Sep. 19th, 2013

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I have been away for quite a while, just taking a break from a LOT of things. Instead of getting into more fan fiction, I have focused on writing some original pieces. To encourage my own writing, I created a forum for LGBTQ writers to get prompts, write and share their works. It's called The Queer Storyteller's Collective (, and I'll post more about it later. Hopefully, these are works that can be expanded on into full stories at some point. I thought I'd share though and see what others thought of them. So, here goes:

Death Be Kind
By Callie Wise

Prompt: Hero falls under Martyr’s spell

Death should come swift for people like her. If for no other reason, than for people like me to be put out of our misery faster as we watch them fall.

She was reckless and dangerous, with her wild eyes and even wilder blonde hair that she always wore down in a chaotic mass of curls. The feel of my fingers tangled in those curls is one of the earliest memories I have of her – the sleep over when we were thirteen that changed the course of our lives forever. The blonde hair that went flying out as the sword thrust through her chest propelled her forward into my arms, one of my hands automatically tangling in those curls again.

We didn’t know yet that our destinies were wrapped up in each other, that Fate had predetermined our beginning, middle, and now end.

Even heroes need someone to look up to, and that’s what she was to me.

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Twisted Wish
By Callie Wise

Morgen wasn’t sure how she got there. A field strewn with dead and writhing bodies, smoke drifting over the landscape like an early morning fog stretched out before her. A blast of canon fire made her jump, and that’s when she felt the weight of the gun in her hand. Looking down, she recognized it immediately with its brass scope gleaming in the sunlight – a Whitworth. Katie’s rifle.

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Ellie’s Fireflies
By Callie Wise

Even now, after 71 years, I can still see the look of wonder on her face as I handed over the Mason jar with the little lights dancing around inside. She held the jar up in the fading light of that humid Alabama evening, her sun kissed cheeks occasionally glowing as the bugs lit up.

Ellie was only twelve. I had just turned thirteen a few months before. I didn’t know what would happen next would change everything.

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A new home for fan fiction writers ready to dive into original fiction and go for the big stuffed burrito of getting published!!!

“If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”
Toni Morrison

What is the Collective?

The Queer Storyteller's Collective is a space where queer writers of all forms can challenge themselves, share their work, and find encouragement to take risks with the ultimate goal of putting more queer voices out into the culture. Whether you have never written more than a school paper or have penned best-selling novels, you are welcome here. While this will mostly be for queer writers to engage each other, it is also open to non-queer writers who want to incorporate more queer characters into their work with realism and respect.

Before moving on, please read the Rules of the Collective. It is the responsibility of individual members to be aware of these rules. Violators of the rules will only be given one written warning by the admin before being banned. This is a safe space for queer and queer-positive writers, and it is intended to stay that way.


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