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Title: The Mistletoe Curse
Author: Calliope’s Muse
Pairing/Fandom: Swan Queen/ OUaT
Rating: PG
Summary: Regina had tried nearly everything to get Emma to kiss her, except for one.


Regina pondered the wisdom of what she was about to do as she looked at the bunched up green leaves adorned with a red bow. She knew she had made Henry a promise, but this wasn’t for a bad purpose. Certainly, he’d understand that his mom was going to lose her evil lovin’ mind if Emma Swan didn’t kiss her soon.

It wasn’t like Regina hadn’t tried countless ways to bring the moment about, and she was almost absolutely certain that the blonde wanted to kiss her too – the long, lingering looks and the times when Emma stood close enough for Regina to recognize her perfume. Those moments didn’t lie. But, it didn’t make Emma cave either.

For a moment, Regina blushed uncharacteristically remembering one of her less stellar moments trying to get Emma’s attention. She had idly browsed in a stationary story next to the sheriff station, waiting for Emma to emerge. When the blonde sheriff finally did exit, Regina made a subtle but frantic rush for the front door, slipping on the ice-covered sidewalk right in front of Emma. While she had intended on slipping, Regina hadn’t meant for it to be a real slip nor a real bang of her head on the concrete and ice.

When she came to, it wasn’t Emma giving her mouth-to-mouth, but Grumpy. The EMT chastised Regina for moving so quickly after bumping her head, but he would have too if he was being kissed by a moody and hairy dwarf.

Sighing, Regina glanced up at the clock. She had called Emma under the auspices of town business. Though both knew there was no town business because Storybrooke wasn’t a real town. A soft but confident knock at the door finally made Regina move.

“Oh, to hell with it!” She waved her hand over the greenery and waited for the glowing light to dissipate before tacking it over the entryway to her office. Regina convinced herself that doing the magic was okay since it was only meant to garner Emma’s attention, not manipulate the woman’s feelings.

The knock at the door became more persistent. Regina took a deep breath and straightened her shoulders. “Here we go.”

When she swung the door open, Emma stood on the other side in her trademark red jacket. The blonde held up a thick file of paperwork. “Is this what you wanted?”

Regina didn’t give a fat toad about what the other woman held in her hand. She was too mesmerized by the snow falling softly and quietly down around Emma. In response, the former evil queen merely nodded and motioned Emma inside.

Emma brushed the snow off her shoulders before entering the foyer. She glanced around at the cheerful decorations in traditional reds and greens. Soft, white lights looped up the banister of the stairs and over entryways. Somehow she wasn’t surprised that Regina navigated toward the simple yet elegant side of decorating – much like the woman herself.

“Your decorations are beautiful,” Emma remarked. Thoughts of her pitiful attempt at decorating at Snow’s…her mom’s…loft making her feel insignificant.

Regina took the file in Emma’s hand, setting it aside, before helping the blonde out of her jacket. “You should see the tree.”

The blonde glanced over her shoulder with a smile. If she noticed Regina’s tremulous voice, she didn’t let it show. Regina placed the jacket in the hall closet before coming back to lead the way into her office. She slowed slightly and turned as they reached the threshold.

Confused blue eyes locked with hers before drifting upwards. Regina held her breath and fought to hold back the nervous tremor in her hands. For a long moment, or so it seemed, Emma looked at the mistletoe before letting her eyes drop again to Regina’s. As her eyes dropped a little lower to Regina’s red lips and a slight gasp escaped from Emma, the air in the room seemed to be sucked out and it left the brunette lightheaded. If she didn’t know better, she would have thought Emma held her own magic, one reserved especially for her.

Emma leaned in, teetering on the brink of kissing Regina, then stopped. She had braced a hand against Regina’s shoulder, trying to resist the pull. The need to kiss Regina was almost frightening that she questioned its validity. To give in was a beautiful madness, but she couldn’t imagine any other option.

“Regina, is this…real, or…?” She wanted to know if she was being tricked by a woman known for doing far worse to get her revenge.

Hovering close to Emma’s lips, shaking from need and their sheer proximity, Regina couldn’t have lied to Emma even if she wanted to. “Not this. Only the mistletoe. I just needed you to see it and understand.” She chuckled ruefully at the pathetic state she was in, baring her soul to the Savior. “Do you realize how long I’ve tried to get your attention? How long I’ve wanted this moment?”

Emma shook her head, unable to trust her voice. She felt Regina’s arms circle her waist gently, their bodies coming in contact. If it was possible to sigh and gasp at once, she thinks she did. How long had this been building between them? How long had Regina been feeling this way?


As if reading her mind, Regina nuzzled at her cheek tenderly and continued, “Since you returned. Probably before, but definitely since then. Oh, Emma.”

The blonde shivered at the warm breath on her cheek and the sound of her name falling from Regina’s lips like a benediction. In that moment, she gave in, magic or not, and choose to surrender to the woman holding her. The kiss was tender and reverent at first. But when pulled away and their eyes locked again, Emma put away all pretense. She saw the fire of desire in Regina’s eyes and knew it matched her own.

The pair eventually moved to the couch of Regina’s office, somehow managing to never break contact. After long moments of what amounted to making out, something Regina hadn’t done since Daniel, she pulled back and sighed contentedly. Emma had nestled down into her arms, and she couldn’t see the other woman’s face. It made her a little nervous but relieved. What in the world did they do now? She wasn’t used to having a relationship, if that’s what Emma even wanted, since Daniel.

The silence and uncertainty built inside of Regina, and she was ready to pull away for fear of Emma rejecting her first, when Emma finally spoke, “That is a beautiful tree.” There was a pause then, “Except you missed a spot,” Emma pointed, “right there.”

Regina could feel Emma shake with laughter and she couldn’t help joining in. “Maybe next year, you can help me do it right.”

Emma sat up so she could look at Regina. Her eyes took in the vulnerability and softness behind Regina’s mask, and she was entranced by it. Gently, she tucked a strand of dark hair behind an ear before leaning forward and kissing her again. “I’d like that.”

Date: 2012-12-24 03:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hehee...if only it was that easy. ;)

Thanks for sharing! :)

Date: 2012-12-25 06:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh, what a lovely Xmas gift!

Date: 2012-12-26 05:54 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] ariestess
Oh... That was beautiful and sweet and lovely and yummy and... Yeah...


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