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Title: Fate is a Tricky Bitch
Fandom/Pairing: OUAT/Swan Queen
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don’t own ‘em or Swan Queen would have happened in the pilot episode.
Author’s Note: Aboard The Jolly Roger emotions run high with too much togetherness. Emma ends up in the middle of an argument between Snow and Regina. Pre-Swan Queen.

Regina’s lip curled in agitation and a barely contained adrenaline rush. She stood toe-to-toe with Snow, staring down into angry but far too sensitive eyes. If their conflicted and shared past wasn’t enough to make Regina hate the other woman, she’d still feel disdain for her.

The smaller brunette stepped back and broke eye contact first. She turned and barreled past a shocked Emma, her mouth open wanting to say something to stop the two women from fighting but she was rooted to the spot.

“Don’t you DARE walk away from me Snow White!” Regina growled viciously and took long strides in Snow’s direction, following her toward the cabin the younger woman shared with her husband.

Snow spun on her heel and stomped back until she was back in Regina’s face. “And what are you going to do? Rip my heart out?”

That got Emma’s attention who came up putting her hands between them. “Whoa! No one is ripping anything out!”

Regina’s hardened gaze flickered and she spared a glance at the blonde, a nearly imperceptible softness coming to her eyes. Her eyes cut back to Snow briefly. “I should have done that the day I met you,” she said softly, her voice and eyes suddenly full of the hurt and pain caused by a lifetime of neglect and manipulation.

Snow had opened her mouth ready for a sharp comeback, but Regina’s comment had cut her off guard. “What?” She questioned instead.

The mask on Regina’s face slammed down again. She crossed her arms and ground out between clenched teeth, “Nothing.” She turned to leave but this time Snow stopped her.

“I’m sorry, Regina.”

The former queen stopped but didn’t turn. She waited.

Snow swallowed and continued, taking a cautious step toward the woman who had saved her life more than once, “About Daniel. About Cora. All of it. I don’t think, in all the years that we’ve known each other, that I’ve properly told you that I was sorry for any of it.”

Emma watched as Regina’s head dropped and she saw the strong, wide shoulders of the other woman shake. Her heart clenched as she realized that Regina was crying. As quickly as it happened though, she saw the dark head rise and shoulders roll back and settle into steely calmness.

Slowly, Regina turned to Snow, saying each word with precision, making sure she was understood. “You. Destroyed. My. Life.”

If they were going to be honest for whatever interminable time they were on this ship, Regina was at least going to say all she had been meaning to say to the woman who had changed everything in her world. “We wouldn’t be here right now. None of this would be happening. Henry wouldn’t be GONE if it wasn’t for you.” Her voice rose even as she willed it under control.

“Henry wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for her,” Emma broke in. Regina and Snow turned to look at her. “None of us would.”

While Snow saw the hurt face of a mother, thinking of her only child never existing, Regina saw beyond that to see the look of a woman hurt by her careless words. The realization and deeper meaning of Emma’s words were like a kick in the gut. She quickly opened her mouth to speak but Emma cut her off, “Don’t.”

Emma brushed past her quickly and headed to their cabin, leaving Regina stunned into silence.


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