May. 15th, 2014

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Title: This is Goodbye, Ms. Swan
Fandom: OUAT
Rating: M
A/N: Set at the conclusion of the 3B finale so there are some spoilers.
Warnings: This story contains graphic violence and character death. It’s not a happy ending story, but more in tune with original, classic fairy tales. You have been warned.

A slick and evil smile spread over Regina’s smoky and blood splattered face. She looked around to take in the devastation – the library was a fiery inferno, Granny’s diner was nothing but rubble. It was beautiful chaos and Regina loved it. There were screams in the distance as Storybrooke’s citizens sought what little refuge they could. Regina had let some of them go willingly. Those who unwittingly played a part in this moment, but didn’t deserve her ire. Like Robin, Roland, and Marian.
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Title: Even Assassins Need Love
Pairing: Nysara (Nyssa & Sara)
Fandom: Arrow
Rating: Mature for f/f sex
Summary: Sometimes the best things happen when you let your guard down.
A/N: This is a prompt request from eemersonm on Tumblr for some Nysara sexy times. Forgive me if this ends up OOC. I have never written Nysara before and know only a little bit about either character.

The steam from the bathroom rolled out into Sara’s small apartment as she exited from a much needed bath. Her confrontation with Nyssa and the subsequent fight for her mother’s release from the League had taken a physical toll on her, but the emotional toll was far worse. She had sat in the hot steaming bath for over an hour as tears rolled down her face.
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Title: Fate is a Tricky Bitch
Fandom/Pairing: OUAT/Swan Queen
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don’t own ‘em or Swan Queen would have happened in the pilot episode.
Author’s Note: Aboard The Jolly Roger emotions run high with too much togetherness. Emma ends up in the middle of an argument between Snow and Regina. Pre-Swan Queen.

Regina’s lip curled in agitation and a barely contained adrenaline rush. She stood toe-to-toe with Snow, staring down into angry but far too sensitive eyes. If their conflicted and shared past wasn’t enough to make Regina hate the other woman, she’d still feel disdain for her.
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May. 15th, 2014 01:18 pm
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Title: Stay
Pairing: Swan Queen (Emma/Regina)
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Rating: Mature
Summary: Whiskey is not Regina’s drink, and it makes her request something of Emma that had been a long time coming.
A/N: This happens after everyone returns to Storybrooke in 3B. Not really any spoilers, but I’m going with the non-canon idea that Emma and Regina have become aware of their feelings for each other. Just go with it! This is an anonymous prompt request from Tumblr.

Emma guided a stumbling Regina into the mayor’s bedroom after driving her home and making sure she could get up the stairs to her room. The normally regal and put together former queen flopped down onto the side of her bed with a huff. She was every form of cute and Emma tried not to laugh at her not so ladylike behavior.
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Summary: Snow White put the Evil Queen Regina Mills under a spell, with the help of Rumplestiltskin, to keep her in hiding, safely tucked away for 30 years from her family and her throne, but little does she know that the spell is weakening each day. When Regina finally escapes well before the expected time, she crafts a plan for vengeance that sets Snow on an emotional and mental downward spiral, putting not only Regina's life at risk but Emma's as well. Will Snow White, driven mad by hate and revenge, be able to be stopped in time by the Evil Queen and the White Knight?
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Depictions of Violence; tw - torture (alluded to via use of magical and physical restraints) and past abuse (alluded to in conversation); Pre-Storybrooke AU; all events occur in FTL

Special thanks to Miss_Josephine for beta'ing this in a crunch!

Sample (click linked text below for full, completed story):

A silence settled as Emma considered her options. She watched the dark-haired woman walk around the room, and the location became evident as she saw a large bed against the far wall. It was dark, imposing, and larger than life, much like the woman strutting around the room nonchalantly. Her heart began to race as multiple scenarios played out in her head – some welcome, others unnerving, a few frightening.


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