Oct. 12th, 2012

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Oops! I just realized that I had forgotten to post updates for this on LJ. SORRY!!!!

Anyhoos, this will give you all plenty to read now. :D

Chapter 4

Pictures of Natalia Rivera fanned out in front of Alan Spaulding. There was something off that had teased at the patriarch’s brain about her since the moment she had arrived in Springfield mooning over his long-lost son, Gus. Alan didn’t buy the story that Natalia had been looking for the father of her son, Rafe. Why now after all these years did she finally go looking for Gus? If the point was to give Rafe some fatherly influence, the time for that would have been when Rafe was a child, not now when Rafe’s almost a grown man.

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I wanted to respond individually to all the comments, but the day got away from me. Thank you all though for commenting and being so amazing! I really appreciate this community and the way we care and support each other. This past week's been tough with losing our sweet BooBoo, but it's been an eased burden being able to share it with you all. Thanks!

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Chapter 5

With all the time Natalia spent focusing on her job as an agent, the opportunity to live in Springfield was a welcomed respite. Chicago had been a daily grind of secrets and espionage and counterterrorism games. More than once, she’d considered leaving the Sanctuary. What would she do though? Where would she go? There was no place in the world that was truly safe for her. At least, not until she came to Springfield.

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Thank you all for the great comments! We're getting closer to having some truth revealed, but not quite yet. I have a reason for it.

Chapter 6

After seeing Mel out, Natalia went back to the kitchen to finish wrapping up the container of cookies she’d made for Olivia. She sat down with a pen and paper to write a note for the woman she loved, but she seemed to coming up empty. Since she’d returned, she’d said so many things, trying to help Olivia to understand or accept, but all of it felt so hollow. She knew what she needed to do was tell the truth. That would finally free her to be open and truly honest with Olivia. The worst that could happen would be that Olivia would try to get her locked up in Ravenwood. At best, Olivia would finally know why Natalia had to leave and why she hasn’t been as open to her as she wanted.

Taking a deep fortifying breath, Natalia made her decision. Picking up the pen again, the words began to flow from her like a river breaking a dam.

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A/N: Alrighty, peeps, we're getting to the good stuff now! From here on out, we're veering off into Muse's crazy imagination. I hope you all are buckled up nice and tight!


Emma was unusually quiet in the back seat as Olivia turned down the street that would take them to Emma’s school. Olivia glanced in the rearview mirror and saw her daughter staring out the window looking wistfully at the road they’d just turned away from – the road that led to the farmhouse. Sighing and going against her better judgment, Olivia made a decision.

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