Mar. 19th, 2013

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Title: Truth and Consequences
Fandom: OUAT/Swan Queen
Rating: soft R
Disclaimer: Not mine. If they were, Swan Queen wouldn’t have to be written about in fan fiction!
Summary: Regina hasn’t been seen since Cora died so Emma goes to check on her.

The noises around Emma were muffled like the teacher in the Charlie Brown cartoons. She was sure Henry was talking about something incredibly important to his ten year old life – Spiderman, the plans he had with Neal for the weekend, or THE book. Whatever it was, Emma had zoned out long ago as she stared off into her bowl of soggy Cheerios. She wasn’t hungry for the homemade spaghetti David was fixing. Truth be told, she didn’t even want the Cheerios. She was more a Fruity Pebbles kind of girl after all, but Snow would give her a hard time about eating so unhealthy. She decided giving in was easier than fighting her mother.

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This was my first SQ fic and I forgot to post it here! Oops!!!!

Title: Who Saves Whom
Fandom: OUaT
Pairing: Swan Queen, of course!
Rating: NC-17
A/N: Yes, I have a new obsession! OMG, do I have a new obsession. These two are SO freakin’ hot!
A/N2: First OUaT fic, and I haven’t wrapped my head around all of the storylines yet. All I know is that Emma and Regina have off-the-charts chemistry, and I swear to God, if I fall for another pairing and it doesn’t come to fruition, someone may get hurt. Okay, not really, but damn it, I’ll be really, really mad!!!!

Since I don’t have a great handle on how this would go about happening in the first place, I thought I’d just jump to the fun part. For our purposes here in getting to the naughty bits, let’s just say that Regina has found a way to FTL from Storybrooke and is back in place as the Queen, while Emma is still trying to get the hang of being the White Knight and Savior.


Emma ducked quickly as her head narrowly missed another low branch as her horse tore across the worn forest path. Her thighs were wrapped tightly around the horse’s ribcage as it jumped a fallen log and gathered more speed upon entering an open field, away from the Queen’s castle and further away, every second, from help.

“Stop, you stupid fucking pile of fur!” She jerked on the reins. Though she’d never been a great rider and had little patience for ill-tempered beings – human or animal – she was determined to figure out how to stop this beast without getting killed, maimed, or calling for help. Certainly, the horse would have to tire eventually. Maybe she could wait it out and just hang on.
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