)

I've Loved You Before (Jo/Blair, Amy/Lucy, Xena/Gabrielle, Spencer/Ashley - PG)

South of Nowhere
Suprise, surprise!!! (Spencer/Ashley - 15/18)
Raw (Spencer/Ashley - 15/18)

Resurrection Part 1, Part 2 (Xena/Gabrielle - 15)
**Author's Note:  Of all the stories I've written thus far, this was my first and also my favorite.  I think I actually wrote something decent here.
Her Hands (X&G - 18)
Under the Pyramids (X&G - PG13)
Anything (Mel/Janice - PG13)
Something in the Air (X&G - PG13)
The Long Wait (X&G - PG)
The Next Generation of Amazons (X&G - 15/18)

I think that's everything.
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After watching both of these show, I can't help but make a few femslashy comments about them.

First of all, I had no idea that Cashmere Mafia would have a lesbian storyline.  For those who don't know, the character Caitlin (OMG, sexy in a cute kind of way!), which I got the impression is the group slut, has a thing for a woman, and The Powers That Be actually had them kiss in the first episode!!!  Holy crap, I didn't know what to do with myself.  Of course, there's the obligatory "I don't know what I am" spiel coming from Caitlin.  However, I have to say that I liked the nonchalance the expressed in "outing" herself to her friends.  It was a "I like a woman, so what?" kind of attitude.  The pessimist in me is reluctant to get too excited about it.  There have been far too many times where a storyline had potential only to be snatched out from under us, right?  With the writer's strike and now writer's being fired, there's not much chance the storyline much less the shows will advance very far.

For us femslash writers though, we can kick a dead horse until it becomes glue.  We'll get all out of it that we can.  Hell, we'll write the shows that should have been produced all along!

Second, The Sarah Connor Chronicles is my new addiction.  My GAWD, I love this show!  This is exactly what The Bionic Woman should have been and failed to be (don't get me started on BW and its utter lack of...well, everything).  Lena Headey is incredibly hot as Sarah Connor!  Summer Glau (Cameron) is the badass protective terminator and she's one sexy machine!  There are moments between these two that I wonder about them.  Besides, it does my heart good to see two women, even if one is a machine, kicking ass side-by-side and running the show.  Reminds me of another female pair of asskickers. ;)
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Oh my, let me count out the reasons!

If you look at the shows getting so much attention from the femslash community these days (Women's Murder Club, Criminal Minds, Bionic Woman, etc), you'll notice some striking similarities:  tough, strong women that are quite feminine in appearance but boarder on androgynous in their mannerisms.  The show writers will throw in a CQW (cute guy of the week) to appease the hetero audience members but play up the "eyeshagging" between the ladies to keep the queer girls hanging on.

In spite of the fact that it is now 2008, gay folks are still looking for kernels of anything gay on TV shows.  Go to say WMC's message board and suggest the utter insanity of there possibly being a lesbian in a group of female crimefighters living in San Francisco (queers? in San Fran? never heard of such a thing), and you'll be soundly and unanimously shot down.  A lesbian love interest on a show will be the death of the show according to these folks, but they'll be the first to buy a Girl's Gone Wild video for a glimpse of girl-on-girl action.  

There's also a collective cry from the hetero viewers about why we simply MUST make everything gay.  Well, when everything is straight, sometimes you need to do what's necessary to save your mind from frazzeling into a heap of mindless goo.  Seriously, everything in our world is SOOOO straight!  Over the holidays, I watched mind-numbing after mind-numbing show about "family" and yet none reflected MY family.  Every commercial, every show, every event, every outing, EVERYTHING is hetero!!!!

That's where Femslash fanfiction comes in.  Thank God for FEMSLASH!!!!  I think of femslash as a way of getting even of sorts.  Let 'em have their straight San Fran crime fighters.  We'll give these shows the spice they need and have them screaming like banshees with each other in the bedroom (and numerous other places).  They'll be doing things that wouldn't even be shown on the L Word (the unedited director's cut, at that!).  

This is similar to another show from years back (drum roll please):  Xena.   A look, a touch, a quipped line and suddenly the fanfic writers let out a collective *squee* of delight.  The tap, tap, tap of keyboards could be heard around the world. :)

The Lindsay/Cindy interplay on WMC has been likened to the delicate tension between Xena and Gabrielle.  Come on, don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about!  Both have an older, more sophisticated woman taking a shine to a younger, more naive woman.  Cindy follows Lindsay all over, insisting that Lindsay needs her, much like Gabrielle did.  Cindy is ALWAYS getting into trouble that Lindsay has to get her out of.  Lindsay is definitely the dark, brooding, emotionally distant type that pushes Cindy away (or tries to) in order to protect herself from getting hurt.  Cindy is so cute that she's annoying, just sugar sweet and too good to be true.  AND she's a talker...like our lovely Gabrielle.  I tell ya, ABC could have a good thing here if they don't blow it.

BUT, they probably will blow it.  If they listen to the idiocy on those message boards, they probably won't follow the tried and true methods discovered through Xena.  The producers and writers could easily have the best of both worlds and both sets of viewers, but they'll probably give in to fear.

This all makes me wonder one thing:  Xena gave us the first real femslashable story and created an underworld of fabulous writing, correct?  After years of fans, especially lesbian fans, hounding Xena's producers and writers for a love story to the point that we got it (in a manner of speaking), and after years of creating wonderful fanfiction, did we unknowingly acquiesce the world of TV to the hetero viewers?  In other words, did our own creativity to design a world we understand and would like to live in actually make us less likely to challenge the PTB (powers that be) for storylines that represent us?  

Whatever the answer, LONG LIVE FEMSLASH!!! 


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